[Preview] A low-carb diet for T2D reversal – Dr. Sarah Hallberg

So our primary outcomes were body weight
metabolic syndrome criteria which again is what we’re going to be
reporting on in our pre-diabetes paper and type 2 diabetes status. So here it is, two years. What happened? We sustained the results. We sustained the results. I mean this is very exciting. So we reversed type 2 diabetes and
we were able to keep people in reversal. We went from 60% at two years to 54%. Over half of the people in the trial
maintaining diabetes reversal. That’s huge. Just for one moment
imagine that was a drug. Right? Do we need another drug? Come on, we need food,
we need proper food. It works. And the medication reductions… They are staying incredibly robust. So these are people who are maintaining
a lower A1c and still staying off drugs. And I’ve got to tell you
something so exciting, and that is in the last six months… so this is three years
after these people started, I have taken three people who have
a diabetes duration of 15 to 20 years off insulin. Three years.

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Reader Comments

  1. Fred Lander

    What are some of the other key markers at two years, like C-peptide, triglycerides, HDL?
    How many insurance companies are picking up the tab for the Virta plan?
    MY doctor would be much more interested in this if the insurance companies were involved as it obviously works to reverse the type II diabetes.

  2. L L

    Dr Hallberg i would love to know your thoughts on cultured breads, long fermented sourdough bread made from fresh milled grain flour. And any thoughts on fermented foods and diabetes. Thank you!!! Since I started listening to you a month ago I’ve come off of 4 diabetic medications including insulin. My lowest blood sugar has been 99 after spending years between 270-400 sometimes 500. Thank you so much!

  3. Tony Vernon

    I have been on the KETO diet now for 3 weeks and off all insulin injections and medication. Glucose levels in the morning just 5.6 been T2 for over 15 years and have had several stents and bypasses.

  4. Gary Baker

    I am a 69 year-old male an I Lost 82 pounds over 2 years on keto an intermittent fasting 16/8 to 20/4 7 day week and gym 4 day week weight training . diet is 80 percent of weight loss an eating real food

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