Salad Fingers 1: Spoons

(music starts) Hello, (heavy breathing) I like rusty spoons, a-a-an-and I like to touch them (laughs) the feeling of rust Against my salad fingers is almost orgasmic (laughs) I must find the perfect spoon (sound of walking) (ding) (scratching) uh H-Hello there young child. I’m here to inquire about your spoooonz (shrieking) Uh-Huh. (sound of walking) (heavy breathing) Might I ask where you keep the spoons? (shrieking) I see Then I must leave. But first I’d like to caress this rusty, kettle. (sound of scratching) uuh

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  1. udmbfck x

    F***ed-up sexually-sick and repulsive creepiness OR much ado about nothing (no creativity)?

  2. Athena and shiloh's world!

    Lol i watched this years ago and my step soater loved it she thought it was hilarius and i didnt really like it cause i thought it was scary and i heard somone in roblox the other day talking abot this and i got remindee of it so here i am watching this video thays older than me o the creativity back then😐

  3. Zachary Avila

    I remember watching this 10 years ago, way back when I was in high school. 3 years ago, about 10 miles up the road from my house, a little diner opened up named The Rusty Spoon. And only a few days ago I finally made the connection. Good food though lol. Perry UT, check it out

  4. Mina ashido

    I honestly don't know why a teacher would show this to there students I mean your probably gonna laugh at me but like this scared the shit out of me the talking and the animation and I don't get scared easily so I kinda understand why the Canadian teacher would get suspended…

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