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hi everyone welcome to my channel in
today’s video I’m going to show you how to make Tye butternut squash soup with
toasted pumpkin seeds let’s jump right into the recipe the first thing we are
going to do is roast a butternut squash cut the squash in half and scoop out the
seeds make sure you reserved the seeds for
later chris’ll each half of the squash with just enough olive oil to lightly
coat the inside and sprinkle it with a little bit of sea salt turn the squash facedown onto a baking
sheet or a pan and roast it until it’s tender and completely cooked through for
about 35 minutes at 450 degrees Fahrenheit while the squash is roasting
let’s get the seeds ready I like to use a mix of butternut squash seeds and
pumpkin seeds sprinkle the seeds with a little bit of sea salt drizzle them with
a tiny bit of olive oil and toss them until they are evenly coated spread the
seeds into a single layer and roast them at 300 degrees Fahrenheit until golden
brown for about 20 to 25 minutes I usually put them in the oven as soon as
the squash is done roasting next chop up an onion and a couple of cloves of
garlic saute the aromatics over medium heat until translucent add a little bit of red pepper flakes
for some heat and so they everything for a few more minutes last but not least add some coconut milk
to the saucepan and bring it to a simmer by this time the squash should be almost
done to check if the squash is ready pierce it with the tip of a fork it
should slide in easily if that’s the case remove the squash from the oven and
put the seeds in instead when the squash is cool enough to handle use a large
spoon to scoop the bad nut squash squash into a blender container the next few
ingredients are the aromatics with coconut milk vegetable broth maple syrup
lime juice and fresh ginger blend until the soup is smooth and
creamy you might also need to add some salt depending on how salty or vegetable
broth is once everything is blended you’re ready
to serve the soup you can serve it straight out of the blender or pour it
back into a large pot and adjust the seasoning and thickness to what you like
and of course don’t forget to top the soup with some more and red pepper
flakes and the toasted seeds this butternut squash soup recipe comes from
a friend of mine Audrey who brought this soup to me after I delivered my first
child and once she brought it over Tana had a chance to taste it first
and after you tasted it he was like okay you can eat anything that is in the
house but do not that’s the soup it’s really good Trinette often fight over
food thank you especially like bottled water the carbonated water yeah that’s a
side point we really enjoy the soup mm-hmm I particularly like it because
it’s got a lot of ginger flavor in there so it’s gone across the palate you’re
left with this aftertaste which this is pleasant ginger burn like the ride nice
just like a slow burn like stays on your palate yeah and that’s what I liked
about it so you need to try this one the garlic salt and coconut milk worked
really well together it’s probably not a very common cup like combination but it
works really well together and if you want to throw in or when
you’re blending it you can like change the consistency obviously I like it so
that it’s not perfectly smooth so that you can actually get the texture of the
butternut squash in there it gives you a little bit more something to chew on
while you’re eating the soup but you can make it as smooth as you want but I
would say make it a little less yes alright so I hope you enjoyed this video
if you did please give me a thumbs up comment below subscribe to my channel
and I’ll see you next time you

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Reader Comments

  1. Ballistic Bob

    I am not trying to be mean, but if you continue to eat vegan for an extended period of time, your health will deteriorate drastically, possibly to a point that you can’t recover.

  2. Theresa Seisan

    I tried your omelette and it was the best I've ever had for vegan can't wait to try this one. You really know how to put the best ingredients together for a great taste.

  3. litestreamer

    He mentions the garlic taste, but in the recipe there is no garlic stated; is this an omission, or is recipe garlic free? Thanks..Making squash soup today and this came out serendipitously!

  4. chozart88

    I don’t find that coconut milk really has much flavor (unlike the water/oil/etc) so would another plant milk work as well? I look for lower fat as I have to avoid higher fat due to cholesterol issues

  5. Crystalline Entity

    That butternut squash was so big it could have fed my whole family for a week. Lol I was already planning on making this with a much smaller squash in my kitchen. As always, I enjoyed watching your version. 👍

  6. vegaNora

    This looks delicious! I have a random butternut squash sitting around my kitchen…been wondering what to do with it (don’t have much experience w squash yet). I’m absolutely making this; it looks so simple & I just have all the ingredients. Yay, vegan soup!!

  7. Abandoned Mountain

    ooooooofffffff holy snrg so vltradeliciovzzz fantastic soup i need thiz now and forever mmmmmm yazzzzzz wooooffffff 😍😛😍😛😍😛😍😛😍😛😍😛💞💚💚💚👅💦🍲🎃🌿🌱🌰🌶🍋🥥💦👅💚💚💚💞

  8. Carol Sze

    I always make butternut squash soup but never thought to put in ginger. Also, I never use cream since the squash has a very creamy consistency when puréed. Looks yummy.

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