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Vegetables take different amounts of time
to cook, so you gonna need to cook them in stages starting with the vegetables that take
the longest to cook. We’ve got eggplant. We’ve got zucchini, some peppers, and an
onion. Of this collection, it’s the onion that’s going to take the longest. An onion
is all held together right down here at the root. We’re gonna make wedges of onion,
so we’re gonna try to keep that root in tact, shaving off just the exterior hairs
of the onion. Then, we’re gonna cut off that stem end. We’re going to cut it in
half to make it easy to peel. Once peeled, take the onion and put it on its flat stem
side and try to cut halfway through that root making the wedges that you want but trying
to keep each piece with a little bit of the root in tact so it holds all those leaves
together. Pop these into a bowl and let’s talk about the three things that vegetables
need in order to roast well. We need a fat to coat the vegetables to stop them from drying
out. I generally use olive oil. We need to add some extra flavor which we’re going
to do with some dried herb. Dried herbs should always be added at the beginning of cooking.
Fresh herbs are added at the end of cooking. So, you could use thyme, you could use oregano,
anything that you like, and we need to season this up with salt so that we actually pull
that moisture out and concentrate the flavor. Toss these with your hands to get them fully
coated with the oil. And you’ll notice that we have a large cookie sheet here. Way bigger
than the onions, but we’re gonna be adding more vegetables to this. So, we’re going
to pop that into our preheated oven. We’re gonna give that about a ten to fifteen minute
head start on the other vegetables. Here we have a pepper. Whenever you cook a vegetable,
it always shrinks down a little bit, so leave the chunk bigger than you think you’re going
to want it to eventually end up. Now on the zucchini, I like to do a paesan or peasant
cut. You cut that in half lengthwise and then I’m going to actually keep my knife in one
postion, and move the vegetable to create these little triangles. They don’t have
to be even. They have to be similar in size, but you get nice little irregular shapes.
Finally, we have out eggplant. We’re gonna cu t this in half first again to get that
flat surface so that we’re safely cutting everything. Oil, toss it up with your clean
hands. And then we’re going to pull the onions out. We’re gonna add these right
to there. Oh! Beautiful. Look at this. Beautiful little brown edges here. It’s time definitely
to add out vegetables. That’s a good good sound. We’re gonna shake them just to keep
them even. You only want to roast one layer of vegetables. Do not be piling them high
to roast. They all need equal access to that hot, dry air. And never, never put foil over
this. So they’re gonna roast for about another fifteen to twenty minutes. Again it depends
on the size of your vegetables and how high your oven is. How do we know if they’re
done? Take your little paring knife and poke into them. Do they feel tender? Mmmm…Nice.
You still want them to have a little bit of bite left, not be completely mushy, but still
have that nice browning that you’re seeing here. So, let’s transfer these to a serving
dish. So I have here some basil. I’m going to slice that up. And I’m going to sprinkle
that on top. And then just before serving, just a little bit a touch of some fancy sea
salt. Roasted vegetables. Very easy, ready to go. Thank you for watching. If you’d
like to see more of The Basics, click over here. If you’d like to learn about the Groovetech
knife, click over here. And if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for more
Basics, put them in the comments section below.

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Reader Comments

  1. Barbara Clinton

    Thanks Meredith, I will be trying this right away. I just found your YouTube page, and I have been enjoying it immensely. I also watch you  the Q.

  2. Bruce Kersman

    VERY NICE AS ALWAYS!!   Do you ever make baked potatoes in a pressure cooker?? If so how do you do it?? Please be specific…. thanks

  3. Tom Levine

    Meredith, is always, the best!!! Question, best baking tray for oven roasting at higher temperatures?  Mine always, always warps…they get the job done, but, annoying.  Thanks, MER!  Please keep up the great work.  PS:  Buy her pressure cooker book…it's the best!  It already has food stains from my kitchen which any cookbook author will tell you, is the very  highest form of praise.

  4. Kate Snave

    Be careful what olive oil you buy, most of it should get frequent flyer miles. Read the back and you will find it comes from or through many different countries. You might be getting some mixed breed combination of garbage! I buy only pure Italian olive oil, it cost more but you can really tell the difference, if you take a tablespoon and swallow it you should get a nice green taste with a slight after burn in the back of your throat.
    Just be picky about what you buy. Don't be fooled by a high priced oil, read the back!!

  5. Sowmya shetty

    This is so good. I have been hunting for salad dressings for roasted veggies but found none of my liking(as I don't want to use any store bought sauces and want it vegan)….With your recipe I don't need one thanks can't wait to try

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