Reasons why you should NOT do intermittent fasting

Hey guys Kevin Kreider from Pursue and in
this next YouTube video I want to share with you reasons why you shouldn’t do intermittent
fasting. So a lot of you know I really prefer to do
intermittent fasting all year round. There are circumstances where you won’t be
able to do intermittent fasting or I recommend. and I recommend you not doing intermittent
fasting. The number one factor is if you are an athlete. An actual athlete. You are division one football player, baseball
player, and you are trying to get to the next level and you want to kill it. Or you are cross fit , and you are competitive
in that sense, I wouldn’t do intermittent fasting just because you want to be well fed
all the time and it will kind of dip in performance, you will dip in performance if you are doing
three-hour football games. Intermittent fasting may not be for you because
you need carbohydrates, you need immediate energy to perform in the performance you are
doing. And with intermittent fasting, the weight
training sessions last for an hour at the most. No cardio really in my weight training programs. So you are probably better off just following
a sports nutrition plan if you are going to be a collegiate athlete. There is another reason why you shouldn’t
do intermittent fasting and that is if you are a pregnant woman. Pregnancy and women and intermittent fasting
is just a no go. I’ve just read too much about it saying it
could mess with your hormones and you just don’t want to experiment. Just not enough studies out there supporting
intermittent fasting with pregnant women, and probably never will be. Because it’s all going to be experimented
with rats obviously, we’re never going to do it on human beings. Or at least I hope not. To experiment on people’s babies. You are just better off getting lots of food,
nutritious food, talk to your dietary nutritionist for any type of nutrition plan while you are
pregnant. So that is definitely another reason. Another reason why you shouldn’t do intermittent
fasting is if you are a diabetic. Type one diabetic especially. If you are type one or type two diabetic,
talk to your dietary nutritionist about trying intermittent fasting or how they would want
you to do intermittent fasting. But type one diabetics really shouldn’t try
it especially without any type of supervision or talking to a dietary nutritionist. And the bonus material. The last reason you shouldn’t try intermittent
fasting is if you like eating six meals a day and you like to eat small meals, and you
like to meal prep because you have nothing to do with your time and day and you just
really want to eat more of frequently, and just get… I don’t see any benefits of eating six times
a day but if you do and you really like eating that much, small amounts of food. And prepping meals and carrying around tubberware,
just going to a grocery store or a super market or food stand every two to three hours, go
fo it. It’s your choice. I don’t really like it, it stresses me the
fuck out doing that stuff. And I just don’t want that in my life. Anyway, so I hope you guys got something from
this video, I hope you enjoyed it. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Like, comment, tell me what you want to see
next. And I’d love to hear why you love intermittent
fasting as well. So please write down in the comment section
so we can exchange conversations on that. Anyway, take care guys, and I’ll see you next

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Reader Comments

  1. rdwoodw

    Athlete? Tell that to Herschel Walker….one of the fittest athletes of all time. He's been eating one meal a day since he was playing football for Georgia.
    Ooops…theory busted.

  2. Kunal Bhardwaj

    Can I consume 0 GI foods like Almonds because they don't affect insulin levels during Intermittent fasting? Will they affect the HGH levels?

  3. Cathyanne Hey

    Wish I knew that about sleep as well. Have been IFing for 6 mths and experiencing the less sleep thing. Good to know it's normal.

    Am so happy with IF, no stressing with food. I was always hungry after eating ALL 6/7 small meals and waiting for next one. Now just hungry for first meal in the day, but always stick to waiting 16 hours (on the dot!) then not hungry again, although I do have another meal. I have always been a volume eater and it suits me so much.

    I imagine I will do this for ever. What do you do when you holiday at friends' houses, or friends want to go out for breakfast/lunch etc?

  4. BadAssBullet12

    Hey, Kevin! What if I incorporate the 6-meals-a-day meal plan into my 8 hour eating window? Is there a difference to that to if I just divide the 6 meals into 3 big meals? or just plain calories in and calories out? Thanks man!

  5. Stacey Kersting

    If you are diabetic, or have insulin resistance, check out Dr Jason Fung's videos…also Dr Eric Berg….they really know their stuff!

  6. Peter Miraflor

    There's studies that extended Fasting helps cure type 1 & 2 diabetes. Read it from the book The complete guide to Fasting. Heal your body through intermettent, alternate day & extended Fasting by Dr Jason Fung. 1 of Dr Fungs patient had a type 2 Diabetes & got cured through extended Fasting. I highly recommended this book.

  7. Smokey Desparado

    so eating one meal a day is a thing now. Fuck I just call that being broke . I havent eaten three meals a day since 2006. And drinking tea and coffee instead of eating. Fuck im doing that right now

  8. grim stone

    you shouldn't do internitting fasting if you want to be FAT!! Eating is OVERRATED lmao….
    FFS just eat one meal a day (healthy)5 days a week and eat WTF you want on the weekends!!
    Great results over here!!!
    CHEERS from Canada…

  9. bornagain242

    Thank you so much for the info. Today is my first day of intermittent fasting and I'm feeding for 4 hours (from 9AM to 1PM) and fasting for 20 hours after that. I am going to ease into it though and maybe drink some kombucha if I get too hungry in the evenings for the first few weeks until I can just kill it with water water water before breaking the fast. Thank you so much for all your informative videos on intermittent fasting.☺

  10. Volleyball Dozier

    Right on man. Like the videos. I would say that as a beach volleyball player that plays 2-5 hours of ball, plus weight training I just time my carbs accordingly. I think there is some adjustment for everyone. Thanks for the video.

  11. Jesse Gentry

    Nutrition and dieting should be on an indiviual base. "One size dosen't fit all". First check with your physician, then a liscend nutritionist. Too many have succeeded with this method and some not. Plan and check what is best for you, the individual. Anyone can go on the net and say what they want to but the smart peopl will check it out and decide through professional advise. I'm not giving advise but calling attention to people to "be open minded but not vunerable".

  12. Maz Butx

    Majority are not Athlete . We are talking about general public who sit all day infront of TV or eating jun food. So athlete is some other class of people. Pregnant every female know without doctor they cant do . Diabetic also come under category of health issues. Eating 6 day a meal is called at South beach diet .. Well talk about those who are healthy and obese and dont want to do. Useless video.

  13. Federico Balboa

    T1 diabetic here, IF helped me to regulate my glucose levels in the mornings, but you need to be cautious and ask your doctor or nutritionist

  14. JustHereToHear

    I tried IF and it didn't work out too well for me. I got a migraine because of low blood sugar. I won't be trying it again. Not just the migraine, it was pretty terrible overall.

  15. Bozeman42

    Production comment: intro music WAY LOUDER than vocal content. intro speaking, turn it up to hear it, intro music, turn it down to avoid going deaf, content, turn it up to hear it. Not a good experience.

  16. Martin Scholz Rosenvinge

    Diabetics? I'm a type 1 diabetic and have had only benefits from intermittent fasting. It helps stabilizing blood sugar and makes you much less reliant on meals at certain times to keep your blood sugar in check, I guess since the body is not only reliant on carbohydrates to extract energy to your body.
    I just kept an extra eye on my blood sugar levels at the start to see how it affected me, but I didn't even have to adjust my long-acting insulin dose. Just had to be careful about setting insulin doses while fasting, since that would affect my blood sugar much more than while not fasting.

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