Primitive Technology: Tiled Roof Hut

Making stone axe Cutting timber for hut Digging post holes Carving mortices in roof beams Fire hardening mortices with coals (strengthens mortices) Fitting mortices of beams on to posts Hammering beams in place Loya cane (a type of creeper) Putting on rafters Lashing to frame Making a kiln grate from clay Making holes to let the flames through Digging a trench for the kiln firebox Stone lintel for the firebox entry Mixing mud for kiln walls (just excavated dirt and water) Putting grate in place Building kiln wall Kiln draw a strong draft Digging clay from the creek bank next to hut Crushing dry lumps in clay Crushing up old pottery to add to new clay (strengthens it) Mixing clay Loya cane Splitting Cutting notches Folding along notches Tying with cane fiber Completed tile frame Sprinkle wood ash on stone (prevents clay sticking) Clay into tile frame Forming tile tab Tile left to dry Tile removed from frame Tiles stored in wood shed out of rain Tiles stacked into kiln 20 tiles Cover with broken tiles Firing begins When the tiles glow red hot they’re ready The next day Putting tiles in place (they just sit on using their tabs, no pegs necessary) Tile tabs hooked over purlins Cross bracing Adding grate bars to the firebox (increases heat production several times) Starting fire with handrill Making curved cap tiles (normal tiles without tabs folded over a log) A tile goes on one side Then another from the other side covers the tile just put in place Finally, the cap tile covers the vertical gap between tiles Stone footing for wall (prevents rising damp) Digging underfloor heating system Covering with flat stones Sealing with mud Fire at the front moves under stones Chimney added at back to enhance draft Heated platform is warm and makes a good bed Building mud wall Digging soil for mud Stones added to wall to save on mud Chimney protected from rain by tiles Wooden lintel forms top of door way Split timber door Hole for door hinge Putting door in place Doorstep of mud Finishing gables Completed hut Tree resin Resin used as torch Resin on tile as a lamp

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  1. Виктор Бронников

    В тайгу бы тебя этак в якутию опидарел бы таким топором махать от гнуса отбиватся

  2. JusBidniss

    Curious how this has held up the last 4 years? The roofing logs are thick, and should not rot or fail for a very long time, but then again they are holding up several hundred pounds of clay tiles. Also, they're fastened together with creeper vine (loya cane), so when that degrades, structural members could come apart, allowing the tiles to fall. The tiles would be impervious to the weather, but I'd be really leery of sleeping under it. So just curious if it's still standing?

  3. Keith Andrei

    Computer: Updating 0% over 500000000000%
    Primitive guy: Fffffff
    Goes outside gets blindfolded run until death smack his head saw a jungle thought his in minecraft blaahh thats the story of this guy

  4. MrSaretti

    Можно было сразу оформить какую нибудь полку и какую нибудь кровать из бревен

  5. Venom x16

    3:55 okay so I know I'm weird as f$%I for this but imagine that there is a person stung up over the fire while tiles chant, "one of us"

  6. Anonymous D

    I feel bad for this guy. While he makes the hut, those kids just running around and filling themselves up!! the bastards didn't even help to make the hut 😂

  7. Rw7 2insan

    ما شاء الله مبدع احب الطبيعة هكذا لكنها صعبه ، هكذا كانت حياتهم في السابق الله يرحمهم ويجمعنا بهم في جنان الخلود ، اللهم لك الحمد حتى ترضى ولك الحمد عند الرضا ولك الحمد بعده نحن في نِعم كثيرة وعظيمة .

  8. Антон XZ

    А я второй год детский городок на даче достроить не могу =) при наличии у меня современных инструментов и электричества =)

  9. Frisbee 'n' Cookies

    Search and Rescue; "Ah a local! Excuse me have seen a lost person around these parts?"
    This dude; "I am the lost dude".
    Search and Rescue notice he's built a working colony filled with other lost persons

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