Paleo vs. Vegan Diet

Hey guys, Dr. Axe here, Doctor of Functional
Medicine, Nutritionist, and Founder of In this video, I’m going to settle the debate
of Vegan versus Paleo, and really go over all the benefits of going Paleo and maybe
some of the cons, as well as vegan, the great benefits and the cons of going that way. And I think that some of these answers are
probably going to surprise you and enlighten you on those two diets and maybe a diet that
can kind of meet in the middle. All right. So let’s first talk about the Paleo
Diet, one of the most popular diets in CrossFit circles and really, just growing around the
country. And the Paleo Diet is modeled after what our ancient ancestors would have eaten
thousands upon thousands of years ago. And where I don’t actually love the term “Paleo”
because of some of its background and the things it’s suggesting, I do think Paleo of
going grain-free can be greatly beneficial. So again, thinking about what would a hunter
and gatherer have eaten during that time? Now the big positive with Paleo is that you’re
consuming a lot of wild-caught meats that are high in omega-3 fats. You’re getting fruits.
You’re getting some vegetables. So for that reason, the Paleo Diet can be great. The con with the Paleo Diet is that it actually
tends to . . . or the people that follow the Paleo Diet, tend to consume probably a little
bit too much meat, in my opinion, as well as some toxic animal substances. And they
really do not stress organic on that diet. And so you can find somebody . . . I’ve known
people on the Paleo Diet where their diet consisted of consuming conventional butter
and fried bacon, and that, if you eat that every meal, could be considered a Paleo Diet. So again, the Paleo Diet major benefits in
terms of following that hunter-gatherer lifestyle, you’re getting more minerals, more omega-3
fats, more protein and more healthy fats overall in your diet. Which there are Paleo Diets if you follow
it in the right way, it’s been shown to help improve autoimmune illness, really support
weight loss. So, you know, there are great benefits there with Paleo. You just need to be careful there with not
consuming too many conventional animal products. You do want to stress going organic. And the other thing is, they also recommend
doing a lot of shrimp and pork. And from the research that I’ve seen, both from ancient
texts, as well as modern day science, pork carries parasites, shrimp are bottom feeders. In fact, according to the Water Watch Survey,
they found that shrimp were by far the most toxic of all animals of the sea . . . in fact,
way more toxic than tilapia, way more toxic than catfish and a lot of the farm fish today.
Shrimp was the worst. So for those reasons, those are the cons with
the Paleo Diet, but really overall there are a lot of benefits of following that type of
diet. Let’s talk about the Vegan diet. Huge benefits
of more enzymes, more vitamins, more minerals in your diet. So again, Vegan diets or doing
a raw plant-based diet so beneficial for improving energy levels, alkalizing your body, reversing
certain types of disease and certain types of cancer. The issue is doing a Vegan diet long term.
Now, I’m not talking about for a few weeks or two weeks or a month. But if you stay on
that the majority of your life, you cannot get vitamin B12. And then it’s very difficult
to get the proper amount of amino acids and zinc and certain other nutrients, even like
vitamin D in your diet, from consuming a Vegan diet. So most Vegans realize this, but they really
tend to be very deficient in B vitamins and the right type of amino acids. And yes, you can address those deficiencies
by taking a good quality vitamin B12 supplement or a B-complex supplement, as well as supplementing
protein powders. But again, following a straight Vegan diet, it is going to leave you with
deficiencies. So for that reason, if I’m comparing the two
and I had to choose for my entire life to follow one of the two diets, I would actually
choose the Paleo Diet regime before the Vegan diet. Now, I do want to say this, there are different
types of vegetarian diets that add in things like eggs and raw organic dairy products and
wild-caught fish like something like a Pescatarian. Those types of vegetarian diets you can follow
and be absolutely healthy with and have no deficiencies whatsoever. And so, again, there
are some benefits to both. And let me say this as well, there are some
Vegans that live to be over 100 years old, and they addressed their deficiencies. Their
digestion system was healthy enough that it helped produce B-vitamins for them. So again, you can follow being a vegan and
live to be over 100. There are people that have been hunter-gatherers lived well to be
over 100. So again, I think both diets are probably
two of the most, probably two of the three most popular diets today, and there are obviously
pros and cons with both. My favorite diet is following more of a traditional diet or
a GAPS diet. I think a traditional diet, which is really
what our ancestors ate, which wasn’t just Paleo. You know, this diet is more 6,000 years
old where you’re also consuming grass-fed, dairy-like kefir. You’re getting in a lot
of vegetables, a lot of wild meats. It’s kind of everything. And this is what’s promoted by organizations
like the Weston A. Price Foundation. That’s the diet I personally follow and personally
love. And when it comes to healing, the GAPS diet, another great diet for you to look into. Hey, if you want to learn more about vegan
diets, raw diets, Paleo Diets, or even some of my favorite diets like the GAPS diet, check
out It’s I’ve got some great content and information on there I think
you’ll love, as well as my healing food shopping list you can find on there as well. Hey guys, thanks for watching. This has been
Dr. Axe with Paleo versus Vegan diets.

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Reader Comments

  1. BarbellRoy

    Two things that are left out in the many videos, I've watched about these fad diets. Eat LESS and exercise more! Pretty simple! We have become way too lazy in society, always eating, snacking & not moving around enough. Eat twice a day, turn off the t.v., play station or X-Box, put down the beer and go for a walk everyday. The weight will come off and you will feel much better.

  2. William Moore

    I love Dr Axe. His videos are so crisp and user friendly, yet in depth at the same time. Very easy to retain the information. Keep up the good work Doc! We love you!
    P.s. I manage a supplement store and the Bone Broth (ancient nutrition) is doing awesome here and were receiving great feedback from customers!

  3. Will Taylor

    Here's the simple version … Keto is z-grade bullshit indulged in by morons who know fuck all about nutrition and human physiology. No a single study shows ANY benefits from Paleo. In fact doing it long term you'll die from all the usual ailments – cancer and heart disease. Vegan for the win. Simple. 10,000s studies now show, beyond any doubt, that whole plant foods are the way to go. hahaha amino acids 'deficiency' eh? hahahahaha you fool. Everyone is B12 deficient and D deficient. P.S all the longest living populations are essentially vegan.

  4. Lindsey Rarey

    Why do people think paleo is better because "our ancestors are that way" ? What about the time period after the Paleolithic era when we made a shift to agriculture? Why is there no "Neo-diet" 😂 that's more recent to our current place in evolution. I think people just think it sounds cool to go "paleo"

  5. Katherine Shircore

    When I was vegetarian/pescetarian I felt like shit, I was probably more deficient in every single vitamin and mineral, I was always really poorly. Now I am 100% raw vegan and I have more energy and feel 100% better.. I wouldn't bother going paleo, I was paleo before I turned vegetarian/pescetarian, but even still there was still a massive drop in energy levels, believe me there's a huge difference between the energy levels. If you don't believe me give, it a shot yourself.. It won't harm you just for a week or two just to give it ago… If you don't like, no one is keeping a gun to your head, making you do something you don't want to. Free world free choices, you know..

  6. Black Wolf

    ONE TRUTH THE MOST HEALTHY PEOPLE ARE HEALTHYPALEO EATERS ! Vegans begin ill after some years ,and have verry dry skin with not good color and have slow brains 🙂 THIS IS WHAT I SEE ! OFCOURSE VEGANS IS IN BETTER HEALTH THANK JUNK FOODS LOVERS

  7. LJJSA

    Amino acid deficiency? Is there one study at all that documents an amino acid or protein deficiency in persons who consume sufficient calories?

  8. DonovanShouse

    doctor axe, i like your channel, this being said you are a little uneducated on the data regarding vitamins, minerals, and amino acids

    as far as deficiencies in amino acids, zinc, and vitamin d among vegans, you don't have any data to back up your claims

    when it comes to amino acids the RDA for all essential amino acids as well as most essential vitamins and minerals is double the amount that the science shows we need

    so based on the RDA for tryptophan i myself get about 200 % of my daily tryptophan needs on average with the RDA being 0.4082 G

    if you account for the doubling effect i am really getting closer to
    400 %

    this on top of the body's ability to store amino acids to use when necessary as well as recycling amino acids to be used at a later date is very pertinent

    I have some info below on the amino acid issue that i highly recommend doing more research on

    T A Davis, H V Nguyen, R Garcia-Bravo, M L Fiorotto, E M Jackson, D S Lewis, D R Lee, R J Reeds. Amino acid composition of human milk is not unique. J Nutr. 1994 Jul;124(7):1126-32.

    T B Osborne, L B Mendel. Amino-acids in nutrition and growth. Abtlerhdden: Zeitschr. f. phvsiol. Chem., Ixxvii, p. 27, 1912.

    P J Moughan, S M Rutherfurd, C A Montoya, L A Dave. Food-derived bioactive peptides–a new paradigm. Nutr Res Rev. 2014 Jun;27(1):16-20.

    P J Moughan, S M Rutherfurd. Gut luminal endogenous protein: implications for the determination of ileal amino acid digestibility in humans. Br J Nutr. 2012 Aug;108 Suppl 2:S258-63.

    P Sengupta. The Laboratory Rat: Relating Its Age With Human's. Int J Prev Med. 2013 Jun;4(6):624-30.

    V R Young, P L Pellett. Plant proteins in relation to human protein and amino acid nutrition. Am J Clin Nutr. 1994 May;59(5 Suppl):1203S-1212S.

    J McDougall. Plant foods have a complete amino acid composition. Circulation. 2002 Jun 25;105(25):e197; author reply e197.


    H N Munro. CHAPTER 34 – Free Amino Acid Pools and Their Role in Regulation. Mammalian Protein Metabolism. 1970. 299–386.

    N Rizzo, K Jaceldo-Siegl, J Sabate, G E Fraser. Nutrient Profiles of Vegetarian and Nonvegetarian Dietary Patterns. Journal of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. 2013 Dec;113(12):1610–1619.

  9. Karl Wheatley

    This guy really doesn't understand nutrition, or to be more precise, he know a few facts, but doesn't have the big picture and appears to be uninformed about mountains of studies. He talks in terms of isolated nutrients, but doesn't seem to know the research showing that vegans on average are deficient in fewer vitamins/minerals than omnivores, that longevity ramps up and that all major chronic diseases decrease as you more more and more towards a vegan diet. He also leaves out all the many ways that animal foods increases major chronic diseases and premature death (animal protein, saturated fat, cholesterol, TMOA, excess leucine and methionine, heme iron, advanced glycation end products, the toxins that build up in animal fat, etc.). And protein powder?!! That's a very unhealthy suggestion–omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans all consume roughly the same amount of protein–almost double what the body needs, and excess animal protein ramps up disease rates. I mean, doesn't he even know that vegans consume as much protein as the average omnivore, but that plant protein is healthier? Moreover, whole foods are healthier than processed foods such as protein powder.

    He didn't settle anything here–he reviewed no research at all, let alone definitive research, and he should probably spend a few hundred hours really researching the subject before he makes any more videos or recommendations.

    May I suggest the non-profit, probably the most comprehensive and authoritative source of research-based information on healthy nutrition, with over 2000 brief videos summarizing the research on hundreds of nutrition topics.

  10. D Dental Office

    Dr Axe, you would choose the Paleo diet because of the B12 and amino acid deficiency??

    1-We need B12 supplements not because we don't eat animals but because we wash our food and stopped eating directly from the soil. B12 is produced by bacteria not animals or plants.

    2-All amino acids come from plants. Thats how cows, horses, gorillas, rhinos and most herbivores get all the protein they need from plants. Humans can get them all VERY easily by eating a minimally varied plant-based diet.

    I would suggest updating your video after getting some more sound unbiased information, and washing yourself from these outdated myths that keep people in the dark and contribute to disease and suffering for everyone on this planet.

  11. Kathryn H

    Veganism isn't a diet. It's a moral choice to not cause the needless suffering and death of animals. You meal 'plant based' that is a diet.

  12. Ken Collins

    The difference between paleo and vegan is time. Paleo diet was created before modern farming and vegetarian/vegan diet was created after modern farming. Farming from around the world has made vegetables available year round to the civilized world. What would a vegetarian/vegan have done before farming? What would they have eaten during winter when there was nothing growing in the wild for 6 months?? Our diets today are created from what one feels "appropriate" for the time they are living in. It is based on our individual choices and what is currently available. A vegetarian/vegan will eat meat to survive when there are no vegetables available and a meat eater will eat vegetables when there is no meat available. And, this is exactly what our ancestors did.

  13. jog

    "I would choose the Paleo diet regime" …… *but then the second I got sick with anything I would go straight to veganism* …. *but only for short time because it will make me "amino acid deficient"* 🙄🙄

  14. albino hedgehog

    Trouble with Paleo is if you cut out rice and legumes/beans, you are basically living off meat and potatoes for every meal. I agree with Dr Axe that this is way too much meat.

  15. Chiungalla79

    Sorry to say this, but you are victim to a kind of survivorship bias. The healthy vegans just don't visit doctors or nutritionists on a regular basis, so you don't see them. Only the sick ones do.

    And just because you know a few deficient vegans you conclude that this is a problem all vegans face. That's the hasty generalisation fallacy. The same is true if you look at studies about the average vegan and conclude that all vegans must be deficient. Just fallacious thinking. And you should be embarrased by these mistakes.

    There are millions of vegans around which proof you wrong. They don't have deficiencies on a long term vegan diet. I'm one of those. It's not complicated. A well planed vegan diet has none of the drawbacks you described here. The problem malnutritioned vegans face is that they either eat the wrong things or just not enough.

    And the only reason vegans are deficiant in vitamin B12 is because we (need to) cleanse our water and wash our food. Just a little regular river or lake water contains more vitamin B12 then we need in a week. So don't blame the vegan diet for something that is a completely artifical problem of modern times. And something that could be fixed with a little supplement every now and then.

  16. Apollonian Laurel Institute

    You only get vitamin D in your diet via foods that have been infused with it for the most part unnaturally, and should only be worried about it if your not getting enough sunlight as your body produces vitamin D naturally. As for B vitamins all are easily consumed as well as the "elusive" B12, yet I get that vitamin everyday with nutritional yeast one tablespoon in fact covers more than a days worth of B12. And complex amino acids are also covered via garbanzo beans, pinto beans, cashews, almonds nuts, flax seeds, sweet potato, and broccoli.So...sorry to say this but you missed a few facts on the vegan diet, also not trying to be rude just wanting to keep people well informed.

  17. Dennis Pena

    When I found out that our stomach intestines were much longer than carnivores intestines, and ours designed to hold food longer, such as grains and veggies and fruits, but not meat (which rots quick and become even more carcinogenic), it reminded me of the many times I farted and the gas smelled just like my trash bag in the kitchen containing the leftover meat of my previous night's dinner. I can't stand the visual now, that this meat was rotting away in my stomach. I have only been vegan for a week but I already feel a tremendous amount of lightness, energy, and no grogginess in the mornings. Even when I'm sleepy, I noticed my tiredness feels more softer and natural rather than a strong drowsy spell. I take BCAA amino acids while I gym, to replace any amino acids I don't get from dropping meat.

  18. Tina Ramsden

    I hope the world evolves to vegan (The slater of millions of animal is causing many problems environmentally and influencing our health in a negative way) Growing up on a farm we seldom ate animals, mostly vegetables from our garden, If we did we consumed eggs were from happy cage free hens, and the milk was from cows that grazed on grass, but this is not true in todays industrialized farms. The healthiest centenarians are mostly vegan and consume very little meat. And if as kids had meat it was usually for a holiday (a special occasion) Today the consumptions of meat is disgustedly out of control and causing a rise in the slater of animals, pollution and soil erosion and heavy use of pesticides sprayed on GMO cornfields (trust me i know I live in a farming community) I became a vegetarian at age 13, growing up on a farm, I could not eat an animal that we use to pet, play with, food and love. It made me sick. People oar indifferent to the slater of animals because they are removed from nature. It is possible to eat vegan and be healthy, there is a learning curve for sure but it can be done. The issue is people have no skills to cook vegan. There are no cooking shows for vegan dishes on regular networks.. etc.. The meat industry puts a lot of $$ into the elected officials pockets to gain political support, government grants, tax right offs, etc.. the farm are not what they use to be.. Todays farms are large factories whose focus is certainly not health, but profit.

  19. Latisha mom2eight

    So a vegan diet is lacking? Did God make a mistake?? why would God have given a vegan diet in the beginning?? It's His first best perfect plan. Shouldn't we follow that?? His perfect will. There was no death in the garden of eden. Man sinned. God killed an animal. The first sacrifice to clothe them & stone for their sins. Adam was to care for the animals. But his sin had grave consequences.

    God only approved biblically clean meats for eating after the flood. Why? There was no vegetation. I believe we are to eat meat at Passover & for sacrifices made at the temple & feast days. But since there's no temple….. we wait till Yeshua returns for further instruction.

    WDJD. No where in scripture does it say or show that Yeshua ate meat or dairy. I know. Your gonna say he had fishes & loaves. But research it out. There's evidence the fish is a mistranslation and it was kelp/algae type food sources from the seas.

    You have some great ideas dr axe. But eating the way you suggest. My husband did that. Not because we had seen your videos. We went all grassfed, organic, low meat& dairy. My husband still had several heart attacks. A quad bypass over 10 years.
    It wasn't until he went Whole Foods plant based till his heart disease is slowing reversing & with all his blood tests. He's not lacking anything. Except his obesity & crappy health. He was given 12-18 mo to live. It's been 27 months. God is good & has given him & our family another chance. WFPB is the ONLY diet proven to reverse heart disease, auto immune, diabetes. The list goes on. For those that want more info. Look up dr Caldwell the china study, forks over knives & what the health documentaries.

  20. Niall Brennan

    Your comments about vegans not getting zinc or amino acids is just wrong. Eat beans and lots of veggies, nuts and seeds and you will be fine.

  21. Kristan M

    I am a firm believer that what we eat should support good health…not just make us lose weight. One can certainly be thin and still be be sick. I do not eat foods that support a cruel industry of factory farming and the dairy industry. Milk is for baby cows, not for human consumption. I think an organic, plant based, cruelty free diet is the best. The latest studies suggest that a high animal protein diet promotes more cancer and chronic disease. I am not a vegan, but I eat mostly vegetarian, use a juicer every day, and eat very little meat. At 57 years of age, I am a normal weight and do not take any medication for any health issues. I know people who are on the Paleo diet or the Ketogenic diet that eat nothing but meat, bacon, cheese, butter and the like, avoiding fresh fruits and vegetables that I eat all the time. It seems to me that even though they lost some weight, at the very least, the risks for cardiovascular disease would increase with all the meat and animal fat…I am not willing to take that risk.

  22. Z

    Stop calling yourself a doctor. You're not a medical doctor, you're a chiropractor and you're lying to everyone who watches this video by suggesting that eating meat, dairy, and eggs is healthy. Please take this video down right away or make a new one where you admit that you lied straight to our face if you truly care about the health of all people

  23. Fearless_DoGooder

    3:15 – To find the real truth about being vegan long-term (7 years) see this vegan's bloodwork. Was it deficient?

  24. evancycles

    Oh no…not the Vegans cannot get enough B12 myth. Sure, if you don’t eat properly as a vegan that is true, however 1 teaspoon of Spirulina provides 290% of daily value needed. So 2 teaspoons a day gives me personally nearly 600% of my daily B12 needs and it’s plant- based. The moral of the story is if you don’t eat properly as a vegan or on paleo you will run into problems. Nutritional Yeast also provides adequate daily value of B12!! Perhaps you can just drink a fortified almond milk and you are also getting B12. Or take a supplement, but with a well planned diet supplements are probably not really needed. Why is none of this mentioned?

  25. Anita

    Dr Axe, eggs and dairy are the highest saturated animal products that people can eat and should be consumed rarely or not at all. Check the science on saturated fat.

  26. brian powers

    He did not mention nutritional yeast which is a natural b-vitamin complex not a supplement so if you have that everyday you don't need to take B vitamin supplements you can get vitamin D from the Sun just stop being such a hermit. And as far as calcium yeah you can get that from broccoli and other vegetables. EPA and DHA lots of flax seeds walnuts chia seeds things of that nature. And zinc there is a tremendous amount of zinc in vegetables you just have to eat the rainbow and don't forget to include different types of beans into your diet and you will get enough zinc

  27. QBEY

    I'm pretty sure bigger portion of vegans live over 100 years than normal omnivores and probably nobody following paleo diet ever lived over 100 years old lol

  28. painter painting

    USA is the greatest country in the world ! its the only place where we can talk about water fasts and use the word "vegan" 50 times a day while millions of people in third world countries are starving .

  29. James_Bam

    i can tell u that what u are speaking about vegan diet is not true ,ive been vegan for 6 years now and i have no deficiency in any vitamin or mineral and im all healthy ,even my b12 is perfect i take 1peel of B12 sublingual once a week and i eat a whole food plant based diet and im super healthy

  30. ACMilan2016

    Dairy probably worse than Meat. If you have to cut anything out, cut out Milk and Eggs.. They clog system and are cancer causing.. Chicken and some fish with mostly vegan.. but LIMITED grains and no gluten is probably the best of both worlds. ALL organic obviously.

  31. John Saville

    The words Paleo Diet are so polarizing. There seems to be a misunderstanding of the Paleo diet, well at least the Paleo style diet that I follow. When people ask what I eat I no longer say a Paleo diet rather I say I eat organic, local and seasonal fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. My meat is organic and local when possible and comes from grass fed, pastured cattle, free range chickens and wild fish. I avoid sweets and pastries, processed foods and oils, using organic coconut and olive oils when cooking and preparing foods. I've been doing this for over 3 years along with a fitness plan that focuses on HIIT, long walks, weight training and yoga. l try to get 15 to 20 minutes of direct sun everyday without sun screen. (add Vitamin D3 in the winter) Every once in awhile I have a couple of glasses of red wine and some dark chocolate for desert a couple of times a week. My health has benefited tremendously with significantly reduced weight, blood pressure and a great blood lipid profile. I take no medications and at 65 I feel like I'm still in my 30's. So for me, this type of diet works very well.

  32. Andréia Martim

    Would be nice if you Dr. Axe could show the studies where you do your research, and the source of them. If they are made on animals or humans, if they are double blinded and random.
    The amount of time they collected the data. Who paid. Those fundamental questions. Believing only on what you say without the data is complicated. It’s the same as believing in a blogger.
    All diets have flaws.
    Our ancestrals first ate more vegetables than meats, hunting is not that easy if you only have yours hands, rocks and wood sticks…
    If you eat a grain fed animal you are eating an animal that was fed on Monsanto GMO grains, GMO makes the plants handle more pesticides, thats goes to your body, with also the antibiotics that they give to the animals, because grains are not their diet they get sick, so if you are going to eat any meat get the grass fed, and wild caught fish for the same reason. Yes it’s very expensive…
    Whole plant food diet (not oreo vegan diets) has a few problems as well you need b12 and DHA, but you can supplement those.
    Carnivores also need to supplement so it’s a question of preference.
    Now looking at the data the population that used to live longer was the Okinawans before the year of 2000 (99%of the time they were vegetarians that used to eat meat only in a few times during the year) and the vegans 7th adventists of California. The okinawans now have the same health issues as the westerns because of the rise of meat consumption.
    Having doubts? We should all take our heath on our hands and do researches preferably looking at the ones not funded by the meat/milk/agriculture industry, or obviously the ones from the pharma industry.

  33. Justin Kasey

    half truths of course, b12 comes from bacteria for all diets. mineral deficencies arent an issue if eating organic crops grown in good soil. hemp seed has all the esential aminos and the proper ratio of omega3/6. So yeah this is just a paid paleo commercial.

  34. Lola DeLuna

    The comment section is why I do not take vegans seriously. So quick to get defensive. He didn't say veganism was awful. He was pretty even keel on the pros and cons on both paleo and veganism. You don't see paleo eaters flipping out. Ad this is someone one that agrees that we need more plants in the average person diet.

  35. christirb1

    The only meat I eat is organic chicken and turkey that I cook myself without oils or butter. I also eat eggs. Everything else is vegetables and I'm dropping weight without even doing any exercise. And I feel wonderful!

  36. Raeanne

    I LOVE THIS DIET! I consume lots of organic greens, fruits and fats. I don't go over board on the meat, I love my greens and healthy fats. My brain health is so much better, I am happy!! Eat organic everything, and grass fed meats, problem solved! You will feel amazing!!

  37. James Crud

    There's a world of difference between being on a plant based diet and being vegan. Don't confuse the two doc. Being vegan has nothing to do with the food you eat. It's about not contributing to the killing and exploitation of innocent animals. Period!

    If you eat a plant based diet for health reasons but you still buy leather shoes, Tide detergent, Dove soap, etc then you're not vegan.

  38. Transforming with Tracie

    Um, you CAN get vitamin B12 in soy milk, for example. Plants have ALL essential amino acids. Flax seeds have omega3, with no cholesterol (meat has a ton of cholesterol) and meat eaters don’t get enough fiber. Eggs have the highest cholesterol of any food. Whole food plant based vegans live longer than meat eaters, period. This guy is spreading misinformation that is going to get people killed.

  39. Rich Bailey

    Vegans are the best endurance athletes. Deficiency in B12 is only real concern easily addressed with a supplement. Want to be lean and high energy you eat a ton of fruit and vegetables. Paleo cannot provide high level energy and too much fat incorporated.

  40. Riaan De Winnaar

    This guy is such a joke. B12 is a modern hygiene issue. On the otherhand meat based diets is low in fiber high in fat. End up having to correct the long term damage from this with statins and hypertension medication. All considerable studies confirm that a whole food plant based diet is the healthiest diet for a human. We evolved 22 million years to the consumption of a fruit based diet high in fiber and with no fat. The "paleo" diet this goof refers to is the last 2.5 million years. Still high in fiber with occasional scavenged meats. It's only in the last few 1000 years that we've been eating more animal based diets. Check the science Axe so you can stop leading people on with your uninformed opinions on these matters.

  41. Barbara Lyman

    When it comes right down to it there can be no true Vegans because seeders and harvesting maim or kill thousands of birds, mammals and reptiles.

  42. John Veca

    Organic shrimp and fish (and most are) are super healthy. In southern Louisiana we get all of our seafood organic. Fresh off the boat.

  43. Rachel Shifman

    Pretty sure a paleo diet is dairy free so how would bacon and conventional butter be considered paleo? lol.. also vegan>paleo in my humble opinion.. lots less fat, lots less cholesterol, infinitely better for the environment in terms of water and emissions, plus no animals need to die.. i've been vegan for just over a year now and i'm the healthiest i've ever been in my life

  44. savanna h

    you can ABSOLUTELY get all of your b12 and amino acids on a vegan diet WITHOUT supplementing. Most people are deficient of these things to begin with, it is not just those on a vegan diet. of course being vegan you may lack certain vitamins and such but so do many non vegans! a quick google search can tell you TONS of plant based foods rich in omegas, vitamins, and amino acids.

  45. n_oub

    paleo diet seems great and all but didnt hunter gatherers eat way more fruits than anything else? It was hard to find meat and when they did it wouldnt be every day… also the quality of the meat and fish is wayyyyy different. Our oceans are full of plastic and the fish are eating it too, not to mention all the other crap in the water. Lastly, factory farming and even your 'organic industry farms' are feeding animals the same medication and antibiotics. Im sorry to all you paleo dieters but we have evolved and the quality of the animals you're buying at the grocery store is not at all the same as the meat you'd get if you actually did hunt.

    the paleo diet is not a fan of grains and legumes… but then you ask yourself, what do the animals eat? they eat grains and legumes so why not cut out the middle man and eat the grains and legumes yourself? Animals also get their protein from grains and legumes. Also, take vitamine b12 supplement and walk outside for vitamine D. I am by no means qualified in nutrition however, anyone that looks at it logically will see that we are not cavemen.

  46. Hanna W

    Eating Vegan is also ethical. Most diets are so self centered. I don't think that is healthy either. I agree, it is easy for Vegan beginners to get deficient. But that is merely due to lack of research. One needs to be more creative in the kitchen. Add more algae, nutritional yeast and such. I eat mostly Vegan. Fish once a month. My blood results are fine. Most importantly though, I feel lighter spiritually and more awakened.

  47. Wearephuct O

    Bullshit. There are no deficiencies in a proper vegan diet. This is animaI industry propaganda. 38 years vegan. I have no deficiencies, no doctors, no supplements, and no cruelty, torture, and bloody murder in my meals, 3 times a day, everyday.

  48. Babbar Sher

    Vegan minus added oil, sugar and processed carbs is best diet. B12 supliment is very important but no need of protein supplements. Protein deficiency without calories deficit is almost non existent. RDA of protein for men is 56gm and for wemen it is 50 gm. We get lot more protein than that. And RDA is maximum protein requirements not minimum. Average protein requirements is 42gm but RDA is always more than average protein requirement.

  49. Babbar Sher

    There is no science which shows that persons following paleo diet reversed their heart disease. But there are studies showing results that people following oil free sugar free vegan diet reverse atherosclerosis. See dr Dean ornish and Dr Caldwell eselstyn research.

  50. Kathryn Baker

    Wow i was excited about learning how to combine a vegan and paleo diet as i am vegan and looking to eat modified paleo as well, but this video is so biased towards paleo and gives an insane amount of misinformation about veganism and what is considered “healthy”. I’d suggest looking for other videos about veganism for those who want to learn true facts about veganism!!!

  51. John Tinney

    So many smarter doctors would disagree with you . Whole food plant based is the one. Stop using the term Vegan. Whole food plant based that avoids all animal products

  52. John Smith

    Newsflash / Update on how agriculture works:
    1. Find and clear the most fertile land destroying ecosystems with thousands of animals
    2. Kill more animals through using pesticides in the soil (unless organic) to stop animals eating the crops which are competing for their land that was just cleared
    3. The pesticides go into the roots of the soil which damages the soil so that more land has to be cleared and the process has to start again, killing more animals
    4. The pesticides run off into rivers, lakes, oceans creating pollution which kills marine life
    5. Think of the capital, machinery such as irrigation and human maintenance required to grow vegetables or grain

    Now compare to eating meat:
    1. Animals eat the grass
    2. The animals 'remains' make the grass grow

    So which is more sustainable?

  53. Lianna Pfister

    My mom used to get migraines on a regular basis, and more recently she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. She tried going paleo for a month, didn’t get any headaches, and adopted it into her life. She almost never gets migraines now, and she has more energy. She’ll still eat bread or ice cream, she just has to decide if it’s worth the hour of congestion or mild stomach pain.
    Of course, in my mind, cutting out sugar gluten & dairy is cutting out happiness. Someone suggested I try going paleo, but it would be insanely difficult as a college student that doesn’t eat enough food in general. But I am generally content with the way I feel.
    My point is that these things can definitely work very well, but not necessarily for everyone.

  54. dzivri

    Doing pros and cons in this case is a faulty approach to this subject. Why don’t we discuss the pros and cons of the flat earth theory and the spherical earth theory?

  55. Galactic Goddess

    Dr. Axe was absolutely right about everything until he starts taking about dairy. Most people should absolutely not consume dairy (with the exception of organic mozzarella cheese, and/or organic feta cheese in moderation). Only people who may be able to handle much more dairy than that of which I mentioned above, are people with type B antigens on the surface of their red blood cells. This is due to the lectins not being in opposition to the antigens and the body being able to actually use dairy to it's benefit. People with type A antigens, or lack of a surface antigen (also known as type O) will not find the benefit of dairy and may even suffer great side effects because the body is trying to communicate to one that dairy is compromising it's strength and integrity.

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