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Today we will see how to make paleo style grilled veggies. Took 2 Broccolis This is Zucchini. Then Oyster Mushrooms Lettuce leaves Butter, Salt & Flax seeds Black pepper powder, Soy sauce & Mixed herbs If you follow Paleo diet strictly, avoid adding Soy sauce. But Soy sauce give good taste to mushroom. So, I will be adding 2-3 drops of it. Now we will see how to cut Broccoli. First cut off long stem at the bottom and throw it off. Cutting stem now This process is similar to cutting cauliflower. Buying Zucchini is similar to buying Cucumber as both belongs to same family. Make sure outer skin is hard and flesh is tender to cut. Now cutting edges. There are 2 types of Zucchini – Green and Golden yellow Zucchini. Golden yellow Zucchini has more nutrients when compared to Green one. It is good for women as it contains folic acid. It has edible seeds just like cucumber. It can be used in Pizza Toppings, Salads or we can grill it and eat. Don’t buy Zucchini without uniform colour and texture. This is Oyster mushroom. The shape of this mushroom resembles Oyster and hence the name. Since it is large, I’m cutting these into 2 halves. You can put Button Mushrooms instead of Oyster Mushrooms. Oyster mushrooms look beautiful and is easy to grill. I have preheated the Grill Pan and I’m adding butter now. Put Zuchchini once butter melts. All these vegetables are Paleo vegetables. Paleo diet means caveman diet. High in fat & protein and No Carbohydrates One can take a maximum of 50 gms of Carbs in a day. Even half teaspoon of Sugar has it. Avoid white items like Sugar, Rice, Maida completely. Now grill pan is heated. Add Zucchini after butter melts in preheated grill pan. Just shuffle the Zucchini well. Don’t grill till the colour changes as we may lose the nutrient contents. Follow “ஆரோக்கியம் & நல்வாழ்வு” (Tamil) facebook group to get updated about Paleo. Group members actively discuss about Paleo there. Adding little salt now. Adding black pepper powder Now mix it well with salt & pepper. Now transferring this to serving bowl. Add butter to preheated grill pan Spread the butter over pan Now adding Broccoli Broccoli will cook uickly. It will become soft if overcooked. So, we have to switch off Broccoli before its colour changes. Adding little salt now Adding Black Pepper Powder Mix and shuffle well We will switch off and transfer this to serving bowl as Broccoli colour started to change. It should be crunchy while you eat. Now we will make mushroom in the same grill pan. Adding little salt. Adding Black Pepper Powder Mix and shuffle well Mushroom oozed out a lot of water. We will add Soy Sauce at this stage. Avoid Soy Sauce if you follow Paleo diet strictly. I’ve used only 2-3 drops of Soy sauce. Mix it well. Now Soy sauce have spread evenly and mushroom is cooked well. Now we will add Flax Seeds last as it will burst. Flax Seeds are rich in Omega 3 Fatty acids. So, add Flax Seeds in all the grilled dishes. It is available in many supermarkets. Now Mushroom has cooked well. So we will transfer this to serving bowl. Now, I’m cutting raw lettuce to garnish as it can be taken raw. Adding mixed herbs for seasoning. Today we saw how to prepare Paleo friendly Grilled vegetables. I’ve served it with Mayo. Let us know your comments after you try at home.

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    Great recipe, please keep going with paleo and other healthy recipes. The more meal ideas, the better. Here are some free paleo recipes that I love, which you can check out too –

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