Paleo Diet Studies Show Benefits

Paleo Diet Studies Show Benefits” There have been about a half dozen studies
published on Paleo-type diets, starting around 20 years ago. In what sounds like a reality TV show,
10 diabetic Australian aborigines were dropped off in a remote
location to fend for themselves, hunting and gathering foods
like figs and crocodiles. In my video on wild game,
I showed that kangaroo meat causes a significantly smaller spike
in inflammation compared to retail meat. Of course ideally we’d eat
anti-inflammatory foods, but wild game was
significantly better, so low in fat you can design a game-based
diet with under 7% of calories from fat. Skinless chicken breast has 14 times
more fat than kangaroo meat. So you can eat curried kangaroo
with your cantaloupe and drop your cholesterol almost
as much as eating vegetarian. So, how did they do? Well, nearly anything would have
been preferable to the diet they were eating before, evidently centered
around refined carbs, soda, beer, milk, and cheap fatty meat,
but they did pretty good, significantly better blood sugar response,
thanks to a ton of weight loss, but it’s because
they were starving. They evidently couldn’t
catch enough kangaroos and so even if they were running around
in the desert for 7 weeks on 1200 calories of their original junky diet,
they may have done just as well, but we’ll never know because
there was no control group. Same problem with some
of the other Paleo studies: short, small, no control group,
but favorable results were reported. No surprise, given they cut
their saturated fat intake in half, presumably because they cut out
so much cheese, sausage, or ice cream. Same with this one.
Nine people go Paleo for 10 days. They cut their saturated fat
and salt intake in half, and their cholesterol and blood
pressure drops as one might expect. The longest Paleo study was only
3 months, until this one: 15 months— but done on pigs.
It was a Paleo pig study, but the pigs did better because they
gained less weight on the Paleo diet. Why? Because they fed the Paleo
group 20% fewer calories. The improvement in insulin
sensitivity in pigs, though, was not reproduced in people,
though there were benefits, such as improved glucose tolerance,
thanks to these dietary changes: the Paleo group ate less dairy, cereals,
oil and margarine, and more fruits and nuts with no significant change
in meat consumption. A follow-up study also failed to find
improved glucose tolerance over control, but did show other risk factor
benefits, and no wonder. Any diet cutting out dairy and doughnuts,
oil, sugar, candy, soda, beer, and salt is likely to make people
healthier and feel better. Compare these representations of
a day’s worth of food on a Paleo diet versus the standard American diet. Although it looks like there’s a tomato
peeking out behind the frosted Cheerios, the Paleo diet has lots of foods that
actually grew out of the ground. So this kind of Paleo diet
would be way better. Won’t it hurt people to tell them
to stop eating beans, though? Hardly anyone eats beans. More than 96% of Americans don’t
even reach the measly minimum recommended amount; only like
1 in 200 middle-aged American women. So telling people to stop isn’t going
to change their diet very much. I’m all for condemning the Standard
American Diet’s refined carbs, quote unquote “nonhuman mammalian
milk” and junk foods, but proscribing legumes
is a mistake. As I’ve noted before, beans,
split peas, chickpeas, and lentils may be the most important
dietary predictor of survival. Beans and whole grains are
the dietary cornerstones of the longest living
populations on Earth. Plant-based diets in general,
and legumes in particular, are a common thread among
longevity blue zones around the world. The bottom line may be that
reaching for a serving of kangaroo may be better than
a cheese Danish, but foraging for an apple might prove
to be the most therapeutic of all.

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Reader Comments

  1. galikazoid

    are you able to do a video about effects of intermittent fasting? it seems to be very popular these days, i'm curious as to the benefits and detriments.

  2. sooooooooDark

    here a lentil recipe in case any1 always wanted to try one but didnt know how to:
    wash 250g(yellow or red) lentils
    put lentils in 500ml cooking water (salt and a bayleaf are optional)
    after 5 minutes of cooking add some cut zucchini (about 2 hand full/250 grams dry lentils) and 1 finely chopped onion
    let cook 5 more minutes (lentils cook time = 10 min total)
    drain off most of the water away but not everything
    add 100 ml sieved tomatoes/250 grams of lentils
    optional spices: tumeric (half a teaspoon) paprika powder (1-2 teaspoons) chilli (as much as u can handle) pepper (as much as u like) and cumin (1/4 teaspoon)
    optional garnish: chives
    serves 2

    serve when warm and not super hot (id recommend letting it sit after it finished for like 10 min or so) ontop of warm/hot rice
    dont forget to drizzle some lime juice over (not optional! this is just so gewwd)
    its vegan oil free relatively cheap and compared to many other recipes really quickly to make – without any prep right when the water starts boiling it shouldnt take u more than 20 min from that point

  3. Eat Food Not Animals

    Its clear to anyone intelligent that has looked into it, and even just thought about it, that the paleo people are just making excuses to eat animals. They like eating animals the same way a meth addict wants meth. There is nothing logical about the diet, from having to kill and eat a dead animal, to the health issues that ensue.

    Human foods (plants, seeds, fruits) is the proper diet for humans, period.

  4. W.J. Kelly

    I followed Dr. Greger's advice, believed what he said, for 6 months. Totally vegan. Result: no change in my weight, a slight increase in my blood pressure. Went on a low-carb diet for the past 10 days. Result: lost 10 pounds and lowered my blood pressure. Atkins, done right with plenty of non-starchy veggies and some nuts and berries, has been proven over and over again to be the most healthful diet. My own experience, after having been on and off of it many times, underscores its safety and efficacy. I guess people like Dr. Greger can find studies to support anything they want to promote.

  5. Bert

    +Eat Food Not Animals
    Pesticides?? What do they do?? They banned chemicals in war they were so inhumane…..Food for thought??
    Weak vegans delete/flag replies……

  6. End Wildlife Services'Needless Killing Of Wildlife

    1:14……so kangaroo meat is better than eating potatoes, onions, fruit, ( even) simple carbs, flour ,rice? …..ah, ok. and who wouldn't drink a beer or sugary drinks once in awhile?……….now the "Paleo'/meat lobby are spreading disinformation about cancer causing Paleo( meat) diets CURING cancer (!!!)

  7. Nancy

    I'm not even paleo but I've also excluded grains from the havoc they cause in my digestion. One of the biggest influencers in the paleo diet, Mark Sisson, states that one of the reason he doesn't include grains is that every time he takes them he feels like purging. I get the same feeling too. I can have sweet potatoes with a meal and I'll be fine, but the same meal with rice and my instinct is to get it out or endure the uncomfortable heavy feeling and slow digestion. Before I noted the difference I thought it was normal. Just because grains are new norm globally it doesn't mean we're are optimised for them(for example carrots are everywhere in the world but it they're a very new addition in the human diet). The longest living people might do even better without them.

    I know that in my mom's village in Karagwe they don't traditionally partake in grains because the readily available foods are plantains, yams etc and they're doing pretty well. You don't know about them because nobody has done a study on them and before modernization(now even my grandma drinks coke with her lunch) I bet they lived in average as long as the Okinawans or even longer.

    Like you said, one of the problems with the paleo diet is its causes higher inflammation levels than a plant based diet because of the meat but they’re spot on a lot of other stuff, I equate it to the Hippocrates Diet. Where they have meat, I have sprouts.

    Also people on a traditional high carb diet depend on sugar for energy, no sugar intake no energy and that doesn’t sound right to me.

  8. Sarah Petersen

    I like beans, I'd like to be able to eat more of them, but I get so terribly bloated and uncomfortable that I avoid them like the plague. 🙁

  9. BigTubesMcgee

    The moment I heard about your new book, I went to audible to try and find it, I hope the proceeds go to help sustain you and the wonderfully informative content that you create.

    p.s is there any chance of you creating a small, one sitting, digestible video ascertaining to the overall benefits of a plant based diet, like in general… (you know… for all those stubborn family members that you can't help but care about, despite them not caring much about their own nutrition… my family, we had a slight scare with colon cancer about a year ago.<my Dad>…

  10. Vegans Rising

    Great video. Years ago I briefly thought of going Paleo before I became Vegan. But I didn't see where that would be too much better than what I was already doing as I have always eaten clean.

  11. timus911

    What these researches show, has been in practice in the Indian sub continent for centuries, for the exception of dairy. More like Vegetarians than vegans, then why is it the diabetic capital of the world? I've read about thrifty genes but that's more of a hypothesis. Can somebody help decipher this? (like the Hispanic paradox video)

  12. Aris Psaltis

    Dear Dr Dreger

    1. When you say we should follow a whole food plant diet, does the whole food exclude whole wheat, barley, and rye? How about the various vegan milks? I know these foods are not bad foods but do you think it cuts down on the "package deal" meaning that everytime we eat almond milk we lose the opportunity to eat some almonds

    2. Are the fats on vegan cheeses trans or saturated?
    3. I am a vegan and I see true paleo people embarked on the same boat as the vegans. Meaning they cut on dairy which is important and they promote game meat. Game, meat will be so expensive if it s the only meat available.. if the recommendation is "Eat only game meat" the price of game will skyrocket due to the high demand so in reality this promotes veganism. It would be like the old days when meat was the food of the rich and everyone else will go to a more plant based diet.

  13. Eat Food Not Animals

    Are some of the carnists trolling the comment sections being paid?

    Whatever the reason may be they are damn annoying and appear to be working together in many instances. A lot of their comments are copied and pasted, in other words preformulated.

    Its kinda hard for me to believe there would be people so angry about how they were wrong that they would sit around starting arguments with people who do not agree with or live like them. It could be them trying to "convert" people into killing and eating animals, which would be strange in itself, but could be more directed at the audience in an attempt to plant seeds of doubt.

  14. Lingering Light

    Paleo is simply a convoluted attempt at denial. It is same old SAD in a newish wrapper. Even most meater doctors agree. Paleo = Faileo. Eat fresh, whole, cruelty-free foods.

  15. Annas healthy life &everything

    Dr Greger come to our Swedish forests and try to survive or actually any forest would do. That is what people were doing for millions years. Then can we talk more about what people are designed to eat. Sorry no bananas here 🙂

  16. Faz A

    Limitations of the "scientific method;" individual biochemistry; NO one-size fits all.
    Food prepared with LOVE and consumed in a loving atmosphere with gratitude, will have un-measurable therapeutic benefits.

  17. Röpke Carnivore

    U guys r like these paleo diets are bs studies. It's funny because the China study is the worst of all and it's an opinion. Not a study. Ever wonder why tht shit didn't get published🤔just saying

  18. stringbender57

    So… are you saying paleo diets are a good thing or not? Or is it that paleo diets are good as long as you eat wild meat? I thought no meat, no dairy was best. I am confused. 😳

  19. G G

    i had the greatest opportunity to hear Dr. Greggor speak at an all day Immersion workshop 18 September which in all honesty changed my sitting on the edge, to doing it . I think and know that meeting and seeing and hearing in person Dr. Greggor who does not punch or mince words is as honest and true as he speaks and means and backs up what he says ti be trure. Evn thought i fell that morning accidentally of course nd had some wise lady give me ice paks to put on my bloated left knee and sittingin this church wide eyes and busy tailed, i learned so much that day and would do it again , many times to hear all threer , dr. greggor lead the group. dr. Neal Beanard come wuth the facts and back up scientific evidence as Dr. Greggor brought the facts too and Dr. Furhman who was on live streaming andwho doesnot pull punches spoke too. we all got the message lound and clear if yu ou change the diet to plant based foods you will see thge changes almost immeidately and now two weeks later. i had lost from last time i saw my doc anderson to now. 20lbs came off and already my pre diabetes numbers changed.. im doing for me what i hear others took the step to do for them. and i am feelin blessed i can do for me while i can and am able to make these decisions for me.. Look this over l upside down and inside out and check out where i spendmy very little free time but do go there too. Gitel Widow ==

  20. Marco Palladino

    I am at 3 months of 99% (mybe a total of 6 eggs and 100gr of cheese in 3 months, some fish) whole plant nutrition, coming from a high meat (of good quality, grass-fed and fish) and quite enough veggies diet but the difference without diary and meat is huuuge! Not only I resolved various terrible issues due to the low-carb diet that had put me in a state of constant energy is so high and recovery so fast that I can work out 2-3 h almost every day, again, it is not a night/day change, lot of bloating at beginning, still some bloating depending on the kind of food (fact is the variety of veggies I eat increased a lot), some detox crysis come and go but I perceive the amelioration week by week. And it happens that fish, which I liked a lot, starts to smell of death for my taste and the body almost refuses it, definetely asking even more raw fruit/veggies every day, which was not so weeks ago. It seems that the more it detoxes the more it refuses low-nutrient foods (even plants). I prefer not to use labels, don't follow any ethical veganism nor believe in miracle diets, I just listen to my body. You label it

  21. dba

    When I started whole food plant based diet, I started having fatigue and low concentration, why is that ? Is it because I was not getting enough calories or because of some food addiction like meat and simple sugar ??

  22. Jake And Sarah Health Nuts

    so in other words the paleo diet was healthy if they added fruits and vegetables to it and consumed mostly veggie based

  23. Charlie Crome

    i thought that nutrition facts was based on facts only, so why is it that there is this them vs us mentality in the community? you are not exempt from human biases, no one is. I'm fine with not eating meat, fish or any kind of dairy, or changing my diet in any kind of way to adapt to research supported nutrition, it feels like feminists vs anti-feminists or Christians vs atheists, most of the time arguments like that are very neurotic and people aren't willing to take an objective view on things on either side and just want themselves to be proven right. even if the facts do support one particular view or diet it's still always worth considering BOTH sides, studies often support more than one possibility in terms of what foods are considered unhealthy or healthy and views on things like this often change. its important to be open to different opinions or even entertain that the reverse of what you believe to be true. After reading "How not to die" i can tell that the book is well researched, has lots of useful information and was written with good intentions, it gave me an impression of focusing on a few particular things about dieting, rather than taking a wholestic view and weighing up the pros and cons of eating meat animal products or any and all other diets supported by research, as its extremely rare that a food or diet will give no benefits what'soever. And even if there are no benefits at all, that doesn't make the animal industry or a particular diet "evil" or your enemy. The idea of them vs us and only supporting your set of beliefs feels a lot stronger on and the community around it than that of the book, and i think this is largely due to the format of the videos and the kind of traffic it attracts. of course everyone has biases and makes mistakes and thats not important, what's important is your ability to be aware of them and be open to changing your views or taking on evidence that doesn't support your views.

  24. Cristian Perelló

    It is obvious. But it wasn't when I was in the omnivore side. But it is possible, guys. Keep researching. Stay open and strong. 😉

  25. Nomen Nominandum

    With 1200 KCal you do a calorie restriction diet, which is maybe the healthiest diet possible (with or without kangaroo), and the beneficial effects are well documented.

  26. Phil Ivey

    Every athlete in the world is eatting eggs, chicken, turkey, beef, fish. Look up Matt Lalonde. He has a PHD in organic chemistry from Harvard. Nothing wrong with eatting animal matter. These plant nuts are fin wrong.

  27. Internet Entity

    It surprises me Amerifags don't usually eat beans. I mean. Shouldn't they be just as common as corn? Both of which your neighbor Mexico is famous for? Thinking about tex mex meals.

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