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Rebekah: Hey. Mike: Hello. Rebekah: So we just finished a podcast and
I’m so sweaty. This is going to be the worst I’ve ever looked in a Bex Life video because
your apartment is 97 degrees. Mike: Yeah. Well, that’s why all my sauerkraut
went — didn’t go right. Rebekah: It’s so freaking hot in here. It’s
like Hippieville. Mike: Yeah, we’re in a sweat lodge. This is
a … Rebekah: My hair, like my flat iron hair is
like — it’s just a travesty. But no, I wanted to make this quick on video and I will introduce
you really quick. You’re Mike Perrine. You are the official Bearded Bieber of
I want everyone to hash tag that, #BeardedBieber. It’s brilliant, because you are really like
a heartthrob and I get this beard thing having — I mean the crunchy crowd. Mike: I look like a crazy biker. I don’t know
if I’m a heartthrob. Rebekah: No. People like your beard. So we
did this podcast an hour and a half. We were talking to you and it’s really interesting
and why I want people to watch it is because we talked about stuff that I never talk about. Mike: I like that. I appreciate that. Thank
you. Rebekah: I said the F word. Mike: You did. Rebekah: I talked about — Mike: A couple of times I think. Rebekah: Empowered natural childbirth, vaccinations. Mike: Yeah, we talked about controversial
things. Rebekah: Mob Wives, Big Ang, colonics, lots
of stuff. Mike: We covered a lot of things. We did it
twice. Rebekah: We did it twice. But it was good
and I think I want to hear what everyone thinks about the podcast that we did because I’ve
been talking about doing more podcasts and I would like to do more regular stuff with
you. So maybe we will put that in the works. I will put the pressure on you. Mike: I would love for you to do — I would
love for you to actually host some of these podcasts for me but I think you should really
do podcasts. Rebekah: You should put me in with really
crazy people. Mike: I would love to. I’m — I’m saving all
the good ones for you. I would love for you to do that. You know why I really love podcasts?
Because first of all, I live in New York City Subways all the time. I used to listen to
music. I still like music but podcasts, I could learn something, get an experience of
something. The other thing I like about it is like I
have to do dishes or do something and if I could just — I could like just learn something.
I mean it’s great. Sometimes I want to be in my own thoughts but when I don’t want to,
the music stays in my head. I go to sleep. I have trouble sleeping and the music plays
over and over but listening to people talk, I just get inspired or I learn something new.
It’s incredible. Rebekah: I used to think they were so nerdy
and I was so not into it. I was like, “Who listens to podcasts?” I really enjoy it lately.
It’s like something that I can do when I’m doing anything else. Mike: It’s radio. Rebekah: Multitasking. Mike: Yeah. Rebekah: What I wanted to talk about quickly
— well, not quickly, but — so we did these two videos, Flat Belly In Five Days and then
we just did this new one Why am I Still Fat? It’s getting some traffic, getting good response.
But people are still — they have lots of questions about them and the feedback that
I’m getting, the negative feedback I’m getting is that this is just not something that works
for bodybuilders. It’s not going to work for — it’s a lot of
like this is not what I do. It wouldn’t work for me in this situation and I’m trying to
talk more about the long term because my mom was a bodybuilder in the 80s and she had a
lot of long term consequences, repercussions, negative things that happened because of the
way she was treating her body. Not so much the way she was eating. She always ate really
well. So what do you say about that? Mike: Well, it’s … Rebekah: I talk a lot with my questions. Mike: The thing is, there are always variables
and it depends on what somebody is doing. Everything is just math. It’s chemical math
and the program that I put out and the things that I’m trying to work with people on is
— we will call it biochemical harmony. We’re trying to — everything we do is manipulating
because we don’t live in a natural world. We don’t live instinctively. We’re not like
eating wild food. We don’t do that anymore. So now we have access to all these different
things. So as we eat and we move our bodies differently because we’re not running around
hunting game or traveling in groups — no, we go to a gym or we do whatever we do. We’re doing body manipulation and it’s just
math. So it’s like shitty food gives you a shitty body and makes you feel shitty or this
food does this and does that. Rebekah: What about shitty food that are making
you feel good and making your body look good though temporarily? I think that that’s what’s
happening. I think that people are seeing these results from food sources that are not
so great for them. You know what I’m saying? Like a lot of these synthetic stuff, the protein
powder shakes, whatever. Like, they’re getting all these great results. How do you talk with
these people? Mike: Well, it depends what the great results
are. I mean if you look at paleo or Atkins or any of these people, protein and fat are
poor sources of fuel. If you eat that way — which nobody eats that way for life. Nobody
eats that way for life. Nobody sustains a diet that doesn’t have carbs and sugars in
it. If you eat all that heavy animal protein,
it will make you lose weight and protein, I talked about this in the Dr. Bisci Podcast
or he talked about this more, the Dr. Bisci Podcast on cancer. When we eat high levels
of protein, we have more human growth hormone. You’re going to stack. You’re going to build
more muscle and you’re going to get stronger. But if you’re not balancing that out with
a lot of plants really and you’re not taking enough fiber to go to the bathroom, I mean
you’re going to build muscle. You’re going to not have a lot of fat but you’re probably
going to have a full colon. You’re going to have residues in your body. A lot of people are trying to debunk the acid-alkaline
thing. Nobody makes their body alkaline first of all. You don’t like walk around like I’m
alkaline. What we’re doing with alkaline food is we’re trying to have less stress on the
body to have to adjust its own pH, right? A lot of people don’t get that. But if you’re putting in a lot of meat and
you’re creating an acid environment that constantly needs to be adjusted, you’re going to lose
bone density. They know that. It has been in scientific journals like Journal of American
Medical Association since the 70s. You can read about it in John Robbins’ book. Rebekah: Yeah. Well, some people don’t know. Mike: Yeah. Rebekah: Some people don’t know. They don’t
want to know. Mike: So yeah, you will be strong. Protein
is very stimulating. You will feel very good if you’re eating like a — if you’re eating
high protein, high fat diets and you’re going to build muscle. But what’s happening to your
cellular chemistry, Fred Bisci always used to say, “All the people I worked out with
are the best built people in the cemetery right now. They’re all dead.” A lot of people
with bone density problems from that, so yeah, like it’s body manipulation in one way or
the other. How are you manipulating your body? Rebekah: So here’s a comment I got and this
is not the first time I’ve heard this comment. This is the angriest version of it though
but basically like this whole food combining thing and all these rules that you’re talking
about, this is the reason why it’s so hard for people to lose weight. You’re making it
overcomplicated. I didn’t really think anything that we said was complicated at all. But I
think coming in with that attitude, you’re going to see that it’s complicated. It’s the
stupidest thing that he has heard all day. Mike: That was a comment? Rebekah: That was a comment and it’s simply
calories in, calories out. That’s it. It’s calories in, calories out. So why — I think
calories in, calories out is probably one of the most dangerous things you can tell
somebody because I can — I can eat a cupcake. That’s calories in and then I can run it off
and that’s calories out. It’s not serving me nutritionally. What do you say about it? Mike: I remember a long time ago. I had a
friend that was a weightlifter and he was on a special diet to like get shredded and
he’s actually — he’s still a great friend of mine. I’ve known him for 30 years. He’s
the biggest person I’ve ever seen in real life that’s like one of those people that
I’ve actually seen and known. But he was on some program and he was like OK, well, I’m
allowed on this program to have a beer or a banana tonight. So shall I go out and have
a beer? I was like, “Are you out of your mind?” Rebekah: But that’s what people are doing. Mike: Yeah. Rebekah: That’s the calculation that’s happening
in my head. Like, can I have a margarita or can I have a chicken breast or whatever? That’s
the trade off. Mike: I mean let’s talk about it, because
let’s assume that everybody is intelligent and they’re going to get this because it goes
— I’m just … Rebekah: My audience but let’s not assume
everybody. Mike: No, but I — Rebekah: Just my audience. Mike: Because it’s an advanced concept but
the thing is when — it’s not calories in, calories out. It’s the way — people that
say that don’t understand chemistry and they don’t understand food chemistry. So one of the — and I know that people feel
like it’s a little complicated because I used to think that. I thought — the first time
I heard about food combining, I thought, “Why do I have to like be driving a car just to
eat something?” Like I have to like check this, check that, make sure to — it shouldn’t
be that — the reason it’s complicated is because a lot of what we eat is not food.
We have an abundance of every single thing that we want anytime anywhere. Right now,
in the United States, we can get fruits, vegetables, processed foods, fats, anything we want. Rebekah: I can get lychees. This is my disgusting
cherry-picked lychees. Mike: For someone that didn’t like lychees,
you sure eat a lot of lychees though. Rebekah: I’m a convert but yeah, I can get
lychees which are not grown in New Jersey. Mike: Yeah. So when we have access to foods
all the time and we’re not eating based on the ripeness of a fruit in a certain tree,
food combining becomes more and more important. The only thing to convince someone to food
combine is see your before and after. How do you feel? I always tell people, if you
don’t have a problem digesting food, don’t let me tell you that you have one. But when
you come to me and you’re like, “I’m full of gas, my belly is bloated all the time,”
and when I’m — and when I’m eating certain combinations of food, I’m putting on weight. The best example is apples and almonds. When
you mix them together in the stomach, the sugar in the apples will be held in the stomach
just by the basic laws of how your body processes the food. Proteins take a long time. Fruit,
sugar and juices and fresh — fruits are the fastest moving foods. They don’t require a
lot of time. If they’re held in the stomach, it’s 98 degrees. Our intestinal tract is lined
with bacteria, ferments into alcohol and gas. Now your liver is having to process it as
alcohol and gas. It’s just very simple. People say certain things. I’ve had doctors
say things like, “You know I don’t believe in colonics,” or “You know that I don’t believe
in food combining. You know I don’t believe in veganism.” I go, “It’s not faith-based.
It’s just math. You don’t have to believe in it. It’s just science.” Rebekah: Oh, it’s not faith-based and if you
don’t want to do the math, and you don’t want to look up the science, you can have the experience
and that’s the thing. That’s my like number one response to people in the comments when
they’re resistant to it. I’m like, listen. First of all, if things are working for you,
then let them continue to work. Again, pooping, sleeping, happiness, energy, all those things,
because we aren’t all one thing. But if you are having issues, if you’re having
bloating, if you’re having unexplained weight gain, if you’re having weight loss plateaus
and you can’t get past them and you truly do feel like you have to lose this weight,
then these things could help you. Like just try them out and see what happens before you
tell me it’s the stupidest thing you’ve heard all day. Mike: Right. Don’t try it for three days.
Try it for three months. Really see how you transform. Rebekah: I don’t see it as being complicated.
I mean I really don’t go into all — I have a book on food combining from like the 70s.
That was my mother’s and there’s a lot in it and there’s a lot of foods in there that
I don’t even eat, so it wouldn’t even come into play. It’s just for me it’s about eating
simply. Like OK, I’m going to eat this food and then I’m going to eat that food and I
don’t have to eat all the foods all at the same time. It’s like you don’t have to do
all the things. Just do one of the things. Mike: Do it where — I give people a very
simple document that I will soon have available on the website but I usually give it to clients
and I’m like there’s a lot of stuff in here. It’s the foundation of the work that I do.
Just glance it over and take what works. Leave the rest. Don’t feel overwhelmed by it. Rebekah: Yeah. I think — I wanted to do this
like little — like fake podcasts, to piggyback on your podcast. It was really excellent because
we talked about so much stuff like I listed in, in the beginning, and I got a little bit
ragey. I said the F word. I get ragey. I felt really ragey. Mike: We said the F word. We said the S word.
We said the P word. Rebekah: We did. We said the P word. Mike: We did. Well, we had to. It was an approved
use of the P word because it was in the title of a book. Rebekah: Yeah. Mike: And we said … Rebekah: That’s like a 12-year-old technicality.
Mom, I’m quoting somebody. Mike: I mean the dirtiest word of all was
“Bearded Bieber” I think. Rebekah: Bearded Bieber is disgusting, #BeardedBieber.
Really, you got to use it. But I want to — it’s like I want to do this because I really do
want people to go over and look at that and I do want to change the tone of my videos
because I’ve been — I guess the past four years of Bex Life have been a primer. It’s like this is the introduction. This is
the sweet talk into food combining. This is the sweet talk into meditation and I’m going
to continue with the four-minute meditations but it’s like there’s a realness that’s happening
behind the scenes. There’s a realness that’s happening with me and my life behind these
very short glimpses that you get in the videos and it’s very surface. It’s effective but
it’s very surface. So if you want to know more about nutrition,
about really connecting with yourself, about true fitness, all this stuff, watch you, but
mostly watch me. But tell me that that’s what you want to hear and I will absolutely accommodate
because that’s what I want to offer people. Yeah, I think we did that in our podcasts. Mike: You know, the reason I wanted to do
podcasts is because I wanted to be able to talk about whatever I wanted and share the
amazing conversations that I have with people. Rebekah: Yeah. Mike: I didn’t want to have to dumb it down.
There’s always this … Rebekah: Yeah. Mike: I didn’t want to have to dumb it down.
People are smarter than that. Rebekah: No. I mean my own is really smart
and I don’t think I’m ever dumbing it down for them. It’s that it’s like I have three
minutes to capture them. Mike: Yeah. Rebekah: It’s like what can I say — how many
buzzwords? How many times can I say skinny, lose weight, flat belly, freaking bootylicious
bikini body to get them in? It’s like how do I keep you so I can really tell you some
real stuff? Mike: I wanted to talk to you about that on
the — I kind of lost track of all my notes. I want to talk to you about like click videos
and stuff. Do you do that? Because I notice Rebekah: I do it in a way. I mean I feel like
I’m never dishonest. I think when I said it, how to get a flat belly in five days, that
was a hook but it was — we talked about it. Mike: I think we gave them something valuable.
That will definitely affect the way that their bellies … Rebekah: And people are responding. They’re
not like, “Oh, you guys are freaking liars.” See, I don’t even say the F word on Bex Life. Mike: See, I — this is a rated G — PG show. Rebekah: This is PG. Mike: Yeah, because I would name the podcast
and I thought, OK, “talking shit with the colonic therapist” is going to get a lot more
hits than “Gil Jacobs shares his story of healing”. Rebekah: Yeah. Mike: It just is and … Rebekah: Well, no one knows who Gil Jacobs
is. Mike: Right. Rebekah: No one knows who Rebekah Borucki
is. That’s why my name is not in the title. So yeah, you got to talk about the stuff that
people are looking for. You got to give people what they want. You can’t come off like I’m
better than you and I’m going to tell you what you really need. It’s like people want
to lose weight. So I’m going to talk to them about that. Mike: I’m just going to then start making
cat videos because that’s what we want. Rebekah: Justin would be happy. Justin freaking
— every time I turn around in the office, he’s looking at another grumpy cat name, telling
me about it or cute baby goats cuddling unicorns. I swear, my husband. He’s the king of the
cute animals on the internet. But yeah, I think that that’s — it’s a direction
that I want to take the work that I’m doing because I think that it’s — I’m ready. It
took a readiness for me to be able to share more because I wanted to make sure that my
information was good too. Like, I’m really practicing it. This is the place in my life
that — I’m in a place in my life where I feel confident to be able to talk about it
and I want to take other people with me. Mike: I want to come. Rebekah: Well, we went there already. So we
went there and so yeah, so everybody check out the podcast. It’s linked continuously
on the bottom of this video because I really — you don’t even have to hear what we’re
saying right now. You can just go over to that because I feel like it was really good
and check you out at Mike: Dot org. Rebekah: I know, because you’re organized. Mike: That’s right. Rebekah: You said that in the last video.
The real thing to do — oh, I hit the mic. The real thing I want you guys to do is to
sign up for both of our newsletters because that’s where the good stuff happens. Mike: Yeah. I don’t send spam. I haven’t sent
a newsletter yet. But I will. I’m waiting for iTunes to figure out their madness so
I can announce that we’re on iTunes even though we are on iTunes. Rebekah: Give people the stuff if they sign
up. Mike: I know. They signed up but the good
thing is, I don’t clog your inbox. You know what would have been really smart? Rebekah: Or your colon. I won’t clog your
inbox or your colon. Mike: You know what would have been really
smart is if — when we shut the air conditioner off, we open the windows. That’s why it was
so much hotter. Rebekah: I don’t even notice it anymore. My
hair is wrecked. My make-up is off. I feel fantastic. This is the real deal, folks. We’re
on iPhones. We’re recording on iPhones. This is good stuff. Well, thank you. Yeah, head
on over to the podcast. Let me know if you want to see more of this
stuff. I don’t even care if three people watch this and three people request to see more.
I really want to give people stuff that they desire most. Mike: Cats. Rebekah: Real information. Alright.

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