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  1. Mayil Arasi

    Wowowww semmaaa….for the first time dosa comes out of tawa as dosa and not as upma :D. Neenga oru samayal scientist hema!!! Keep doing more and more.

  2. saba sabapathy

    அரைக்கரத காட்டிருக்கலாமில்ல … எப்படி அரச்சேனு தெரிய வேண்டாமா , அத கண்ணுல பாத்ருந்தா நல்லாருந்திருக்கும்

  3. Aditya Penjarla

    I think you need to understand what PALEO means.Paleo diet doesn't include dairy products. Please change the title to Paneer Dosa instead of Paleo Dosa. It is misleading.

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