Paleo Bread Recipe! Easy And Quick! Low Carb Paleo Recipes!

it’s the first thing we are using is
some casts of a flower and cassava comes from the yucca root it’s a gluten-free
flour it’s great to use as well as two tablespoons of coconut flour both of
these have protein fiber they’re gonna be filling but they’re gluten and green
free which is perfect and which is why I ease them then I’m adding in some
flaxseed meal which is gonna help boost the fiber content of this bread and
fiber keeps you full it keeps you not having cravings so it is essential some
baking soda was just gonna help it kind of rise and cook a little bit in the
loaf pan as well as some Himalayan salt are like Himalayan because it has 84
essential minerals really great for balancing your pH then I’m mixing up the
dry ingredients until the flax at Kasaba and coconut are all combined then we’re
going to need five eggs I haven’t tried this recipe with a flax egg so I’m not
sure how this would work a little bit of coconut oil which is a great medium
chain triglyceride and a teaspoon of honey for a little sweetness and it
really just helps the bread and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar which
also kind of helps the bread develop and kind of cook whisking all of that
together until it is all combined and then we’re going to be adding that in to
our dry ingredients as you guys can see this recipe is super easy and super
quick to do in you can also use almond flour so if you don’t have cassava I
would say almond in order to make it paleo those are two of them that I know
work with this recipe so if you want to try a different flour
I’m not sure which else will work but almond caspo do ones that’s combined I’m
putting it in it to my greased loaf pan as you guys can see it’s not going to be
runny like a cake batter or a brownie batter bread dough tends to be on the
thicker side so then I’m just pushing it back down into the pan so it’s all even
it all formed it together and then we bake that off at 350 for 40 minutes
after of course we put some everything baked I’ll seasoning you guys could put
seeds on this whatever you like so once the bread is done it will look like this
keep in mind it doesn’t rise to much because there’s no yeast in it so you’re
not gonna get that like big bread but still gonna taste really good so let’s
cut into it I cannot wait to try it I think it’s gonna be a delicious I love
the flavor on the top it’s not too sweet it’s got like this denseness so I would
use this underneath eggs or with avocado toast something where you want a little
bit more substantial nut butter would taste great with it and it’s freezer
friendly as well so I’m gonna slice this up keep it in the freezer and then just
toast a slice whenever I want it so I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you
haven’t subscribed yet be sure to hit that red button and follow on Instagram
for lots more recipes and I will see you guys in my next video bye guys

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Reader Comments

  1. Miranda McAllister

    This bread looks yummy. My husband always makes “cloud bread” for his eggs but I think he will love this! Will have to look for this flour you used.

  2. blluedragonfly

    I made this and it is delicious and so easy. It is great to eat bread occasionally, though I love the Paleo lifestyle which I don't find difficult to follow. Thanks for another great recipe!

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