paleo diet weight loss results

Paleo diet weight loss results? Does it actually work to lose weight? This doctor will answer that question, right
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so you don’t miss anything. And if you speak Dutch, make sure to check
out my Dutch channel as well. Paleo or Paleolithic diet follows how people
ate in the Paleolithic era, over 2.5 million years ago. At that time there was no agriculture or animal
domestication. People only ate food directly available to
them in their surrounding environment. This diet involves food such as grass-fed
proteins, wild seafood, eggs, nuts, fibrous vegetables, plant-based oils and fruit. Typically processed foods cannot be eaten, so no added sugars and salt, which is a good thing. Advocators of the paleo diet argue that there
has been too little of a time frame since that era for our bodies to adapt to our modern
way of eating, leading to all modern diseases linked to type 2 diabetes and obesity. Let me first tell you that the paleo diet
foods are all very healthy choices, that anyone can benefit from since they are high in fiber,
in micronutrients, in omega3 fatty acids and low in sodium. It even is a healthy diet for people who are
gluten- or lactose intolerant, since it restricts grains and dairy. Now, is paleo diet the ideal diet to get you
your weight loss results? The answer is twofold: Of course the paleo diet works, as long as it creates a caloric deficit. If you consume less energy than you burn,
you will lose weight. On the other hand, if you eat enough of the
paleo diet, which is rather easy to do (think of eating nuts all day long), you will not
lose weight, and of course it can even make you gain weight. And there are other, several reasons why the
paleo diet might not be the best choice for you, if losing weight is your main goal. First, the paleo diet might be an expensive
diet to follow, since your main source of protein will be wild fish and grass-fed animals,
foods that cost much more than “regular” farm-raised animals. And second, the paleo diet is not that practical
to follow, since many foods groups are banned that have become part of our modern, Western
society, such as all the high carb foods like bread, pasta and rice. And a last issue I have with the whole “paleo diet” is this. If one goes onto a paleo diet, eating way
too much fat from this grass-fed animals, one must realize this is still unhealthy. In the Paleolithic era, first there will not
have been too much meat available to do such a thing anyway (like food in unlimited amounts) , even if it would have been available, in the absence of antibiotics, coupled with
the accident-prone nature of the hunter-gathering lifestyle, very few paleolithic humans lived
over the age of 40, so they never would have discovered eating too much unhealthy fats
from (even grass-fed) animals leads to atherosclerosis and heart disease. And think of this: if modern era is so bad
concerning food intake, why did Paleolithic people change anyway? Isn’t agriculture, technology and science
a good thing, that makes us live healthier and longer as well? I will come to my conclusion in a second,
but first: This was episode 15 in my How to lose weight
series, and if you like it, check out the rest of this series by clicking on this card. Conclusion, like any diet, the paleo diet
does not necessarily translate to weight loss, only if it makes you take in less calories
than before and than what you expend, so your body will start burning it’s own fat resources. It still can be a good choice for some, and
a healthy choice as well (if you make the right paleo food choices!), if you find a
way to work around the impractical social implications, like going out with friends
to a restaurant or attending other social occasions. Let me know in the comment section whether you have tried the paleo diet, and how it worked out for you.

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Reader Comments

  1. Job Smeets

    Hey! Een vraagje… M’n trainer heeft dus een full body schema voor mij gemaakt. (Had ik je al gestuurd) Na de eerste training had ik wel 3 dagen spierpijn, maar nu voel ik the day after alleen nog maar dat ik gesport heb, meer niet. Terwijl iedereen juist zegt dat je de eerste paar weken kapot gaat. Aangezien ik sowieso wat breder wil worden vraag ik me af of zo’n schema okay is… Daarnaast ben ik van mezelf best skinny. Ik vraag me dus ook af of ik met voeding nu goed bezig ben. Toen ik 2 weken geleden begon woog ik 75kg (1,87m). Ik eet nu ‘s ochtends 2 dubbele boterhammen met pindakaas, ‘s middags 3 dubbele boterhammen met iets van vleesbeleg. Tussendoor nog een banaan en mueslireep. ‘S avonds eet ik wat de pot schaft. En voor het slapen een kom griekse yoghurt. Ondertussen weeg ik wel al 80kg. Ik hoop dat je me al enigszins op weg kan helpen en misschien sowieso nog wat beginnerstips kan geven.

  2. BBB Reviewer

    Thumbs up for this video, whether you like paleo or not!
    This is an honest review, professional inside look!
    Thank you, doc!

  3. Dr. Sam's Health

    Hey, Dr.Fox, great video, I agree with almost all the points, I will make my own video in a while – it's on my bucket list.
    I don't think anyone can follow it as most of the foods changed in the past centuries. Also, ideal paleo will look very much like keto 🙂

  4. Flexbullet Fit

    Interesting information my friend. I’m always willing to try different diet. Just might try Paleo out 🤔 well put together video 👏🏾👊🏾👍🏾

  5. Dirtriders Extreme

    Great video. I switched to a paleo diet after years of suffering from heartburn and then about 18 months ago I developed adult acne and was on some pretty strong antibiotics for 6 months, I has tried various other diets to try and solve the issues but didnt work so I tried paleo and within 2.5 to 3 weeks my heartburn had gone and at around 6 weeks my skin had started to clear up on my back then my face. 

    It just shows you that the stuff we put in our bodies, all that processed rubbish really doesnt do us any favours and causes some major health issues. I knew diet was important but I never realised how unhealthy my original way of eating was damaging me, I always considered myself to be a reasonably healthy eater.

    Anyone looking to switch to paleo definitely should give it a try. If your looking for help on what to eat and recipes, I used these to give me a head start and swear by them now

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