Quick and Easy Vegetarian Meals : Cutting Vegetables for a Salad Vegetarian Recipe

Now we’re going to peel and cut up our cucumbers
you want to select a cucumber that has a nice bright color and pretty firm to the touch
doesn’t really yield and doesn’t have a lot of puckered shivered places it should have
a pretty even coat not to many of these bumpy guys. And for this kind of salad I like to
peel like to peel up some of the skin and I want to try to cut my cucumber into pretty
thin slices so it really gets coated by the dressing thoroughly. It can really absorb
some of that yummy salty kick so peel it cut it into halves length wise and to seed it
we’re just going to take our knife and make some little v’s into the center to get rid
of most of the seed, you really don’t need to get rid of all of them but it is nice if
you do get rid of most of them. And then we’ll slice the cucumber into really fine thin little
slices you want usually one cucumber works really well, if you got a lot of hungry people
you might want two. And that cut up cucumber will go into our bowl and then you also grade
just a little bit of fresh organic carrot onto there and you really don’t want a lot
it’s really just for color and a for little extra crunch you want to grade about 1/3 of
a normal large carrot in there, and the finer you cut it the nicer it will look. And once
we have all our cucumber and carrot in there we’ll throw in our dressing and we’ll let
it marinate in the fridge about 2 or 3 hours.

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  1. Tazeen Hasan

    I'm sorry but i'll advise expert village to find someone who really know; how to cut vegetables; especially such easy ones a cucumber.If they r really fine slices or is it a comedy program.

  2. Melo Earth

    Not just that, but these videos fr expert village are such a pain! Why can't they make 10 minute videos each, instead of 1000 2 min videos of the same subject? This is ridiculous. When I see that it's an expert village video, I ran. They have no experts on video making?

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