Seattle Weight Loss Expert’s 4 Tips 4 a Successful Diet

Today I want to share with you my
top tips on how to diet successfully so number one eat food that you enjoy don’t
try to follow a diet program that forces you to eat food that you don’t like or
that’s too complicated for you to make or that you can’t eat on Sundays or
whatever might be just eat food that you like
number two have realistic expectations okay whatever program you do if you’re
consistent you’ll most likely see success but don’t expect to see
incredible success the first couple days or the first week and then get derailed
because you didn’t okay so have realistic expectations about your
success and then number three there’s no finish line right you’re there’s no
finish line it’s that you shouldn’t be entering a program that you’re gonna
start and stop and start and stop find a program whether it’s a diet or anything
else that you can stick with continuously so you can keep seeing
results and then last but not least don’t be perfect and don’t expect
yourself to be perfect because when you’re not you’re gonna beat yourself up
and the next thing you know you’re binge eating
there is no perfection you should have room in your plan to enjoy yourself and
if you don’t then you need a new plan and you need to let me know because I
got one for you

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