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Hi everyone! Today it’s going to be a bit
of a heart-to-heart conversation. I’ve been in quite a dilemma lately about the way of
eating, and I’ve been reading a lot, I’ve been thinking a lot. I think it’s time to
make a few changes. So I’ve been on the Paleo diet for almost a year now. It taught us so
much, just like any other diet has taught us so much. My husband lost so much weight
as well, and my skin improved immensely. But at the same time, there were these other things
that were not as satisfying: my skin also got drier than ever, my mood swings were just
as bad, my energy levels were going up and down. Also my teeth were just not getting
better. If you saw my 7 resolutions or my promises to myself for 2014, one of them was
healing my teeth. And I just couldn’t see any progress. So the thing is no matter how
hard I tried, my teeth were not getting better, and also I started noticing these white spots
on my nails. I’ll try to insert a picture here. From what I was researching online,
it seemed like it was showing a lack of calcium. With all that dairy and all that calcium I
was eating, there was no way I was lacking calcium. So I realized there must be something
else. Then I started having other symptoms, such as muscle twitches, cramps, and after
researching online I realized that it was because of magnesium deficiency. So I started
taking magnesium and a couple of days later I started feeling so much better. And that’s
when I started reading more, more and more about the Paleo diet and about eating in general.
I just realized that maybe, just maybe I was hiding my head in the sand all that time trying
to hide from the signs that something was not quite right. You know, I don’t think that…
generally, in my life, I don’t think that being fanatical is a good thing. In anything,
I think moderation is probably the best way to do things, and I’m the first one to admit
that I’ve probably been mistaken, I’ve probably been a bit too fanatical about my way of eating,
and I probably restricted some of my foods too much. That’s why I had all these problems
with mineral deficiencies, dry skin and so on. I probably wouldn’t have even noticed
them for much longer but when I went really really strict on the Paleo diet and I stopped
eating nuts and seeds, as well as limiting fruit, that’s when I really saw that I am
lacking quite a few things, and perhaps it’s time to rethink what I eat. You probably already
know that I’ve been reading a lot about Ayurveda and the Ayurvedic way of eating, and that’s
probably one of the other reasons that made me rethink everything. After reading about
soaking grains and beans, and fermenting them, sprouting them, I realized that all the reasons
why the Paleo diet doesn’t allow eating grains and beans is the phytic acid. But the thing
is by soaking and sprouting them, you remove most of it anyway. And then another thing
I don’t understand about the Paleo diet is why nuts and seeds are allowed while they
actually have the same amount of phytic acid as grains. You know, it’s just some of the
things just stopped making sense to me. So what I decided to do is just to try and follow
the food recommendations for my constitution in Ayurveda. It’s a long story but there are
three different constitutions in Ayurveda and, if you’re wondering, mine is Pitha, which
is basically fire. I’ll try to rebalance myself and see if that helps me in some way but Ayurveda
is all about eating in moderation and balancing yourself out, not being fanatical. So let’s
see if it’s going to make any difference. Of course I’ll take you on the journey with
me because my channel is all about learning and sharing things I learn with you. So I
hope you will continue supporting me and I hope you’ll continue learning new things with
me. If you were following me just because I was on the Paleo diet, I’m really sorry
but at the end of the day it’s about my health. So I need to do what’s right for my body but
also I wouldn’t want to confuse you and tell you things that I don’t actually believe in,
so I thought it was very important for me to open up and to really share with you my
thoughts. Another thing is that I was about to start filming, you know, What I Ate Today
type of videos and sharing with you our daily life but, since I was in so much confusion
reading about all these different diets and trying to reintroduce grains and beans into
our life, it kind of put my plans on hold because I couldn’t film what we eat. Because
I’m supposed to be on the Paleo diet, and obviously I wasn’t. It was very confusing
for me, and I really needed to have this little talk with you and share my thoughts with you.
So I hope that you won’t be disappointed. I know that a lot of you are vegans and vegetarians
or just people who eat everything, so I hope you will still find my videos useful. At the
end of the day, I’m not just about food or a certain diet. My channel is about holistic
living anyway, so that’s what it’s going to continue being. You know, natural beauty and
natural eating without conforming to a certain diet. I just… I’m somebody who doesn’t like
being in a group, you know, I don’t like doing what other people are doing. So in a way,
by being a part of a certain diet, I was in a way in a group. So I’m kind of happy to
break free and stop restricting myself so much, I guess. The only two things that I
don’t think I’ll ever change my mind about are sugar or, you know, especially refined
white sugar, and refined flour ir wheat flour. Those are the two things that I really think
are evil and trust me I’ll probably never change my mind about them. Everything else
is probably not that evil when it’s eaten in moderation. So I guess that’s what I wanted
to share with you. I hope that you will understand and I hope you’ll continue following me in
my journey to perfect health. Thank you so much for watching, thanks so much for listening
to me and my doubts and my new discoveries. I’ll see you in my next video! Bye! Bunny
bunny bunny! You’re so cute! You love mommy, don’t you? Jimmy!

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Reader Comments

  1. Linda

    Amazing video. I was diagnosed with Celiac in 2009 so my diet has changed a lot over the past few years. I'm 100% gluten free, and I tried the paleo diet and I felt like it sucked my energy. Then I went vegetarian but the dairy was still causing me a lot of tummy troubles so now I'm vegan 99% of the time. Maybe once or twice a year when I'm at a restaurant with family and friends I'll eat dairy. My whole family freaked when I went vegan and at first it upset me at first but then finally I told myself hey I have to do what's right for MY body. Bless you for being so upfront and honest about your struggles. I wish you well in your new journey. Remember eat what is right for YOUR body, not what makes others happy. 🙂

  2. The second planet from the sun

    Thx for that film. As you know(I wrote to you about that in comment a few weeks ago), I was thinking about paleo diet. I readed a lot of that diet in the meantime and I must tell/write you that I was not sure if it will be good for me.
    I feel that now is the time to change my way of eating(I'm 35 and not getting younger ;(), that I want to start vegan diet. I read a lot of it and do the research on YT , in the other sources and vegan diet probably will be better for me. I do that for a littel steps. I already stop drinking milk, and eat dairy products, I eat less meat and I will be slowly eliminate them completely from my diet. I feel great but it's the beginning of my way to be vegan and I all time watching how my body reacting for that changes.

  3. 80elyse

    Thank you for this video. I feel as if you were saying many of the same thoughts I have been having regarding the paleo diet. I appreciate your honesty.

  4. 888zzz

    Finding the ideal diet is difficult especially for people like me because the only foods that make me feel uneasy are processed foods.  But for someone like you who is more food sensitive you can more easily narrow down what is healthiest for you.  I would not limit the foods to avoid to only white flour and white sugar.  I think nearly all processed foods are unhealthy.  Just look at the public's health in general.  It's not as bad as it is just because they're eating white flour and white sugar.  Determining which type of traditional diet is ideal is difficult because their research is based on sound science uncorrupted by huge industries like big pharma, agriculture, and food processing.  So is Sally Fallon who has a broad interpretation of traditional diets or Mark Sisson who has a much more narrow paleo interpretation right?  Metabolic typing is also controversial, so it may not be true that the ideal diet varies much for everyone around the world.     

  5. Miranda Macleod

    I'm very glad you made this video and didn't just try to continue living the paleo diet because you have made it so public. Its all about listening to your body and doing what is right. I am not paleo at all, I actually eat mostly raw vegan, I am subscribed because I love how this is an overall holistic channel! Keep doing what you want on this channel, and give us updates on how everything is going! I would also highly recommend getting some blood work done if you haven't, because you may have more issues that you are unaware of. I'm going to try to get blood work done twice a year to make sure I am getting good amounts of everything. Goodluck on this new journey!

  6. asantesamuel13

    I am so glad you made this video, I've been having similar thoughts about Paleo too! I actually developed psoriasis or some patchy skin thing on my wrist and it hasn't gone away in the two or three months since it first started, and I hadn't changed much in my diet when it happened but I've read some stuff about very low-carb causing autoimmunity and I had the realization that it's just too extreme. I don't think it's a coincidence or an accident that most if not every traditional or native culture has a source of starch and fermented starch too, so I am working on incorporating more of both, and I also agree that the grain and bean issue is overblown a bit since fermentation and sprouting really does make them very nutritious and they are also extremely rich in magnesium. I don't think they'll become super regular aspects of my diet but it's mostly adding in whole food carbs and fermented foods more often that I'm gonna change! I would recommend to you though to incorporate beans and grains carefully to give your system time to adjust to all the extra fiber! Also, I'm pretty sure I'm both magnesium and potassium deficient, some days I almost have no source of either, it's not easy to meet nutrient requirements! I would also say that eating organ meats is key, that would be a good strategy to start off with too. Good luck and I look forward to how you will evolve in future videos! 🙂

  7. Jamie Marscin

    Love that you're doing what's best for you! Also,my cat is laying with me and when you were talking to your kitty, my cats ears perked up. She lookef confused lol

  8. Milena Koles

    Such a smart decision you've made to change your diet, and it's wonderful that you can understand your body and detect what is wrong with it 🙂 I wish to learn that as well.

  9. Danny

    Dairy and milk actually literally LEECHES calcium from the bones ! Milk is so acidic that our bodies draw out calcium from our bones to help balance the toxic acidic levels in the body and blood from consuming dairy. The exact opposite of what it claims to do. Please look into that and stop slowly poisoning yourself! Love you vita! Good luck! Just check it out

  10. Aleksandra Wiatr

    Hi Vita! I think that eating healthy is the best and simplest diet ever. Are you familiar with food pyramids? You're smart and reasonable girl and I think good listener of own body – so I suggest to eat whatever you might like and whatever you'll think be good for you. You told me once, that sometimes body i craving for some groups of food to compensate mineral and vitamin deficiency. Good luck Vita! I believe you not so far from The Golden Mean 🙂

  11. asantesamuel13

    Oh! I should say, a huge inspiration for the Paleo movement is definitely an overconsumption of refined grains (especially and mostly just the modern varieties of wheat that are new to the food supply) and sugars in the Western World. Before that, grains were eaten more or less in a traditional way and not to excess (i.e. to the point of metabolic destruction), and prepared a lot more thoroughly. Some people probably won't ever tolerate grains because of the damage already done with modern wheat, but I think it's crazy to tell someone to never ever re-introduce grain products if they want to start eating them again. Just like how the plant-based movement was a reaction to the terrible treatment of animals, Paleo (to me) is a reaction to the terrible treatment of grain products. It's true that grains aren't an ideal food since they require so much preparation, but if they're tolerated, then I see no reason to cut them out completely!

  12. Cata Body & Table

    Hi Vita, that's a very interesting video, I like hearing every point of view about every subject really. The paleo diet has worked very well for me, although I don't think of grains as evil I do avoid them due to insulin going up which affects my skin badly, even when prepared in a traditional way, some are worse than others though. Good luck with your new diet!

  13. emoosemoose

    Thanks for sharing this.  My husband and I also have been (mostly) primal/paleo for the past few years, but found that being too strict, with anything, is counterproductive for us.  Your approach is spot on – continuing to educate yourself, keeping your mind open, and changing what you feel needs to be changed.  Please continue to keep us posted on your aryuvedic endeavors and your experiences, both positive and negative.  🙂

  14. Jasmin InBloom

    I would LOVE to see some What I Ate Today videos!! =) And also, I wanted to share that I went through something similar many times and it always boils down to: do what you feel is best for you; I'm all about following your intuition, so I think it's super cool that you made this video! and also, maybe you went too low carb? I think I did that when I was primal… anyways. I'm looking forward to more vids! 🙂

  15. Kat

    you go girl! listen to your body and do what is right for you (: I was on the paleo diet a couple years ago and honestly it just made me feel sick and tired all the time. I'm still a mostly raw vegan and i feel awesome! My skin still isn't clear but my dad hasn't let me use the essential oils for an OCM, but it has gotten better than before and i do not have back and chest acne anymore (: my teeth and nails have become much stronger and my hair is much softer and lighter than before so i think the no poo really helped so thank you for that! and i feel very energetic and i eat as much as i want and it's great (: I don't think any food is evil though actually. Like it's just food, it can't be evil. It just makes you feel sick if you eat it because your body is not meant to consume it! These refined and processed foods are hardly even real and our bodies don't know what to do with it and that is what makes it bad (: I hope you can come to a place in your diet that works for you and makes you feel happy, healthy, and energized too!

  16. MtnMan4Life

    I have been pretty happy being Paleo and it does take some tweeking to find what works best for your body. Some things to caution about eating grains are that they can spike your blood sugar a lot, causing insulin to rise and bind to LDL's causing oxidation. Grain Brain is a great read…. Also dairy can be pretty high in estrogen (causes cancer) because of the need to milk cows year round, especially when they are pregnant, not to mention dairy being hard to digest and being opiate like in your system. Omega 3 to 6 ratio is super important also. So many foods are very high in omega 6's(even nuts and seeds), you should really try for a 1 to 1 ratio and no more than 1 to 4. Your hormones won't work properly otherwise and omega 3's just add protection to your cells. I like high fat and low carbs. I take magnesium water and vitamin d3 and k2. My teeth are great and I have suffered form teeth problems for 12 years, ever since I went vegetarian. Also my mood improved, body is more muscular,energy is great etc…. but try out things, just know carbs are addictive even on strict paleo.

  17. littlehousy1

    I like Paleo, but don't limit myself to only that one or any one specific diet. I do soak my legumes and nuts/seeds, but I don't eat any dairy or gluten. I am not against eating raw/cultured dairy and aged cheese, but gluten is very hard on a lot of people (me being one of them) and should avoid it. Even if one sprouts and/or soaks their grains sometimes that is not enough. I am also one of very few people who needs to stay completely away from dairy as well. My acne and inflammation cleared up when I got rid of both of these things.

  18. joeconsumer

    Open and honest video 🙂 Seems like paleo may have missed the mark with some of their assumptions. Weston A Price, a dentist, traveled the world in the 1930's to actively seek out healthy isolated cultures that had not been affected by modern influences. What he discovered is that people that still followed their ancestral diet and used soaking, sprouting, fermentation and other food preparation techniques were in excellent health including tooth health. No cavities and no other degenerative conditions. Naturally, there were variations in what these peoples ate, depending on what was available where they lived.

    These healthy peoples were also not depressed, anxious, etc. He documented and took thousands of photographs both of their excellent health and teeth and how they maintained it. As modern civilization extended to these isolated areas, some of these groups began to adopt western diets, especially increased sugars and refined carbs as they abandoned their traditional food preparations.

    The good news is that when these individuals returned to their former diet, so did their health.

    There is an excellent book called Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon that explains how healthy eating really works and has proven highly effective. Of course it too recommends a diet high in saturated fat for optimal health.

    I agree that refined carbs and sugars are basically unhealthy (and their manufacturers are evil), leading to inflammation, mood swings, obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, etc.

    For anyone that does not believe it, compare the high fat (ORGANIC) French diet with other western countries and then look at their low rates of diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Many say that this is a paradox. But, really WHO dietary standards are based on bad assumptions and junk food and drug company scientists.

    Since the 1970's when all the artery clogging fear mongers started pushing their (high carb) low fat diets, world health has severely plummeted.

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