Paleo Meatballs with Fresh Herbs – Super Easy Recipe!! | Episode 29

boom all words one-shot I’m making
dinner and no judgment here hi everybody welcome to health coach TV my name is Alex
and today we’re going to cook some healthy food that doesn’t suck what I am
working with today is ground beef mushrooms and fresh herb and that’s it we’re going to
make some delicious meatballs with only those ingredients they’re gonna be
amazing this recipe is going to be a lifesaver
plus it’s dead simple so let’s get to soo what do i want to do first there’s only two steps literally
it could happen not ruling anything out right now we have to chop up all of the
mushrooms technically only eight ounces of them
but we’re doing all of them I’m going to get these pieces are really small what
is she doing so now go through that whole thing again I should watch while
my hands are down there I’m just doing this
so now I’m like eyeballing and just see if there’s any like really big pieces that
you need ooh this would be perfect for a slap shop I want to slap all my troubles away with a slap chop you know you know what I’m talking about my favorite was the
sticky man so many sexual puns for one infomercial got a hairy pussy get it
schticky they made them take that off TV because it was too racy so funny
so again you wanted this to be really fine just like me I’m so fine am Going crazy okay so we have this
kind of like fine paste of mushrooms not a paste lets be real into the bowl forgot to
mention garlic really a couple of cloves of garlic so four cloves of garlic I
ended up with like six cloves of garlic too bad my neighbors never come to
to borrow a clove of garlic or anything because they don’t talk to me which is
probably just the way I like it crush smush yes I’m the master of the garlic
they don’t talk to me alright get all that into their
time for the herbs so I just wouldn’t picked a couple of
leaves of fresh basil then I’m going to take a little bit of rosemary um so
fancy you already know and then a little bit of fresh parsley I’m going to
take off some stocks here I don’t want accidentally get like a
chunk of stem that’s how we got a little pile of herb man I love a good pile of
herb you know what I mean and again get your fingers out of the mix what doesn’t kill
you makes you stronger and smarter around knives should I add more never have too much
green my friends if you only have parsley or you only have basil or only have
rosemary or you only have two out of three don’t worry about it all right
guys basically done now we’re going to take
our meat and just straight-up plop it in so now just combine this real nice and
good actually first salt pepper don’t
skimp on this it’s probably easier with the hands probably definitely take off all of
your jewelry get in there make sure you wash your hands first I already did so we are
mixing this up massaging the mushrooms in to the beef now most meatballs have
breadcrumbs they also have dairy usually which I was surprised to find out that
these obviously don’t have any of that so these are technically whole30
these are technically paleo and technically delicious good job Alex preheat your oven to
the 450 degrees line a sheet with parchment paper that is a tinfoil silly
girl and then we’re just going to make them
into balls we’re going to roll a bunch of balls around in your hands
now this part is probably not necessary but I got a new gadget and I Like it
well I guess one scoop works like it’s just kind of like so that’s one scoop seems
big enough for me okay the smaller they are the more you get
it’s math people now because the mushrooms are kind of chunky if this is
the kind of meatball that you can like roll in your hands you really need to
just kind of firmly press it into a ball mmm the benefit of having them bigger is
that you don’t have to roll as many balls you do want them all to be the
same size though because these are going to be cooking at the same time so they
need to be roughly the same size makin meatballs making meatballs making balls of meat balls of meat meat meat it’s a wonder I didn’t get into professional rapping I
really have to figure out I make Swedish meatballs paleo or healthy because those
are bomb diggity bomb they are so good you know party-party sausages that people
bring and they have like a whole crocpot full of little meatballs i love you
for bringing these and then you eat 45 of them you’re like oh my god I feel sick
okay so we have all of our ohhhhh so we have all of our delicious meatballs here ready to go
into the preheated oven 450 degrees for 15 minutes or till an internal
thermometer comes out at 160 degrees Fahrenheit all right it’s been 15
minutes on the nose let’s check on the meatballs
safety first we smell amazing does everybody else’s baking sheets do this
just me cool check-in the test one forty fifty four sixty oh we’re golden all
right so these meatballs are deliciously cooked I’m going to let them cool down
for a little while cause I’m just having them with a little
salad I made here tonight of course you can enjoy these the traditional meatball
way with tomato sauce over pasta or quinoa you can have them on a meatball
sub you can have them just on their own they’re that good
I hope you’ve enjoyed this recipe if you enjoy cooking with me today be sure to
like comment and subscribe thank you so much for watching
they smell so good look at that little pretty and there’s are so good hmm
I love it I’m loving it you’re gonna love this recipe enjoy rap

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