Paleo Movie Theater Tip

*music* Thriving On Paleo Tips Today, we’re going in the movie theater But what do you do when there’s all this popcorn soda and candy right in front of you So you can cheat and have the popcorn, but it’s probably not going to make you feel your best Or you can do what I kind of suggested it in a lot of these videos. It’s prep ahead and bring your own snack Bringing your own snack is actually a really good idea Might be not so in line with the policy to a movie theater, but is needed if you have food allergies I really like this Enjoy Life Seed and Fruit mix It doesn’t have any nuts, and it actually has that same feel as like putting in popcorn in your mouth Especially like when you’re mindlessly doing that in a movie theater kind of has that same salty feeling But it also has chocolate chips and dried cranberries in it, so it’s a little bit sweet too And I really enjoy this. The next time you go to movie theater prep ahead. It’s just like everywhere else you go and you’ll be just fine

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