Plant Based Symposium: Dr. Joel Kahn (with German subtitles)

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  1. Joe Smith

    Niko was on the ball with this interview, and I like what this doctor says. 3 years whole food-plant based: LDL dropped from high (120 mg/dl) to very low to effecgtively no risk of heart attack (65) in just 3 or 4 weeks on the diet. Off blood pressure medication, 120/80 where before bp meds it was like 160/100. Heart rate was over 100 resting (not good). Now without the beta blocker and on the diet it's 71. I'm a believer.

  2. Love,Peace, Happy

    Vielen Dank für dieses Video. Ich frage mich nur, warum er Nahrungsergänzungsmittel überhaupt produziert und 2. warum in Deutschland?

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