Paleo vs Keto

Hello everyone. Welcome. I want to talk about the two most popular
diet. Paleo and Keto. A lot of people ask which diet should I go
for? Now let’s talk about Paleo. Paleo diet has other name as caveman Why caveman? Paleo diet allows you to eat anything a caveman
could hunt or gather. Which mean they be eating a lot of natural
food No chemical or no processed food Keto diet is a high fat, moderate protein,
and low carb eating pattern. It’s all about measuring the Macronutrients. It’s not like Paleo diet Paleo diet doesn’t need to measure
macronutrients. I want to show you the chart Keto diet is very low in carbs. The carbs has to be under 50 grams per day
but some said must be under 20 grams per day. Why carbs so low? Because the carbs is the main source of energy
in our body. With low carbs for energy, the body breaks
down fat into ketones. Ketones become the primary source of fuel
in the body. Now let’s talk about what can you eat or can
not eat in both diets. Both diets allow to eat any kind of meat Healthy cooking oils are allowed on both diets Like olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil, but not canola or vegetable oils. Can’t not have it Eggs are a low carb, and high fat which are good for both keto and paleo diets Fish is very healthy and are good for both
diets. Both keto and paleo have to avoid grains So it’s best to go on gluten free diet. Paleo are allowed to eat any kind of fruit that is healthy. But keto are not allowed to eat any kind of fruits. Why? Because of high sugar and carbs What kind of fruit can Keto diet eat? They can eat any kind of berries. Paleo diet allow to eat both starchy and non starchy
vegetable But keto has to avoid starchy vegetables Here’s an example of non starchy vegetable Keto diet are allowed to eat Refined sugar must avoid in both diets What kind of sugar can both diets use? Dairy is not part of the paleo diet. So must go on dairy free, milk, yogurt, cheese, and ice cream Keto allowed to have high fat dairy But you have to watch for carbs because
some dairy have high carbs. Paleo and Keto must avoid beans. Any kind of beans are not allowed to eat it. Nuts are perfectly fine for both paleo and keto diets. Keto diets has to be limit certain nuts. Chicken, turkey, or any kind of poultry is fine for both diets What’s the benefits of Keto diet? What’s the benefits of Paleo diet? Keto diet is not recommended who have Which diet should I go for? I chose Paleo diet because I have thyroid disease and don’t have gallbladder. Whichever you decided which diets is best for you. Thank you for watching Bye.

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