Practical Paleo 2nd Edition – Let’s Take a Tour!

Okay, so here’s the original edition of
the book. The new edition is 50 pages more than the previous edition, but it’s actually
a lot more than 50 pages of new content. I’m gonna point out a couple of things here
right from the table of contents that are new .This chapter “Getting Started
with Paleo”, I cover if you might want to go all in, or take it slowly. Another new chapter, “Clearing Up Carb Confusion”, because it’s
such a big question. I’ve expanded on the 4-R Protocol. “Managing Stress” is a
chapter now. “Living a Paleo Lifestyle”, this is a totally new chapter. And then
as you guys know, new meal plans are for adrenal health, healthy hormones, and
liver detox support. There’s over 40 new recipes in the book, and original recipes
have mostly all been re-photographed. It looks really different. This is a new
section, “How to Season While Cooking” and “Grilling the Perfect Chicken Breast”,
new spice blends! So in the original book, I highlighted
which potential irritants or allergens right down here, and so what I’m doing
now is actually these color-coded icons .You’ll
also know if it fits a certain “meal type” by the icons here, as well, so if it says
“21DSD” that means this 21-day Sugar Detox-friendly, if it’s “Quick & Easy” it’s
a quick and easy recipe, if it’s family-friendly. You can also go to the back of the
book, and see you’ll notice most of these, for example, are 21-Day Sugar Detox-friendly. If it has a “dot”, it means it’s friendly as it is, if it has an “M”, it just
means there’s going to be a modification, and there’s going to be a note on the
recipe that tells you what to modify. There is also a visual index of the
recipes. I love this as much as you guys do. It’s so much easier to just flip back
here and be like, “What do I want to make this week?”. And we’ve got five amazing
quotes from some of you guys right on the back of the book! So thank you guys
so much for watching. Really fun! I’ll catch you next time!

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