Paleo Recipe Book Review – 372 Easy To Cook, Simple Recipes

The Paleolithic diet is the modern day interpretation
of the food that was eaten by men and women in the Paleolithic period
It includes beef, lamb, chicken, fish, pork, sea food, nuts, olive oil, non starchy vegetables,
fruit and berries Excluded foods are dairy, salt, coffee, sugar,
alcohol, wheat, corn, oats and legumes So you know what to eat – but what meals can
you create??? Introducing the Paleo Recipe Book 372 recipes grouped into 18 categories such
as pork
fish snacks
poultry red meat
stir fries and stews Cook delicious paleo dishes quickly and easily Lets see some testimonials from people who
have used the paleo recipe book already To get the best price for your
Paleo recipe book just click on the link below If you found this video useful please share
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