Pat Robertson’s Crusade Against Low Carb Diets – Political Maniacs

700 club host I guess you call them gay women hating each I’ll heating education
and training pat robertson want you to know that
you’re Luton heating lifestyle will send you
straight to hell so now speaking on the 700 club this past
Monday and despite the fact that he is a non
registered dietitian that wrong person decides shares a holy
wisdom oncoming cars here are some choice highlights from his speech this
is crazy this is like such like all all me not to be ages for anything
but like typical old man with them is for what happens is you feel that the
clickers you get swollen joints you get yeah get all kinda problems we ate like crazy everyone thought Akins
was wonderful and it got the scientific tests but the carbs for the fire that burn
everything completely which is totally crazy that not that
scientific point of view and his his final resol sooner or later it violates the
principle got it down so not eating carbs your diet is violating the principles
the got it down we hang out this Richard is he on a want to read payroll no I don’t know
apparel pat robertson’s on but clearly he he I mean like I said I love you
these maniacs rude surprise me arm there these are people that are
known for saying crazy things you have heard pat
robertson said the reason why the herky we have Hurricane Katrina was
because gay people were getting married the reason why we had a Haitian
earthquake because people have this offer so mean he is just loves the situations
where civil about it I to the reality they’re
out of touch with mainstream their outlet life arm and you can really
something less from I mean I think I think it’s opening
think so crazy arrow did for me and yet this genre maniac in general is that these
folks use their religion at his as like you know just to be able to say whatever
they want you know arms you know I for today I
decided that I don’t like people who you know are on low carb diets or Dhoni gluten song they say it violates the
principle the concept that it’s easy it’s too easy and it’s and
it’s crickets to a crazy so game to you
earlier in the interview if you decide to honor got principles
and grab your sandwich don’t think about making that bread with
a long me here’s this book our research shows in our team
discovered that portion all profits from these full of butchery is going to the Muslim Brotherhood that
not questionable is it to question where does the money go so
if you buy whole of food you’re spending said he might the Brotherhood my brother
in terms for to moscow you know Islamic jihadism will not that
biomass particularly you know the radical organizations at
the danger I don’t know where where do you draw the line on this
like there’s just no rhyme or reason to it 9
I will see where where this research is that these whole of bleachers are you know funding the Muslim Brotherhood like you
know we hear from the right that oh you know
that don’t don’t buy drama because the
proceeds go to terrace you know it’s just this fear-mongering
thing where anything that they don’t want you to do you know is supporting our enemy are there any know you’re right about
that one I i mean I don’t know I think that I can
speak for these people their maniacs them well well home

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Reader Comments

  1. Stikibits

    It's time to stop letting conmen & madmen like Pat Robertson wasting the people's time and money with religion.
    Religion is fraud and foisting your religion in public life is fraudulent. Foisting your religion via government and its legislation is oppression.
    The religious in the USA are among the most heinous on the planet.
    We have freedom from your barbaric religion. If the religious don't accept this, we'll need to legislate to prevent the damage that is being caused by American Christians.

  2. Kevin Johnson

    No one should take Pat Robertson seriously yet millions of people do because he hides under the cloak of religion. And to many people religion rules over common sense.

  3. Scott McCloud

    I'm no defender of Robertson, but you claim to know the inside of another man's mind. I say, none of us knows the mind of another. Disagree with him but he probably doesn't hate anyone anymore than you do. . 

    As far as gluten is concerned, if you don't have celiac disease you're wasting your time, money and breathe (plus I rank your intelligence right up their with people who believe vaccines cause autism). 

    good day

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