Our Favorite Paleo Tortillas

welcome to the paleo kids on this episode we’re talking about tortillas we love this brand, Siete, but they’re not
paying us to do this video we just want to tell you how much we enjoy
it the first kind of tortilla is made of almond
flour the next one is made of cassava and coconut
and finally this is a cassava and chia tortilla for those of you who are Paleo, it’s hard
for you to find grain-free tortillas that’s why we’re so thankful for Siete let’s try ’em it’s a little tricky to open, but it’s worth
it when you get there there are lots of ways to eat tortillas tacos with honey when we go to Mexican restaurants, we bring these along for our fajitas we love to eat these with peanut butter and jelly let’s make some Yummy! on this episode

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