Rabbi of the Pure Hearts : Inside Lev Tahor – the fifth estate

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  1. Mirriulah Water Dog

    I wonder why every …. EVERY religous sect, cult or movement has to have a god like leader, a person who seeks to be adored, respected, 'loved' and feted as a god. Makes you wonder about the merits of any and every organised religion.

  2. Miss Persia

    Do not give power to any Rabbi, Priest, or Mollas ( emams). They misuse their power like no other politician in the history. Not so many religious figures have been killed by scientists and politicians, but throughout different eras, numerous scientists and politicians have been killed by men of God.

  3. Janell Thompson

    Same thing our government is doing all the people want to rule it's always one person wants to run everything while the rest of the masses of people suffer it's amazing it really is they eat sleep and s*** as well as anybody else why would you think your better than somebody else it's really amazing I'm never ever going to be able to wrap that around my head ever!!!!

  4. Baldwin II

    Canada is very liberal and progressive. They don't like strict religious groups, except for Islam. They look the other way when Islam does the same stuff. Canadian media, like the USA media, is progressive liberal and hates conservative Christian and Jewish groups.

  5. Alfred Curi

    I don't know what to call that religion there is some sickness in that religion Kabbalah I don't know Zionist I don't know what but the point is they are not worshiping the true god our lord and saviour Jesus Christ the Messiah is the one and only one who came To Give his life for our sins arise again after 3 days if you want to be saved you have to believe in yeshua of Nazareth lord of lords King of Kings is the one and only one living Lord it's up to you whatever you want to do but there is not another no one comes before him very soon as we're going to be disappointed when our lord and savior it's going to come back not to play game but to bring his Kingdom and throw this evlnes is going around the in hell we're they belong . To be tormented with them father.of all the liars devil himself . God bless Jesus is our king who's coming soon

  6. David Oppenheim

    I lived there for almost 15 years
    There is no way to describe this craziness. manipulation. lies. And abuse. Going on there on daily basis

  7. joyaxiz

    modern thinking really is in conflict with the bible times….. what was legal and ethical before is illegal and unethical now….. but which one is right? the bible times or the modern times?

  8. joyaxiz

    so it is okay to marry under the age of 16 in missouri? if this is true….then if it is legal and ethical to marry under the age of 16 in missouri….why question these people just because they are in canada? so it is the country that is wrong… not the people…. coz in missouri is it okay…..

  9. Julian P

    Now you know why Jesus was killed and still this faction of a Religion is twisted by humans.
    It is in all societies be them religious or not. They hide behind what Jesus told the disciples and not what these clowns THINK. What these people do is perverse, and Jesus Prayed, "Forgive them father, for they know not what they do!" and that is why the Jew's have been persecuted throughout History, because that is what they do unto themselves.

  10. Lisa SPRiTe

    The sister was interviewed with husband present…. nice. Of course we believe all she says 🦄Dude is dead. Died in a river in Mexico… divine intervention?!?


    WTF Canada let a CONVICTED FELON immigrate in 1984? in 1982 Canada told me i could not even enter their country. then again in 1987 i admitted to a juvenile conviction at the check point in northern minnesota and they made me turn the F### around right there! i smell some coruption in canada!!!!!

  12. Soliloque 1

    Couldn’t listen to another word of this controlled religious torture! Why are ppl joining this group or any, for that matter? Bored lost broke, psyche problems? Usually issue and that’s how they infiltrate n draw you in! From Jim Jones to Hindu compounds Yahweh Ben Yahweh …Amish Mormons LDS…to this! All religious cultural extremism and perverted abusive cults.

  13. Mattityahu Lander

    Listen, I personally do not agree with Lev Tahor, btw I am Jewish, but this is what they want. If it is wrong then the government should intervene.

  14. Bladeof Judea

    Acts 13:1-4 King James Version (KJV)

    13 Now there were in the church that was at Antioch certain prophets and teachers; as Barnabas, and Simeon that was called niger

    Greek/Hebrew Definitions. Strong's #3526: Niger (pronounced neeg'-er). of Latin origin; black; Niger

  15. Sola Sunny

    I didn't even finish watching the interview with the Rabbi himself. Besides all the lies, his stutter because of that, lisp and sudden 'lack' of the English language, irritated me so much that i stopped listening to him. I've heard enough crap from fools like him. No need to let him destroy my peaceful evening…👋👋👋

  16. scronx

    "Rabbi" and "pure" in the same sentence? I don't THINK so! What a SICKENING spectacle of corruption and perversion. Israel's loss is North America's loss, too — big time.

  17. scronx

    PS, CBC…. This was an outstanding, absorbing, AMPLE report on a serious plague on youth, women and North Americans. I commend and thank you for some serious coverage which would NEVER occur here in the Untied (sic) States.

  18. Uno I

    Always same scenario when serving to almighty GOD, child abuse, no freedom, no speech freedom, etc. BUT GETTING CHILDREN TO LISTEN TO BEBE REXHA, TO EMINEM, TO TOHER CELEBRITIES WITH SATANIC BACKGROUND THERSE NO PROBLEM AT ALL.

  19. Ahmad lyca Perez Lopez

    I’m very angry with this kind of cult or what they believe this kind of leader they should hang them all 😡😡😡they should sent them back where they belong

  20. Dave Froman

    And this is why religion must be eventually made redundant. These antiquated 2000 year old belief structures as so out of date in the modern era we live in today that they are holding humanity back. Before you judge them think about it. The Torah predates the bible. Back in those days you were lucky to live to be 35 years old. Marrying young was normal in all cultures really up until the 1900's

  21. Linda Godi

    And yet another bunch of religion driven nutters. Raising child abuse, denying women their rights and breaking the laws of the land to a new level.

  22. Glenn Harmes

    Just another insane evil cult with pedophilia involved and the evil one is there in the middle of it. The truth will be revealed when our Lord returns.

  23. KiLLaKonTroL 99

    Those Witches and Warlocks are Not Israelites, They are Ameleckites From Esau.
    This is but a few reasons why God Hates Esau and His OffSpring.
    In town (Near) me, they look at Me as if I’m the alien 👽.
    Looking all Mad 😡 because I say “where is Burger 🍔 King” 👨🏾‍🦱👀👅
    That goes to Show, they are NOT very very nice to thy neighbors 👩🏾‍🦲👧🏽

  24. Victoria James

    They need to take the ultraorthodox morons down!
    They are terrible!
    The good old Rabbi turned "tomato-red" when he was lying through his "holy" teeth!

  25. peace jen

    Too many children. Too much Thora .or Tora. An indoctrinated overview on life today .We can't stick to the 4000 old RELIGAI life atyles . Better to live a honest natural life of the Creator. Wat a mess.

  26. star64

    This journalist is amazing… she really puts it to them and rightly so! Watched her on other episodes and she doesn’t miss a beat! Great work 👍🏼

  27. #Free to

    This whole fiasco, as far as Canada is concerned, could have been derailed from the start. There could have been a comprehensive background check on the professions of refugee status. If, the investigations official had not been so quick to believe that Israel was guilty of political anti-Semitism, itself.

  28. Bobby Paluga

    When the Rabbi lies he stutters. What a disgusting excuse for a “Holy Man”: vitamins only cure vitamin deficiency, they don’t cure mental issues.

  29. Patty Robin

    Not Judaism for God's sake females dressed as muslims. No Jewish female would dress like that very weird. Mish mosh of religion bastardized by nut jobs. Self proclaimed prophets against God and Torah. Judaism does not teach hurting others or to live in fear; Teaches kindness, generosity. Cult ala some Amish, Catholics, Evangelicals, Islamists. Lunatic declares himself a prophet then brainwashs others. Many Hasidic groups most very good people a few looney toons.

  30. Daniel Gonzalez

    Many want to "go back" to their "Glorious Golden age" when laws were mostly put in place and upheld by the community, and easier to sweep allegations of abuse 'under the rug'.

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