Recipes for a Macrobiotic Diet : Cooking Root Vegetables for a Macrobiotic Meal

On behalf of Expert Village my name is Gale
Stolove with Wholly Macro in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Today we are going to talk about
cooking the macrobiotic way. Okay so the greens are cooked they are just gorgeous I can’t
emphasis how healthy these are for you they are just so filled with chlorified, they are
full of calcuim and they just put all kinds of good nutrients in to your blood. We are
going to put these onto the platter getting ready for our final spread of food. So they
are ready to go and then we are quickly going to repeat the process with our root vegetables.
So we are going to take our root vegetables and we got some water in the pan and we are
just going to lightly blanch these to. You could decorate and accessories all of these
different products later. So we are goign to put these in the pan and we are going to
let them steam and blanch also. Then we are goign to put them out in a bowl to present
them on our platter.

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