Paleo Grocery Haul

Paleo Grocery Haul Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel. Seriously? Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel. Today I’ll be showing you guys how I do my
groceries and exactly what I get. I know a lot of people dread the grocery store. Personally I’m not sure how that’s possible
because it’s a store full of food which is awesome. But anyways, I believe that preparation is
key when you get your groceries done. A lot of people don’t do it but you should
really sit down and plan what you’re going to be eating that week or that amount of days
you’re grocery shopping for. So let’s say you are getting your groceries
for the next three days write down what your meals, your snacks, your beverages, literally
everything, what you’re going to be having for those three days. Once you’ve done that you can look at your
meal plan and then plan your grocery list. And once again: be specific! Let’s say you decided you’ll have an apple
for a snack every day. Once again, if you’re grocery shopping for
three days, make sure you’re not just writing down ‘apples’ on your grocery list, but you’re
being very specific and putting ‘three apples’. And want to be doing that for every single
item. Know exactly how much you eat, so by the end
of the week you didn’t run out of food or you don’t have extra food which ends up being
waste usually. This may seem like it’s gonna take you extra
time but in the long run it won’t, because you’re not gonna be going around and around
the grocery store wondering what you should have for dinner tonight, and lunch tomorrow,
and snacks… You’re gonna know exactly what you need, so
it’s gonna be ‘in and out’ real quick. Alright, guys, this morning I meal planned. I grocery shop every three, four days. So I meal plan for that amount, and then I
head to the grocery store. What I’m gonna do now is take you guys to
the grocery store with me and afterwards I will show you guys what I got. Every time I’m about to start the video…he
just wants to steal the show every time. Oh god, that breaks my heart, slash it’s funny
at the same time. He’s ok. Like I mentioned before, I got groceries for
about three to four days. This food will feed two people. There are the two of us living here, me and
my boyfriend. This may look like a lot of food for some
of you guys. But keep in mind that my boyfriend and I are
both pretty big humans and we are athletes. We need that energy. I’m just gonna go through one thing at a time. First of all I get lemons. I always get lemons, these are a necessity
in our house. I have warm lemon water every morning, that’s
how I like to start my day. We also use it for various other things in
cooking and salads. Another staple, another thing that I will
buy every single week is bananas. We throw a banana in our smoothie almost every
day. Next I have some zucchinis. A lot of zucchinis. These are amazing, seriously. You can do so much with them: we chop them
up, we throw them in our omelette in the morning, we spiralize them, we have them in our salads
for lunch, or just roast them at night with our dinner. This week I plan on doing for lunch in our
salads, I’m just gonna do some spiralized zucchini with a avocado basil sauce. That’s gonna be really good. By the way guys, if you are interested in
any of my recipes or exactly how I meal prep, just leave a comment down below and let me
know, ok? Next up clementines. Right now that’s kind of our go to fruit to
snack on. I like to have fruits and vegetables in the
house. It’s not really planned in our meal prep. We just have those around for when I feel
like snacking, and that’s…all day. So I’m able to reach our for some fruit or
vegetables instead of going for something that’s not as healthy. Next up, we have nuts. So again, healthy snacks, right? Cashews, we snack on them. And then almonds. We put them in these raw energy balls that
I love to make. I’d like to make a batch of these every week. It feels a little bit more like a treat rather
than a snack and it’s super healthy. It’s just filled with really good ingredients. Once again, if you like to see that, let me
know in the comments below. Next up, we have greens. We have a salad for lunch pretty much every
day. It’s good to have a lot of greens. These are just spring mix. Brussel sprouts! I know, not everyone is a fan of brussel sprouts. I personally absolutely love them, probably
could eat them every day. My boyfriend on the other hand… No, absolutely not, so these are just for
me. I love having them with my salmon at night. I just roast them in the oven. So I chop them in half, cover them in either
coconut oil or olive oil or avocado oil, and then sprinkle some salt, pepper and garlic
on them. So good! Next up we have salmon! We eat a lot of salmon, it’s extremely good. Very anti-inflammatory, just really good for
athletes. I love eating salmon for dinner every night. Plus it’s super easy. We just throw it in the oven or a pan, and
it’s done. Chicken is always good to have. This week I’m just gonna toss those in the
oven and then chop it up. It’s gonna be our protein source for our salad. More salmon, because, seriously, I love salmon. This is smoked salmon. We like to have that with our breakfast. We just have a little bit of that on the side
with our eggs and avocado, it’s an amazing mixture. Another thing I got: butternut squash! Another good source of carbs. That one I probably gonna chop it up, toss
it in the oven with some olive oil, salt and pepper, some spices and then have it to our
salads for lunch. And then another awesome source of carbs:
sweet potatoes. Another thing we buy every week, we don’t
go a week without sweet potatoes. But like I said, we need a lot of carbs in
our diet, because we are both athletes and we eat a paleo based diet. We get our carbs from sweet potatoes, butternut
squash, bananas, and then obviously all these vegetables and fruits have carbs in them. Basil! I buy basil in a little plant like this. It lasts much longer, if you don’t kill it… Which I just killed one, so now I’m re-purchasing. But honestly, I’m saving so much money in
the long run with these. If I could keep it alive for…ever, that
would be great. I would just buy one of these and I would
have basil forever. Plus it smells so good. It makes your whole kitchen smell really good. These are some of my favourite fruits in the
world. I eat one pretty much every day. Avocados. Avocados are fat, yes, but they are extremely
healthy fats plus you need fat in your diet. We have avocado in the morning with our breakfast
because it keeps you full. Try having half an avocado with your breakfast,
so if you’re having toast in the morning, just try putting avocado on it. Or add it in your salad. So if your salad is not filling you up, toss
half an avocado in it. This is not advertised by Roots. If you’re Canadian you know that Roots don’t
even sell groceries. But I like to represent Canada everywhere
I go. Alright guys, that’s gonna conclude this video. If you enjoyed this video, please give it
a thumbs up, it really helps me out. And don’t forget to subscribe and I will see
you guys in the next one. Bye! Ok, this is what I have to deal with while
I’m filming. Like, how? How do I stay focused when I’m filming with
this little guy here? He is so funny. Where did you go? Oh well, I guess Wesley left…

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