Plant Paradox – Best Keto Diet – Ketogenic Low Carb Diet – Ketogenic Weight Loss

Hello, Dr. Urban here to discuss the
ketogenic low-carb diet. ketogenic weight-loss and to point you to the best
keto diet and why it is the best. I want to leave you with four takeaways. But
first, what is a ketogenic diet? The default energy source for the human body
is glucose which is found as blood sugar and the limited sugar stores in the body.
When there is plenty of sugar, the excess glucose, regardless of where it came from, is
stored as fat which we actually see. When sugar is in short supply, our bodies
convert fat to ketones in the liver. Then make these ketones available to
our cells as an alternate energy sourc. Since forever, that is how we lose that
stored fat deposited here and there which we recognize. In order to force the
body to use ketones and lose that fat=weight keep these alternate energy
pathways in mind. Takeaway #1- The ketogenic diet is IN. it is used as the basis
for treating a variety of chronic health conditions beyond ketogenic weight loss
to include cancer, kidney disease, type 2 diabetes, skin problems; you get the
picture. The ketogenic low-carb diet is more than a relative restriction of
carbohydrates. The ketogenic low carb diet is a strict VERY LOW carb diet with carb intake at levels of 30
grams a day or so. That’s not much – six slices of bread. You
sabotage your ketogenic diet whenever you become sloppy with your carbs. That
is, you take more in. Low-carb means very low carb. Got it? Takeaway #2 –
Identify the amount of protein you eat. protein is the new sugar to you. Excess protein is
converted to sugar and works against the ketogenic diet by becoming sugar.
Ideally, you will need to limit your protein intake on
the good ketogenic diets just as you limited carbohydrates.
This is controversial but true. Takeaway #3 – There are dietary
sources of ketones. Some come with issues. More on that in future videos. Takeaway #4 -there our common proteins found in many so-called “healthy foods”
which secretly poison you even when you are otherwise on a ketone diet. These
poisons are collectively called lectins and must be taken into account when
searching for the best keto diet. I’ll have more to say about lectins and
overall health restoration in future videos. It’s a very big subject, that is,
lectins. Where to find the best keto diet? Dr. Steven Gundry MD has recently
published his revolutionary new diet called “The Plant Paradox” diet. You can
get the book on Amazon, in bookstores or by using the link in the description
below. This video is on a playlist which will bring up the next video
automatically. Subscribe to my channel as more health videos are coming. You can
reverse pre diabetes, reverse type 2 diabetes, belly fat, metabolic syndrome
with the right diet plan. The ketogenic low-carb diet is essential for ketogenic
weight loss IMO. The best ketogenic diet is found in Dr. Gundry’s
book, “The Plant Paradox.” I am not associated with Dr. Gundry, just a
thankful follower of “The Plant Paradox” diet which balanced me out so well.
Thanks. That’s it for this video. Get “The Plant Paradox” book and start the diet.
Ketogenically yours, Dr. Urban As always, don’t make any changes to your
health regimen without first consulting your health care providers.

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  1. Holly Owens

    I had got word how carbohydrate food were correlated to weight gain and also generally to try to avoid carbohydrates, in spite of this had in no way never ever thought as using them to trim inches away. The significant idea behind the 4 cycle fat loss strategy is to actively train your system to get rid of fat for energy instead of just carbs. It’s founded on scientific research into the very high carb dietary habits of the Japanese coupled with their outstanding long life expectancy. The conclusions would suggest that it’s their elevated carb-cycling day-to-day diet practice that can help to continue to be healthy and balanced into old age with a reduced body mass index (lesser incidence of excess weight).Read even more here

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