Spanish Sunday Rice with Beyond Sausage & Vegetables

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you’ll find the link in the description box below anyways today we have a beautiful recipe
we’re making a Spanish Sunday rice with beyond sausage and vegetables
this is basically a paella but it’s not a paella you know in Spain everybody eats
rice on Sundays but it’s called paella here in Valencia in the rest of Spain you go to
Madrid, Sevilla, Cantabria it´s called un arroz that is what we are
doing today and yes you heard that correctly we are using beyond sausage
beyond meats has just arrived in Spain and everybody’s raving about it
it’s so good if you guys don’t like it that’s okay you can substitute it for
regular sausage it cooks exactly the same now to make this recipe three quick
things I’m gonna be using a paella pan just because it cooks everything evenly if
you guys don’t have one of these it’s okay you can use a large frying pan second
thing make sure that you use round rice no substitutions guys very similar to
medium grain rice and last but not least make sure that use some high-quality saffron
at the end of the day this is what really favors this dish as always I’m using
saffron threads from golden saffron guys get yourself a tin of this we use it all
the time here on Spain on a Fork link in the description box below
we’re gonna begin by grabbing 3 cloves of garlic and finely mincing them we´ll finely dice half of an onion next up we’re gonna grab 15 green beans
I like to cut off the ends and then cut each one in half we’re gonna grab half
of a red bell pepper and finely dice it and remember guys when you are cutting
bell peppers you always want the skin in the bottom it makes it so much easier
for the last ingredient to prepare I’ve got 2 beyond sausages here again guys if
this is not your jam that’s okay you can replace it with regular sausages again
they cook exactly the same we’re gonna cut each one into rounds
that are about half an inch apart alright we have all our ingredients cut let’s start cooking
our Spanish rice dish I’m gonna grab a paella pan heat this with a medium high heat
and add in a generous 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil one minute after heating our extra virgin olive oil
let´s add in our beyond sausages and start mixing them around
with the extra-virgin olive oil okay it’s been about five minutes since
we added the sausages into the pan they are ready to go let’s go ahead and
remove them from the pan and transfer them to a bowl now using the same pan with the same heat
let’s and in our diced onions and start mixing them around
with the extra virgin olive oil making sure to scrape up anything that
was left over from the sausages that’s what’s gonna give this rice dish that incredible flavor about 30 seconds after adding the onions
again guys we are on a medium-high heat let´s add in our diced red bell pepper
and continue to mix at this point you do want to mix here continuously
that way nothing burns it’s been 2 minutes since we added the bell peppers
in there at this point let’s add in our green beans and continue to mix again two minutes after
adding in the green beans let’s add in our minced garlic mix it together we’re
only gonna go about 30 seconds here we just want that garlic to be nice and
fragrant we don’t want to overcook it 30 seconds after adding in the garlic
and it´s nice and fragrant let´s add in a half teaspoon of sweet smoked Spanish
paprika mix it all together then we’ll season it with some sea salt
and a little freshly cracked black pepper give it a quick mix once it’s well mixed
let’s add in half a cup of canned tomato sauce again we´ll lightly season with a little sea salt
and continue to mix as we’re mixing this mixture let’s add our
sausages back into the pan and continue to mix one minute after adding the
canned tomato sauce into the pan I´m gonna add in two and a half cups of a
high-quality vegetable broth I´m gonna add in half a cup of frozen lima beans
and pinch in half a teaspoon of saffron threads and we´ll give this a gentle mix
that way everything’s evenly distributed once this comes to a boil I’m gonna let
it boil for an extra minute that way that saffron can really infuse into the broth
once the saffron has infused into the broth again it’s been about a minute
that it’s been boiling I’m gonna add in 1 cup of round rice again guys very
important this is very similar to medium grain rice we’re gonna get in there give
it a quick mix that way the rice is evenly distributed and once you have
your rice nice and distributed you don’t want to mix this anymore because it
disrupts the way that the rice cooks but you can always give the pan a quick shake
once in a while that way everything is evenly distributed it’s been exactly eight minutes since we added the rice into the pan and you guys can see there’s
not a lot of broth left at this point let’s lower the fire to a low medium
heat and we’re gonna let this simmer between four to five minutes it’s been about four minutes since we
lowered the fire to a low-medium heat and as you guys can see there’s virtually no
broth left now let’s achieve that socarrat which is that layer of caramelized rice
underneath let´s reheat this back to a medium-high heat and we´re gonna go between one
minute to two minutes to achieve that perfect socarrat it’s been about 90 seconds since I heated this to a medium-high heat
and you can already smell that socarrat this dish is ready to go I´m gonna remove this from
the heat and we’re gonna cover it with some foil paper and a dish cloth this is
a very important step this finishes cooking up that rice I’m gonna leave it here
between 4 to 5 minutes after 5 minutes let’s uncover our paella pan
and look at that guys look how beautiful this turned out this is ready to be served
now that is what I call a beautiful Spanish Sunday rice guys it smells so
amazing in here let’s get in there give it a try seriously guys this looks insanely delicious here we go what a beautiful explosion of flavors you got
that saffron that shines through all the vegetables that beyond sausage I know
that’s not typical here in Spain but it just arrived here it is so good
if that’s not your jam you can just use regular sausages here that rice has the
socarrat which gives it texture incredible Spanish Sunday rice done in
about 45 minutes if you enjoyed today´s video hit that like button
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Reader Comments

  1. Anthony Greenwood

    Looks great, can I just give you a small timesaver? If you place the chopping knife on the board vertically, and push a handful of green beans up to it, you can chop all the ends off at once, then spin them round and repeat!

  2. Only In Australia

    That's really delicious
    Always love watching you prepared and cooking the meal
    Thanks for sharing
    Absolutely enjoyed watching until the end
    Have a great day

  3. Le Ricette Di Mami camartamc

    💕ⓈⓊⓅⒺⓇ ⓋⒾⒹⒺⓄ💕 😍🌸 ✿ 𝒷𝑒𝒶𝓊𝓉𝒾𝒻𝓊𝓁 video✿😘ᏦᎥʂʂ ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

  4. Steven Pocock

    Hey…. love your food. Thank you for your regular vegetarian dishes. We get a bit of a raw deal here in Spain…. they still think we are a bit bizarre!

  5. Mike and Kelley Thompson

    Delicious looking dish. Rice and sausage, what’s not to like. Cooking this dish soon. We have a recipe request, Patatas a la Riojana. Thanks!

  6. Rivet Gardener

    Un arroz…si, por favor! Que bella salio el tuyo! Those raw sausages didn't look half-bad as you sliced them. Never had any beyond meat. Yet, I suppose 🙂 They did look real nice once browned. When you added the green beans the colors in the pan looked beautiful! Deliciousness at 5:33 Y luego el arroz bomba! Soccorrat, la parte mas deliciosa. Buen provecho.

  7. Quick & Easy 101 Recipes

    Not sure how this deliciousness got by us but glad we went browsing through your archive of yummyness. Beautiful dish! 😋👍🏽

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