Paleo and Vegan Avocado Toast Recipes! | #BeWellbyKelly

Today I’m gonna show you how to make avocado toast two ways One for vegans and one that’s paleo-friendly You can see more of my recipes at Thanks for watching!

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  1. Jennifer Hudson

    just because it's gluten free doesn't make it paleo. you really got to read those ingredients there is a lot of fillers and binders in gluten free products that can be just horrible for you.i fell for the same thing when I started this lifestyle. for instance tapioca starch can raise your blood pressure faster and higher than eating candy bars 🙁

  2. Dane Rudd

    I actually couldn`t wait to try this paleo program “loso shocking plan” for me personally once I had Googled it. I could not wait. I know someone who tried the plan and shed Fourteen lbs, which is why I`m highly suggesting it. The plan is loaded with good recipes which help you maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

  3. Devon Cade

    The moment I found the real difference the paleo program gave to my good friend, I did the same. Now, I am 13 and a half pounds lighter. Look for “loso shocking plan” on Google. This particular really was a life changer for me and I really feel much healthier. This cook consists of many recipes you cant try.

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