Overcoming CFS/CFIDS/ME with Water-Only Fasting with Loren Lockman

Hi, I’m Loren Lockman. This afternoon I’m gonna be
speaking to you for a few minutes about chronic fatigue syndrome, and how you can
eliminate chronic fatigue 25 years ago I suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome,
I’ve spent 3 years in bed at that point barely able to function, I was still working
but as soon as I finished my job I went home and went to sleep. In fact, in lunch
everyday I needed to go to my car with little battery-powered lamp clock, so that I could get
another hour of sleep, because by 12 o’clock, every afternoon I was already exhausted. In fact,
I’m sitting on the top of a rock in the Tanglewood Wellness Center and chances are good
that 25 years ago I couldn’t have gotten to the top of this rock, it was too much work.
Today I can do anything I choose to do and the fact is that if you or someone you love
is suffering from chronic fatigue symdrome or fibromialgia, or Epstein-Barr, or anything of
similar conditions that have you exhausted and unable to functioning in sometimes in severe
pain, you need to know that you don’t need
to suffer anymore Like every other specie on the planet,
perfect health is our natural birth right and there’s no reason that you can’t experience
perfect health no matter what you’re experiencing
right now After being sick for 3 years I’ve finally got
tired of not being able to do almost anything and I decided at that point I probably wasn’t gonna
get my answers from traditional western medicine because I’d gotten worst all the time
by listening to my doctors. Instead, it occured to me that if I can figure out
what was going on maybe I could change it no matter what we do with what’s going on for us
if we’re just supressing symptoms, which is all that medication can do, and almost every
other alternative approach can do if we’re not getting the actual cause of the problem
we’re not gonna be able to see anything shift
long term if you’re suffering from any of these conditions
as chronic fatigue, and you’d like to have as much energy or more energy than you had as a child,
than you had when you were 18 years old, there’s no reason you can’t have it For the last 14 years I’ve been supervising
water-only fasts of anywhere from 1 to 9 weeks of life Well, today we only fast people for 6 weeks
because I’ve decided that after 12 years I needed a day off now and overall I’ve worked every
single day, and you know, again, thinking about 50 years of age I’m able to work every single
day for 12 years if I choose to, when at 25 I could work one single day if I chose to.
You can create exactly the same thing, and the way we do that here is we give people
an opportunity to cleanse and heal the body and then become rehydrated, and the only thing
I’ve found that consistently offers those results is water-only fasting We live in a toxic enviroment today, I’m glad to say
that I don’t and you perhaps don’t either but most of us do, we live in cities, we live in suburbs,
we live in places where there are poisons all around us and even inside our homes, and as
the body becomes toxic it ceases to function very well so if you’re suffering from chronic fatige or one
of these diseases chances are very very high that your body has become burdened with toxins
as a reuslt of the enviroment, as a result of your dietary choices, as a result of the cleaning products
in your home, as a result of personal care products as a result of many different things.
If you’re willing to get your body clean and you’re willing to give your body the opportunity
to cleanse itself, you can see amazing things happen 3 or 4 years ago, a young woman came, she was
in her twenties. She spent the last year in bed, unable to work, she showed up here in a wheel chair,
she was suffering from fibromyalgia and a number of different other conditions.
Fibromyalgia, if you’re not familiar with this it’s like chronic fatigue in that you’re exhausted
all the time but it also comes with terrible
joint and muscle pain and so, this poor woman was suffering terribly from
this condition, she spent 6 weeks with us, and at the end of her time here she was hiking
5 miles through the mountains every day and she didnt need a wheelchair but she had more
energy than she’d had the previous years put together You can experience exactly the same thing, this is a
typical result, this is what happens when we give the body a chance to cleanse and heal itself,
and then learn how to make the optimal choices to support the body in meeting all of these needs.
If you’re willing to do those things you can function at a higher level than you’ve
ever functioned before At the end of this video you’re gonna see a URL,
if you go to our website and sign up for our mailing list we’ll be happy to send you lots
of good information that will help you make the best choices possible.
And if you want to contact us directly we’ll be glad to help you any way we can.
So if you have questions, or you’ve got concerns and you want to know wheter this process is for you,
let us know, and if there is anything that we can help we’ll be glad to help you.
We are not the only place where you can do this and wheter you contact us or not
it doesn’t make any difference, if there’s anything we can do for you
just let us know This is Loren Lockman, thanks again for joining us.

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Reader Comments

  1. Boz

    Great video Loren. An inspiring watch on day one of my fast. Do you recommend taking vitamins/herbal supplements throughout a water-only fast? Thanks in advance.

  2. TheWobblemonster

    Great video. I have CFS and was wondering if you knew of any fasting centres in the UK, as I am too unwell to travel so far to you. Thanks for the interesting upload 🙂

  3. Sa s

    Do you have a lot of success with people who have had ibs? And if so do the positive effects seem to be permanent/long lasting after the fast is completed?

  4. Sa s

    Thanks for replying. At the moment I'm thinking of trying to water fast myself as I'm in the UK & don't have money to travel to a fasting centre right now. How long would you recommend someone to water fast for if they were to do it themselves? And should I switch to a raw diet long term? I feel really eager to water fast as eating (practically anything) just makes me feel ill. I'm going to try and aim to visit Tanglewood or something similar next year. I think my body reeeally needs the break.

  5. Álvaro Bustos

    thanks for sharing Loren, I'm writing just to let you know a video came out on the sidebar of youtube, while watching this… it's very interesting and reassures your perspective on calories…
    Tried to paste address here, but it seems it's not allowed. Anyway, the title is "Eat, Fast & Live Longer" (BBC Horizon Documentary).

  6. eatmoreraw

    Thank you for your wonderful encouraging videos. I'm currently at day 9 of a 10 day water fast, I'm totally stunned that I can still work! I'd love to come to your fasting retreat centre and do a long fast. I used to have CFS, IBS and depression + some other issues. Lifestyle changes helped me out big style, but I still need to be very careful what I eat, hence my interest in fasting. Hopefully fasting will take me to another level of robust health.

  7. eatmoreraw

    If you can't make it to a fasting centre, try doing the 80 10 10 diet. I was helped tremendously and had masses of energy. In the UK it's rather expensive though, so I also eat very plain cooked carbohydrates and veg like: rice, potatoes, lentils, quinoa, broccoli, cabbage, + other cooked greens. Fruit and tender salads are by far the best approach though. I'd love to go to Loren's retreat centre, I have a new job so it will have to wait for the time being.

  8. Ron Wojcik

    Hi Loren, i have had CFS for the past nine months now and it happened right after being poisoned by carbon monoxide. Basically I can't work anymore and Im house bound most of the time. I wanted to try the water fast but during these months i have lost 30 pounds and all i seem to have left are skin and bones. I am currently 5'7 @ 125lbs. I really cant imagine losing any more weight. How long would i be able to safely fast for?

  9. ronlman

    Hi Loren, I did a 24 day juice fast plus many 1, 3 day fasts and a 6 day fast. I am basically bed-ridden, no energy to walk, severe brain fog etc since got mono Dec 2010. During the 24 day fast my energy went up bc no digestion but after ending fast all energy went back to pre-fast. In fact, my adrenals were probably injured by the stress of the fast and I got weaker than ever before soon after. I was on raw food vegan diet 5 years pre. So in my opinion fasting is not a cure-all for CFS.

  10. Ron Wojcik

    Thanks Loren, have you had any cases with people who had health effects from Co2 Poisoning. If so did they benefit from the fast?

  11. Karen-Kay

    "Mainstream Scientific Study Concludes HIV Does Not Cause AIDS”
    or simply google "CFS STRAIGHT TALK" and/or "NON HIV AIDS"

  12. Julia Sheills

    Hi, I am in a recovery process from CFS. By that I mean I have already come a long way with my healing, but I am still far from where I want to be. In the beginning of my journey I did alot of intense detoxing aided by iodine, dandelion, borax, enemas and herbs. Then I discovered that the root of my CFS was an old ignored spinal injury, which over 6 months with a chiropractor, I had corrected. Now I just need something to pull me out of this. I am very interested by your video and fasting in general, but when my bloodsugar dips I feel worse, and find that I need to eat little and often at the moment. My concern is that it would further stress my body to go through a fast, and that it might set me back instead of propel me forward in my healing. what are your thoughts?

  13. Cecilia Monet

    Hi Loren, ty so much for your content. What I want to ask is if water fasting eradicates the Epstein Barr Virus and Herpes virus from your body or does it just put it back to a dormant sleep state? Thank you again!! Have a blissful day!

  14. Crypic Coteries Creepy Pastas

    Hi Dr. Lockman. I have a total 14 medical issues now. I have been bed bound since February. Now I have become incontinent with bedsores. Lupus, Ra and now Fibro. I cannot bend my limbs and scream out in pain constantly. The doctors won't help me. They tell me to walk and I simply cannot get up and walk..i went from working 70 hours a week as a nurse now to laying in my bed my body feeling like stone even to the point of suicidal ideations. I am dirty, my hair is in knots from not being able to reach to brush it. I smell badly. I can do nothing for myself at all but cry and scream in pain. Sorry to say all of this, can you tell me if you think water fasting could heal this deep extreme widespread pain? I don't know what to do. I have small children as well. Thanks for any advice.

  15. Sankar Narayanan

    Hello Loren. This is great video. Meanwhile could you please tell me which email address I should be using to contact you ? I sent my queries in your website and haven't received a reply yet. It would be great if you could please check and i really look forward for your response and advice. Thanks.

  16. Kate Cassidy

    I’ve never fasted that long but when my CFS flares up if I drink lots of water and eat only a couple bites of food, I will feel better. So maybe the same idea?

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