Snake Diet Weight Loss Results (Day 8) Weight Loss Journey Day 30!

hi everyone its Mieka fasting weight loss
my channel is all about fasting one meal a day and intermittent fasting for
weight loss today I’m on weight loss journey day 30 oh my
gosh that is such an accomplishment I’m happy day 30 I started the weight 30 days
ago I was 273 I left the 270s I left the 70s
I left the 60s I left the 50s in 30 days that’s so awesome and I’m on snake diet
weight loss fasting day 8 snake diet is great for weight loss what
it is is fasting you basically the real snake diet I do it in chunks but the
real snake diet is you fast as long as possible while drinking snake juice
which is electrolytes you could do it yourself at home then you fast as long
as you can and then you have a small refeed low carb like a protein and a
vegetable under 500 calories tiny little refeed and then you fast fast fast again
until you can’t fast again and you need a refeed again and that’s all you do
all the way till your fat is all gone um that’s not my strategy but i love snake diet weight loss because it takes away all my cravings it takes away my
hunger I usually have elevated energy I just like it it’s not for everybody but
I feel like everybody should try it if you have any health problems if you have
depression if you have weight to lose if you’re addicted to man and my other
addictions too but if you’re addicted to food man it’s just really good improves
your mood and improve your energy he disapproves a lot so yesterday i ate no
food and i did no exercise i’m trying to do at least 30 minutes of exercise every
day that’s my goal but yesterday I was feeling so sleepy I wasn’t feeling my
best yesterday I’m day 8 I wasn’t feeling my best like
a lot of these other days like I’ll have extreme energy like I feel like I can
run around the mall that I work in I feel like I could just do I feel like I
could spend all day at the gym like I don’t know but I didn’t drink for that
amount of snakejuice I should have I probably didn’t even have a leader
that’s bad it’s recommended 1 to 2 liters as much as you need but yeah
but I need to so I could feel better so today I plan to um I made a whole nother
video you guys and my phone just died it erased my video topic was about I do not
have my life together I think it might look like it because I’m doing great on
losing weight studying consistent every single day but my life is together in
weight loss I just went to the laundromat because I live in a place
that doesn’t have washer dryer hookups and it’s not a good neighborhood at all
but I am a hustler I’ve learned how to do Shopify Amazon eBay I have two stores
like the point is you choose I mean I believe in God so I believe God has some
input but I feel like he gives us the free will to do what we can with each
day he blesses us with so if I’m just sitting watching TV or just doing stuff
that’s not productive like I’m keeping myself in my current situation there’s
no reason why I should not be in a home that I own with the knowledge that I
have I have knowledge but I’m not using it I have a good clientele base at work
but I don’t work a lot I go every day but I only do two or three people if I
went every day and did like five people like I would be in a whole different I
would have my own washer and dryer at home so do you have goals you
have to put in the work like this is my blueprint for weight loss is working 30
days I went so far down and all I did was say I’m gonna eat less and I’m gonna
move more that’s my blueprint and it’s working so let’s say I just took Shopify
I’m like okay I’m gonna get up an hour early and work one hour focused on
Shopify there’s no way in heck I wouldn’t I have sales every single week
and that’s huge profit so or if I said I’m gonna do one extra client
every day for 30 days like that would be crazy money that would be that would be
enough to move to a better apartment or rent a house so we I really believe we
choose the life for living and I can complain it’s just me and my one little
income of my poor kids and listen that that’s not excuse I’m not I’ve heard
stories of women with like let’s say 4 kids no man in their life and they
go to school full-time they work two jobs and they still take care of the
kids I’m like man every time I hear those stories I’m like there’s no excuse
so if you have goals write down an action plan saying okay this little
paper I’m gonna do XYZ every single day because that is gonna move me this much
closer to my goal so day 30 you guys I’m really excited I made it 30 days and I
want to thank everyone that watches my videos because you guys are the reason
why I’m sticking to it if I didn’t have a reason if I didn’t have this
accountability I’d be like oh I’m like well yeah my usual
I used to go every morning and get four to five cookies
man I’m not joking you guys this is how bad my food addiction was oh I would
have four or five of these cookies I would buy it two slices of pizza or one
then that’s from caseous Pizza gas station I love it then I would go to
McDonald’s and this is all on my way to work and I Drive like three miles the
opposite direction from work so I’m wasting 6 miles then to go to work
then I would get to hashbrowns with ketchup in a large dice holder I would
have that almost every day I probably couldn’t even get into four or five
cookies but I could get into the three plus the two pizzas plus the two
hashbrowns and that was my norm just for breakfast so I probably had that
probably is my calorie intake cuz to maintain I feel like my metabolism as I
think I got have to hunt 2,500 calories and still maintain that I’m just kind of
I had it all before I even started my day like my breakfast was probably 2,500
calories then I’ll go to work I might get a snack depending if I’m busy or not
I try to work non-stop at work with no breaks but then I’ll come home I might
stop and get more food like it was outrageous and I was spending so much
money this snake diet like is free and it’s no
excuse because all you do is don’t eat so man that was so horrible I hope I
never do that again oh my gosh okay I’m just gonna get to
this now it’s day 30 me and you guys that is such a great thing I’m so happy
now I wish I would just do that with all areas of my life they they one through
thirty with a blueprint for it the eBay in the shop with eBay oh my gosh you
guys I found a winning product that I source from China and I probably sold
150 to 200 of them and the profit margin is probably three or four times my
return so I found one winning product right why wouldn’t I just go find
another winning product because once you set up one listing it’s on autopilot you
don’t have to set it up again it’s there and people will just buy it so then and
let’s say that I was making five dollars a day so five times 30 150 a month what
if I had ten winning products like back to paying rent to move somewhere with
where what am i watching today right – like we choose our situation I just
really believe that huh so I’m gonna step up my game in my other areas you
guys I’m gonna make a whole nother channel about my hustles because a lot
of people have problem with weight weight and money well some of you guys
might have lots of money I don’t know but a lot of people like probably ninety
five percent of America has money issues even if you make good money you still
got dead and more student loans or whatever so everyone
needs a little extra money it’s so many opportunities just like this opportunity
is free sitting right there for everybody okay man I just have a lot of
mine today yesterday I was so sleepy oh my god I
went to sleep at him I wanted to sleep at about 7:00 but someone told me at
6:30 they were at call so I was like they were gonna call me later so I
waited two hours and I was like man I cannot fight this sleep so I just want
to sleep then I woke up so early so early you guys sorry went to the laundry
went to the grocery for my kids and now it is eight it’s eight o’clock and I’ve
gotten a lot done today I’m two 44.0 so again I lost 1.2 pounds do you like
seeing my weight loss that subscribe if you have weight to lose post every day
under my video and let me see what you’re doing what exercise are you doing
on what are you doing about your food what positive changes are you just
making in your life I would love to see that
see you tomorrow God willing

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Reader Comments

  1. Mieka Fasting Weight Loss

    I am so happy everyone! I owe it to you all that watch and keep me accountable. Where there is a will there is a way. I would love to see you post what you are doing each day. Would REALLY like to know what you started at, where you are now, ahd what is your blueprint to achieve your goal.


    Congrats and I agree with you 💯 God definitely gives us free will. I also believe we have a purpose. I love listening to you talk about hustling cause I've been there😌 Mieka we have a lot in common I've had online stores and got lazy but never got lucky and had a popular item. Great video. I don't think you should make another channel. I think this channel is about you loosing weight and changing your mind set. This is your journey 😁

  3. paulatoday

    Hi Mieka, you are really doing a great job at losing weight. I will get it together myself soon. Great information on this video and I am very inspired by you, your struggles even if you are not where you want to be at this time in life because I know you will get there. Keep up the good job, I so enjoy every video I watch. Love you girl 🙂

  4. L M

    Great job! You should do a before and after for the month picture comparison because I see the difference in your face and your shoulders! Very proud of you

  5. d8ta scientist

    I've lost 5 lbs this week doing intermittent fasting with a 4 hour eating window (2 p.m. – 6 p.m.), under 1200 calories. 🤗 Trying to prepare myself mentally again for no less than a 10 day fast. I need to lose another 30 lbs.

  6. Nikki Speaks!

    You’re doing so amazing. So my plan starting today 10/28 is a 5 day water fast then low carb intermittent fasting with eating window from 9am-5pm I want to get to 195lbs😊

  7. DeliciousRedApple

    Awesome job!! As long as you listen to your body and you are feeling good I'm so glad you found something that works for you.. Like you said its NOT for everyone,, I been losing most of my weight by intermittent fasting but it has been alot of trial and error 🤗 keep up the positive outlook 👑

  8. Makelle B

    You are so inspirational! I feel you with the food addiction. I prayed to God to help me with the food addiction and he answered that I needed to fast. I've been on the Snake Diet for 3 days now and looking forward to being free of the mental/emotional/physical baggage of food addiction. Still thinking about food, but your videos help me so much. Thank you. God bless😊

  9. PathwayOfPurpose

    i agree, we have a choice to change our situation. It might not be easy but it's possible. It might not be as difficult as we think either, but we won't know if we don't make an effort.

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