Paleo | Nellikkai Rasam | Gooseberry Soup | Unique | Simple Recipe in Tamil | English Subtitle

Today we are going to prepare Gooseberry Soup. Let us see the ingredients. 4 full Gooseberries cut into small pieces and seeds removed 3 branches of curry leaves A small piece of ginger & 2 cloves of garlic Coriander leaves Another gooseberry to grate and add A spoon of rice, jeera, black pepper and split toor dal. Salt as per requirement 2 slices of butter Pre-heat a pan in stove Add a spoon of rice and dry roast it lightly Take out rice after dry roasting it lightly Add a spoon of split Toor Dal Dry roast it till smell comes Both rice and Toor Dal gives thickness and good smell to soup Add Jeera and Black pepper and dry roast Now switch off stove and transfer this to mixie We can powder the dry roasted ingredients in mixie Now it is powdered well Now we will grind cut gooseberries, ginger, garlic and curry leaves together nicely This should be mixed well without water first. Then add water and mix well to paste form. We have grinded to paste form Now switch on stove Add slices of butter after pan is heated Let butter melt First add gooseberry paste when butter melts Let it cook for sometime Add 4 glasses of water and allow it to boil Add the roasted powder that we prepared earlier Add salt as per requirement Let it boil for 5 minutes Now it is boiling well Ginger, Curry leaves and Goose berries are good for health Gooseberries are rich in Vitamin C which is needed daily for our body It is very healthy as curry leaves are rich in iron. When soup has boiled enough, add grated gooseberry and cut coriander leaves We can switch off now and transfer to bowl Soup looks very attractive It will have a mix of taste from gooseberries, ginger and black pepper. Try this at your home and let us know your comments

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