PEPPERMINT TRUFFLES | easy dairy-free, vegan chocolate truffle recipe

– It’s my birthday week,
and that means it’s time for something with
chocolate and peppermint. If you’ve been following my
website for any amount of time, you know that I always do
something with chocolate and peppermint on my birthday. It’s a tradition. So today I’m whipping
up peppermint truffles that could not be easier to make and only have four ingredients. They’re rich, and creamy, and decadent, and melt in your mouth. And bonus, they’re also dairy-free, vegan, and paleo-friendly. I also wanted to remind you
guys that my birthday giveaway for a brand-new Vitamix
blender is still open for a few more days, and if
you miss some of the details, make sure to go back and
check last week’s video. Lastly, I do my best to
upload videos weekly-ish, but I’m not always the best at uploading on the same day or time. So I wanted to remind
you turn on notifications on my channel. It takes just two seconds,
and that way you won’t miss any future videos. All right, let’s get to
making these truffles. We’ll start by filling a pot
with one-to-two inches of water to create a double boiler on the stove. So turn the heat to medium, and
bring the water to a simmer. While we’re waiting for
the water to simmer, let’s chat about the ingredients, and the first is chocolate chips. Pascha is my favorite
brand of chocolate chips as they’re gluten-free,
dairy-free, and soy-free. I also recommend using
chocolate in the range of 50 to 60% cacao for this
recipe, and not too dark; otherwise, the truffles
will be more bitter. When it comes to the
coconut milk, do use canned, full-fat coconut milk, and
not refrigerated coconut milk in a carton. The full fat is what helps
to make these truffles so creamy and delicious. And lastly, grab yourself a
high-quality peppermint extract. After trying several
brands, I definitely prefer Nielsen-Massey for a crisp
and fresh peppermint flavor. Give your can of coconut
milk a shake to make sure it’s well mixed, then add six
tablespoons of coconut milk to a mixing bowl. And since we’re creating a double boiler, you’ll wanna make sure that
your mixing bowl sits properly on top of your pot before
adding the coconut milk to it. Once your water is
simmering, sit your bowl on top of the pot, and let
the coconut milk warm up for a minute or two. Measure out one-and-a-half
cups of chocolate chips, which is about nine ounces,
though the 8.8 ounces in a standard bag of Pascha
chocolate chips works just fine. Add the chocolate chips
to the warm coconut milk, and give it a stir. The heat from the milk should
start to melt the chocolate pretty quickly, but keep
stirring until it’s fully melted and silky smooth. (upbeat music) Once the chocolate and coconut
milk are fully combined, remove the bowl from the heat. Add one-and-a-half teaspoons
of peppermint extract, then give it a stir. You could always add more
or less peppermint flavor to suit your personal preference, though I love a strong peppermint flavor that’s reminiscent of a peppermint patty. At this point, the
chocolate should look like a thick chocolate glaze, which is perfect. Transfer it to the fridge
for about two hours so it has time to chill and firm up. When the chocolate is ready,
remove it from the fridge, and set it to the side. Add a quarter cup of
cacao powder to a plate, which is what we’ll roll the truffles in. You could also keep the truffles plain, or roll them in chopped nuts,
powdered sugar, or sprinkles. The next step is very hands-on,
and it will get a bit messy. So if you have any rings, you’ll definitely wanna remove those now. To scoop the truffles, you’ll
need a small cookie scoop that holds about two
teaspoons of chocolate, and I’ll link this small one below. The chocolate should be firm
but soft, so fill the scoop, scrape off any excess, then
roll it between your hands. The chocolate will start to melt quickly from the heat of your
hands, so you want to move through this step fairly fast. (upbeat music) Once you’ve got a nice
round ball, roll it around in the cacao powder, and
then set it on a plate. Repeat this process until
all of the balls are formed, and you should end up
with about 16 to 18 balls when you’re done. (upbeat music) At the end of this process,
your hands will be quite coated in melted chocolate and
cacao powder, but that’s okay because you’ve now got
the most decadent, rich, and indulgent peppermint
truffles to bite into and enjoy. These truffles will hold
up at room temperature, which makes them perfect for a party, though I personally prefer
them slightly chilled from the fridge. I hope you guys enjoyed
this easy dessert recipe, and I’m gonna enjoy the rest
of these for my birthday. (gentle music)

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Reader Comments

  1. Downshiftology

    You guys are gonna love this recipe for a quick and easy sweet treat! You can also make variations on it by swapping the peppermint extract for another flavor such as hazelnut. Have fun with it and tag me on Instagram when you make them! 🙂 xo – Lisa

  2. Amanda van Pieterson

    I love these, will make them coming weekend. Thank you so much, and Happy Birthday!! 🙂 I prefer using essential oils from Young Living!

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