Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies | healthy, vegan, paleo recipes

so this is everything that you’re going
to need in order to make some soft chewy pumpkin chocolate chip cookies I’m
starting off with some almond butter but you can definitely switch this for any
other nut or seed butter loaded with healthy fats and really helps to keep
the cookies nice and moist and soft I’m adding in some coconut oil as well as of
course some pumpkin pumpkin is great it’s loaded with fiber so it’s really
good for your gut it’s loaded with beta-carotene supports your immune
system and also has tons of vitamin A which is great for your eyes adding in a
little bit of vanilla for some flavor and then I’m just stirring that together
until we get it nice and smooth and it all combines really easily if you melt
the coconut oil so I always suggest melting the coconut oil so that it
becomes nice and smooth to that I’m gonna be adding in some coconut sugar
which is a great unrefined sugar as well as a flax egg so I wanted to keep these
vegans so that everybody can enjoy them but if you don’t use a flax egg you can
use a regular egg it will work just as well
and in order to make a flax egg if you have never made one I’ll leave a
measurements down below but it’s basically 1 tablespoon of ground flax
with 3 tablespoons of water you let it sit for about 10-15 minutes until it
gels I’m adding in of course some pumpkin spice some arrowroot flour some
almond flour and then some baking soda and what I like about this is that after
this you just have to stir it all together and you get this wonderful
dough so it does come together quite easily in terms of substituting the
flours you do need to use either air root or tapioca I find if you leave it
out the cookies are gonna become more crumbly and they’re not gonna hold
together and have that nice chewiness that we’re going for especially with
paleo baking using a blend of flours is usually better so we’re gonna mix that
up if you can let the dough chill either overnight or in the fridge it’s kind of
like a secret when making like the best chocolate chip cookies I learned this
from like a French chef a long long time ago is to chill the dough first so I’m
adding in some chocolate chunks of course you can use dairy free chocolate
chips – I just had chocolate laying around
cut it up into chunks as to buying more chips for whether it’s chips or chunks
essentially the same thing fold those in and then we’re going to make our cookie
shape so I’m just using an ice cream scoop to keep them fairly uniform and
the cookies will get a little bit bigger then when you lie them on the tray but
they’re not going to spread out too too much so I’m just using a cookie scoop
and I’m pressing that down and we’re gonna bake them at 350 degrees for about
10 to 12 minutes I would keep an eye on them at the 10 mark and I’m gonna leave
everything in the description as well the measurements and everything so I
know you guys like seeing the texture so you guys can see how soft and chewy
these turn out and such a great easy fall recipe you can make a big batch of
dough and even keep the dough in the freezer and then just makes them as you
want it but they’re so delicious and they are so moist as well I’m gonna
leave a couple other pumpkin recipes here on the screen so pumpkin bread and
pumpkin pancakes because I know you guys are going to love it those recipes as
well and I will see you in my next video bye guys

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Reader Comments

  1. Sadie Smith

    Could you try maybe making molasses cookies? They're my family's favorite holiday cookies and I've been trying to find a healthier recipe! Great video πŸ™‚

  2. Aimee Rivera

    2 cups of almond flour? 😳 lol how many cookies will this recipe make?
    I wonder if I sub the almond butter for Tahini if they will taste good? πŸ€”
    They look delicious!

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