Quick | Paleo | Butter Tea Simple Recipe in Tamil with Subtitles | Authentic Tibetian

Today we will see how to prepare Paleo style Butter Tea Ingredients: Tea powder, you can use the brand you wish 4 spoons of unsalted Butter Powdered Cardamom and Ginger Salt Water as per your tea cup size Now pour water in pan and switch on the stove Let us add powdered cardamom and ginger Now add tea powder Let us heat the water till it boils Add salt We can see the bubbles, let us switch off the flame Let us add the butter in the tea cup Filter the tea powder and pour only half the amount of water into the tea cup at first Let us churn the mixture so that butter dissolves in tea Butter is getting dissolved now Now let us pour the remaining tea mixture into the cup This tea is very filling and healthy Now Butter tea is ready. Please try it at your home and give your valuable comment.

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Reader Comments

  1. Farid Rasuli

    Just made this for the first time. Very interesting taste but not something I would drink regularly (if ever). It got too much butter with a salty taste. Anyways thanks for the video.

  2. Devon Cade

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  3. Ellery Donald

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