Prospěšnost veganství – Dr. Michael A. Klaper, MD

you can’t be an environmentalists and eat animal products period kid yourself if you want if you want to feed your addiction so be it but don’t call yourself an environmentalist I knew I had to stop eating all animal products I wanted to help the planet be sustainable but I needed to sustain myself I had doubts about being healthy not eating meat dairy and eggs all I knew was a standard American diet I grew up on it was impossible to be a healthy vegetarian or vegan is the possibility a healthy vegetarian or vegan I became vegan four or let’s see 32 years ago now and I run several miles every day yeah you gotta go biking 4050 miles to the countryside I work long hours I feel great it’s nice waking up in a light trim body every day and so many of my vegan friends and patients you know are just you know they’re thriving and since their transition to a vegan diet so yes and I’ve seen vegan moms go through healthy vegan pregnancies and deliver healthy vegan children and raise them into tall full size intelligent vegan adults and yes certainly all the nutrients are they are in the plant kingdom to do this that is correct I think anyone should be consuming dairy I really don’t when you think about it the purpose of cow’s milk oh I did most of my growing up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin the purpose of cow’s milk is to turn a 65 pound calf into a 400 pound cow as rapidly as possible cow’s milk is baby calf growth fluid that’s what this stuff is everything in that white liquid the hormones the lipids the proteins of sodium the growth factors that I GF all every one of those is meant to blow their calf up into a great big cow it wouldn’t be there and whether you poured on your cereal is a liquid whether you clot it into yogurt whether you’ve it’s it into cheese whether you freeze it into ice cream it’s baby calf growth fluid and women eat it and it stimulates their tissues and gives women breast lumps it makes the uterus get big and they get five ribs and they bleed and to get hysterectomies and they need mammograms and gives guys man boobs this is cow’s milk is the lactation secretions of a large bovine mammal who just had a baby it’s for baby calves you know I tell my patients go look in the mirror now do you have big ears you have a tail are you a baby calf if you’re not don’t be eating baby calf growth through it in any level there’s nothing any people need

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