PALEO GAINS Ep.1 (Български субтитри!)

[Music] [Music] hello everyone and welcome to my channel today I’m starting a new series called paleo games which I designed personally for girls who find it very hard to gain weight also called ectomorphs or hardgainers and this series would be specially useful for people with gluten grain and daily tolerances there would be videos every week for eight weeks so you can follow along with me because I’m gonna be giving you my workout problem and my meal plan for free for you to follow along my full workout program for gaining muscle in the right places my nutrition program which is paleo and keto based with different meal options and healthy snacks with every video I’m gonna be giving you different meal options together with some of my favorite recipes as well as my workouts at the gym with instruction how to do them correctly as well as some tips and tricks to follow along all the macros included and also there’s gonna be a giveaway each week where you can win this organic wheat grass powder by paleo lifestyle which is an awesome alternative to multivitamins for this unnatural and I would also be giving you some ideas and suggestions on how to use it to supplement your healthy diet there will be giveaways with every video for the most active subscribers so please like this video right now and leave your comments down below and also make sure you share it on your social medias because the person who is the most active on you would win this and there’s going to be a special giveaway at the end for the person who has the best transformation together with me so make sure you should your before picture and then when you’re done with the program an after picture because the person with the best transformation would win a special surprise from me and I’m gonna start by taking all my measures have in mind that I’ve already had my breakfast today so this desire my measures after I’ve already had my breakfast [Music] so I have my measuring tape here and remember that those are my measures after my breakfast not before so there will be different before breakfast done they are now so again I would measure after breakfast again so my chest as you can see is 35 then my waist is 26 and a half my hips are 38 the middle of my thigh is 18 and three-quarter inches and flexed 19 flexed my biceps is 9 and 1/4 and flexed ten and a half flexed my calf is thirteen point six and me and Angel really hope that you enjoy those videos so for breakfast I usually have free range eggs and mushrooms fried in lard with one avocado Parma ham and some spinach and I had some walnuts for a snack we’re starting with week 1 day 1 upper body and some apps after the warmup we’re starting with front and lateral alternating raises two sets of eight to ten reps don’t swing the weights and keep your core tight the whole time to stabilize [Music] next up is dumbbell bicep and hammer curls same sets and reps and don’t forget to stabilize your core next up is shoulder dumbbell press and you can also do it seated so you can keep your back stay [Music] the seat at Ludlow is one of my favorite Park exercises and you have to squeeze your back at the bottom and pull the bar just do a wheelchair moving on to triceps I’m doing a compound set tricep cable push down 2 sets of 10 [Music] super set it with dumbbell or cable overhead tricep extension which means you have to do one exercise after the other without resting between [Music] last but not least we’re gonna build some apps with hanging leg raises and cable crunch again to front one after the other without resolutely and I’m alternating between knee raises and leg raises it’s very important to use your ab muscles to crunch the weight down and squeeze your abs at the bottom [Music] for snack or lunch I’m eating 100 grams of different berries with one tablespoon of cacao nibs and I also make roasted almonds with coconut oil and Himalayan pink salt in 170 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes my dinner is roasted cauliflower with baked salmon I chop the cauliflower and I add pink salt smoked paprika olive oil and garlic granules as well as some black pepper and I caught it all and then bake for 15 to 25 minutes at 200 degrees then I bake the salmon wrapped in foil then I use the seafood and fish seasoning from Aldi and I put some coconut oil on it and bake for 20 minutes at 200 degrees you can see on the screen all the macros in calories for the day [Music]

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  1. Denzel Thompson

    Wow you know it all your obvious
    results!💪🏼😈🏋🏼‍♂️ speak for itself. Why cant all women be this way lol keep it up!!!

  2. Paleo Lifestyle

    Натиснете СС за субтитри на Български! 🙂 Харесайте този коментар ако искате да правя повече видеа със субтитри!

  3. Greg Otero

    how tall are you because my gf Nicole looks about the same height as you with a very similar body as you but i think her hips are bigger than your hips @ 39.5 inches and she is 5'3?

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