many of you have been told to go green for the environment now it’s time to go green for your body’s environment more people nowadays are jumping on the paleo green smoothie bandwagon and believe it or not some are saying these green smoothies actually taste really good I am sure quite a few of you are still skeptical but honestly they can taste quite delicious these paleo green smoothies are excellent if you don’t have time to cook or if you aren’t eating enough vegetables throughout the day here are a few suggestions straight out of the green machine smoothie bulk of recipes 1 kale and qe2 frozen spinach and peaches 3 collard greens and cucumber 4 spinach and pineapple green smoothies are known to result in rapid weight loss a quick suggestion that will approve to be beneficial if you choose to incorporate paleo green smoothies into your life be sure to get yourself a great blender you will be using it quite often

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