Paleo Diet: Foods to eat and Foods to avoid

Believe everyone would have got an idea on paleo diet Everyone might have doubt On the foods to eat Foods to avoid and the quantity So today’s video is about foods to eat,foods to avoid and the quantity to consume So lets see the non vegetarian foods list Beef pork Chicken, turkey, mutton All types of fish including shell fish Rabbit, Duck,Quail All these can be consumed but All these meat should be free range and grass fed Now for the list of egg that can be taken Chicken eggs Duck eggs,quail eggs All these eggs should also be free range and grass fed So what does free and grass fed means Where the animals and birds are not confined in an enclosure rather roam freely outdoor Lets take a look at the list of fruits and vegetables to consume All types of vegetables can be eaten in this diet Except starchy vegetables like root vegetables should not be consumed All green leafy vegetables can be eaten In fruits only avacados can be consumed because All other fruits contain little amount of sugar Which is not good for this diet but avacado does not contain sugar rather contains more healthy fats List of nuts Almonds can be eaten Cashewnuts Walnuts, pistachios Since cashew, walnuts and pistachios contain fewer amount of carbs in them it should be consumed in moderate quantities Now for the list of fats to be used Cold pressed coconut oil Extra virgin olive oil Butter, ghee, cheese Paneer(cottage cheese) Coconut milk All types of animal fats Animal fats can be used in cooking Lets take a look at the products that can be used in moderation Cows milk Since cows milk contains few carbs and sugar Should be used in moderate quantity only All types of nut based milk for example almond milk Coconut milk In this diet we should at least drink 3-4ltrs of water everyday because it helps promote weightloss Increases our energy levels Strengthens our immune system And also helps flush out toxins from the body List of foods to be avoided Rice, wheat, cereals and pulses Avoid all kinds of sugar All refined oils Sunflower oil, Canola oil, rice bran oil Dalda(vanaspati) shloud be strictly avoided Next the main important point is No smoking and alcohol In short Anything that is found in nature, that is foods from plants and animal can be consumed And things that are manufactured in the lab or industries that is processed foods should be avoided 100% You might think, consuming so much fat might cause heart problems In this diet we consume only healthy fats Its the sugar we eat that causes the actual problem Lets take a look the quantities of the food to be consumed Fats 20-40gms of fat per meal can be consumed next is protein it is 1gm of protein per 1kg of body weight For example if a persons body weight is 60kg he should consume 60gm of protein per day Do not consume more quantity of protein because the excess protein gets converted into sugar Which is not good Next is the quantity of carbs Carbs should always be less than 40gms per day The required quantity of fats,protein and carbs can be calculated by means of so many apps that are designed for the same purpose i will mention the names of the apps in the description box So in case you all liked this video or have any doubts please do comment So eat healthy and stay healthy. Bye.

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