Protein AMOUNT or Protein TYPE – Build More Muscle With this Answer!

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  1. scottcartertn

    I'd love to see a video with Jeff's opinion and some science based facts regarding males and soy / soy protein. He has commented "not so good for males" in several videos but I can't find any videos with any detail on his view on the subject…

  2. Idan Mashta

    It's sad to talk and think about so gentle animals as protein. Leave them out of the plate you can make vegan gains! And in most cases you will look leaner and healthier but that's just what I think

  3. Siniverisyys is a great free online tool & resource for meal planning. It allows you to combine foods and generates complete macro, protein & nutrient profiles for your meals.

  4. Pro Wrestling Fit Media

    I watched about 6 or 7 videos on this topic before coming across this video. This is the best explanation by far. Thanks for sharing. Because of this video I am now a subscriber and fan.

  5. ChelseaFC !!!

    But how about amount? I want to know how much I need to consume per day, some say have a target of 1.7 grams x bodyweight in kg, some say 1 gram per pound of bodyweight, some say 1.2 – 1.5 grams per pound lb, some say around 70 grams of protein per day. idgaf about any of these recommendations, generally I am doing 1.3 – 1.7 as it seems most balanced but I'd like Jeff's opinion on this matter.

  6. CG Channel Every serving of PRO-TF® provides ten grams of one of the most advanced and effective proteins available to help you transform your body, optimize performance, and promote health. PRO-TF® includes a critically essential protein source, plus 300 milligrams of the exclusive immune system support of 4Life Transfer Factor® in every serving.* Two servings per day are recommended to get 20 grams of protein and 600 milligrams of 4Life Transfer Factor® Tri-Factor® Formula. Check the protein calculator on the label or the 4LifeTransform® App to determine your individual protein needs.

  7. Xavier Guerrero

    Hey Jeff @athlean-x I recently started reading about the importance of luecine and muscle protein synthesis and I wanted to know if you could do a video on this topic.

  8. A Singh

    We should gather as a group, light the torches, get our nail spiked clubs and hunt down the handful of scrubs who down voted this video. It is our duty to keep the human gene pool pure.

  9. Sarhan Basir

    Thanks a lot for this video. I have a question please. Is it harmful for the kidneys and liver to take 75-100 g of shake protein a day in order to complete my daily needs of protein which I can not meet by normal meals?
    thanks a lot in advance

  10. MSmithandSmith1111

    Where can I find a formula that states the ideal protein grams needed per day (regardless of protein source) for maximum muscle development (based on key inputs like height, weight, body fat, age, etc.) ? Does one exists and if not, why ?

  11. Laurence Wade

    Extremely Helpful Jeff! Thank You so very much! I have just begun your 90 day abs app. I am a very devoted follower of AthleanX! Thank You for all you do!

  12. Bill Barrett

    So, know which vegetable combinations to put in your meal. Know which meats give the adequate amount of protein for the current meal. Rely on casein and your Whey protein if all else fails.

  13. pumpthepumpup

    I find these types of videos jeffs best. Most of his workouts you can find on other channels. (Other than science based type workouts which I applaud him for) best fitness channel on YouTube.

  14. waqar khan

    Essential amino acids those 9 cannot b build by body. U have to take them from external source. all 9 amino acids r present in meat, milk nd egg

  15. Robb Thomas

    Hi Jeff. I've been watching your channel for a while, and really like your no BS approach. There are a lot of channels out there in YouTubeville, but I keep coming back to yours because I feel I can trust your recommendations, based on your background and dedication to your craft. I know you will probably never see this comment, but putting it out there anyway. So I am a middle aged guy. 6'4 and been thin all my life, which I'm kinda ok with, but I have been pushing myself for the last year to condition myself to be a little more cut, and have the ability to be active much later in life. So basically, where most people would say a person is on the decline, I want to turn up the gas and change some things inside and out. How does that relate to a protein video you may be asking? I'm lactose intolerant. Even the protein brands like Muscle Milk that say they are lactose free mess with my constitution, and it's just not worth it for me to use them. BUT they are the HIGHEST is all the right stuff in a complete protein. So, I know nutrition, not supplements, is the foundation of making a change in your body, and I am challenged in being able to get enough of the right proteins on a consistent basis to make any type of lasting change. So do you have any nutrition plans specifically for those who are lactose intolerant to be successful? I feel like I'll just be just starting over again, rather than actually beginning to make progress otherwise. I'm not going to just throw up my hands. I'm gonna see what I can research and find out, but figured I would ask. Thanks, Robb

  16. Jeannette Oliver

    Why is it then, a gorilla, that is strictly a plant eater, can have a tremendous amount of muscle, or an elephant, or an elk, or deer? …. I could go on. I like your videos, and if you want to eat meat that’s fine, but eating plant based is a perfectly fine way to get protein. To say it’s incomplete and won’t be effective for muscle building is nonsense. For anyone interested, look up vegan body building, you’ll be surprised.

    I really do like your training videos. 👍🏻

  17. Abhijeet Kulkarni

    Our body breaks proteins in amino acids….so why complete and incomplete protein matters?…because at the end of the day if u eat variety of foods like seeds, legumes,nuts, grains,and little bit animal product then I think it will be enough….bcoz finally protein will break down in individual aminos

  18. tintin

    I was kind of expecting a more negative view on the vegetarian proteins… So many people in fitness talk about vegetarian sources not being complete, not realizing that you can in fact make them complete by combining them.. Knowledgeable as always!

  19. Robert Hisle's Channel

    Great video as always. Just a suggestion. How about redoing some of these old videos for 2019? Your info is solid but your presentations have come a long way since you made these vids. You could use it as an opportunity to give a better presentation via the touch screen you use now plus you can expand on it with updated research etc.

  20. AMB 1322

    Casein gets a lot of flak, personally I don’t understand why. I have a very fast metabolism and tried whey protein for a while, and got minimal results regardless of how much I took in during the day because I digested it before it could do anything. I’ve been on casein for a couple of years now, and not only does it taste so much better, but I see much better results and recovery, and I feel way better afterward. I like that this video explained that sometimes you have to do what’s best for you personally when it comes to protein supplementation instead of blindly knocking one source or another based on circumstantial and subjective evidence. That’s what I love about this channel, it really does put the science back in fitness, and in a way that everyone can under it. Plus it motivates me to get into the gym and bust my fuckin ass every day (without overtraining of course).

  21. Tom S

    When I ate meat I took in 170 grams of protein per day. Since I went vegan I'm down to about 100 grams per day. I carry more muscle mass and less fat now than ever and my workouts are about the same. I don't know why and don't really care but I do think protein intake recommendations are blown up too high by the supplement/food industry to some degree.

  22. Nelson Fonseca

    Plant protein is great for avoiding the issues with whey like diarrhea. However research the brand you are buying. The green label project conducted a study on 150 proteins and their BPA and toxic metal levels and generally speaking, Plant had less BPA but had double if not more lead and arsenic than whey. For more info look up "Green Label Project Protein Powder". The Green Label project rated Vega consistently at 1 star which is a very popular organic brand at Walmart and Target. The Orgain Brand at Costco is also garbage. Two stars.

  23. akash9907

    @ATHLEAN-X greetings from india! I am really confused about going for pea protein. What's your say on pea protein supplement. We got a brand Myprotein that imports and a local brand myfitfuel. Any say on this?

  24. nikos t

    We don't need to take all essential acid from ONE source at the same time, vegetarians have absolutely no problem getting their protein since they eat a diet in variety …
    This stupid myth about "complete protein" should stop !
    all essential amino acids exist in plant based foods !
    All we need to do is eat in variety, beans one day pasta next etc.
    more healthy more eco friendly more animal friendly

  25. blackmarketarmy

    I like your stuff, however hopefully you have updated your views on soy since making this video. Only foods that enter the body through estrogen receptor alpha raise estrogen, foods that enter through estrogen receptor beta do not raise estrogen. Soy enters through the beta receptor and will not raise estrogen levels.

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