Paleo/Primal for Gut Healing: Least Restrictive Diet Series

hi Cara from Health Home and Happiness and today we’re talking about our least restrictive diet and today we are going to talk about paleo and primal so paleo is a grain free diet that focuses on Whole Foods but just really eliminates like gluten and grains which are kind of inflammatory foods if your digestion is in great shape you can probably handle grains just fine but if it’s not then you might feel better eliminating grains from your diet and so paleo has been really popular you’ve probably heard about it it’s really a Whole Foods diet but it’s not super strict we talked about whole 30 in another video which is 30 days super strict you have to read all your labels and you have to do all this different stuff paleo is a lot of people you can kind of make it what you want is like a choose-your-own-adventure this is great for people that have self-control that maybe just need some guidelines but they don’t need it to be in black and white that’s where the Paleo diet can come into play because like you can have dark chocolate if you want to you can have some sugar if you want to you just try to make most of your meals usually people use the 80/20 principle so 80% of your meals probably don’t have any refined sugars in them they probably don’t have any food additives and them they’re probably made based on protein and produce which is like meat vegetables fruit and it’s kind of a principle a way of eating and less that less of a strict dietary protocol so I’m going to show you a couple of my favorite resources for the Paleo diet let’s turn this around I throw all I throw away book dust jackets and so this is primal blueprint from Marc Staley Apple and primal is paleo which is like protein and produce – like meat and vegetables and fruit and then primal also adds in dairy and then regular paleo usually is no dairy so Marc Celia Apple has lots of great recipes in here his his website is a great resource if you click down below I’m going to link you to a bunch of different resources for the Paleo diet not on paleo she’s definitely like her cookbook is the most fun she a little cartoon characters in here also excellent for the Paleo diet so yeah it’s a less restrictive diet you can have a glass of wine with dinner if you want you can have dark chocolate if you want it’s kind of just a brief guideline and not a specific protocol the Paleo diet is probably right for you if you are good with the brief guideline if you need something more strict then whole xxx is a more strict version of paleo and a lot of people will go from whole 32a to the least restrictive paleo after whole xxx or if you find that you start paleo and you’re like eating way too many paleo sweets or paleo junk food then the whole thirty might be right for you to really get that reset that you need if you want something even less restrictive than paleo the nourishing tradition style is what we’re going to talk about next and nourishing traditions also includes grains and it shows you how to prepare them so that they are better digested so thanks for joining me if you click over here you can see other videos in this series we are looking into what your least restrictive diet is that gives you the benefits you need to be healthy and to be high energy and having a life you want while also not being overly restrictive and like confining and expensive and all of that so again I’m Kara from health home and happiness you can subscribe to my channel by clicking there too thank you and I’ll see you soon

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  1. Deb Crisp

    Thank you Cara for helping me realize that this will be the best way for our family to eat healthy. We have "played around" with Keto and I just cant seem to get all the right healthy foods that my family will eat. I don't want to go back to processed food in any way. For our family situation, Keto has been tough to switch to. I will try Primal Paleo. We have tried to eat clean so it shouldn't be too much of a switch.

  2. Whole Picture Home

    Can you please share your ideas for nursing mothers on keeping up milk supply while trying to go low carb and even keto? I have a major problem with this. Even with high caloric intake, without grains my milk dwindles. I have so much inflammation from autoimmune issues and need to be off grains. I can't find much info anywhere for inflamed nursing moms.

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