Paleo Protein Powders: Are They “Paleo?”

you are interested in learning about Paleo Protein Powders or finding Paleo protein powders
that might be right for you. Now here’s the deal, if you are a strictly
paleo person, to be honest, paleo protein powder shouldn’t be on the menu. Not that doesn’t mean you can’t utilize it
and that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t suggest throwing in a “paleo style protein” into the
mix in order to see results. I’m just saying that if you are strict paleo
dieter that paleo protein powder or any protein powder is not on your list. Because traditionally or theoretically paleo
means that you are eating the way that our ancestors ate. They didn’t have access to any kind of protein
powder, they were eating off the land, they were hunter gatherers. They were eating pure protein from animal
sources and from plant sources. The concept of incorporating a paleo protein
powder would be completely foreign to the paleo diet. If you talk to somebody like Dr. Loren Cordain,
who I interviewed on my podcast, he would tell you that protein powders are off the
list. Daily is off the list. And that’s the thing that you’ll see recurring
most in paleo protein powders, is that they say is grass fed whey. There are some really fantastic paleo protein
powders out there that don’t have any kind of whey. This is a new style of protein sourcing that
has been developed strictly for or mostly for the paleo person. In that process they have created this powder
that comes from the flesh itself. Or if you’re not going to get it from beef
flesh, you can do an egg protein powder which would technically still be inside the paleo
realm. The problem is since dairy is off the paleo
diet, to have a whey protein which is derived from dairy, wouldn’t necessarily be the optimal
if you are following a paleo diet. I am going to take you through some of the
paleo protein powders that I have found and I have tried that I really like. The first 4 that I’m going to list off are
one’s that do have either egg in there or have been derived from beef. The beef from these cows have been grass fed. That’s the thing you’ll start seeing more
as you start diving into the paleo diet. The sourcing of the meat is very important. Not just picking the meat off the shelf at
your local A&P, but finding pasture raise, grass fed, cage free or free range are going
to be names you’ll look for when sourcing your meats. I can do a
video about different sources where purchase online from local farmers how to find well
sourced meats you can order in bulk. The first protein is called Paleo Pro. This is probably the most popular. It is
made without whey.

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