Omad What I Eat | Day 16 ✔ | Fasting Weight Loss Journey 2020

he its Mieka Fasting weight loss and
today I’m gonna share my Omad meal for yesterday and it is 7:28 p.m. I’ve had
the longest day and I wish I know the words to say to talk about how my
weekend have been it’s been great I’m so tired right now I’m thankful for today
I’ve been doing an amazing um let’s see I don’t know what I’m gonna say okay so
I’m just gonna say what exercise I did yesterday was 9 and if I did I can’t
even remember I remember what I did today though because today was extremely
busy I’m really happy with what I did today um but I’ll tell about that
tomorrow today is day 16 check-in of our November
accountability challenge and our November other challenge the NC
challenge um let me see what did I eat ok so you guys know from the other day
that I took tuna chicken salad in a kind bar to work in case I got hungry
yesterday I was so hungry ok so I ended up having back it was supposed to be a
snack I’m gonna have pictures in the end I did not eat the chicken salad pouch it
was so gross I do not like mayonnaise okay I do not like meh days and even the
thought of the word is gross to me and my kids don’t say that in word in my
house okay but I don’t know there’s a lot of mayonnaise things like chicken
salad at someone’s house I’ll like it or certain ones on like so I tried to force
it but I took three bites of that and OH way is just gross to me okay so I ended
up just having the spicy sriracha tuna pouch and the regular pouch I mixed them
together and I had the kind bar that was my own mad I was gonna eat later but I
didn’t end up eating later okay so that’s all I had that wasn’t really
intentional but I just wasn’t hungry and that was it for yesterday and I want to
say um the choices we make are or our
choices and if we do bad which I do a lot if you’re new I’ll do really great
and then I’ll choose to self-sabotage okay but that’s my choice it’s bad and
we can’t blame others for what we do and we’re all capable as you could see I’m
not even go to my weigh-in because I don’t feel like looking for the picture
and I’m just so tired you guys I’m really really tired I did a lot today
before work and I work and I’m gonna talking about that tomorrow I know I
already said that um but you know we have the power to wake up and do good
okay so let’s do it let’s wake up every
morning and do our best okay and don’t blame others and don’t rely on others no
matter if people are treating you good or bad like just try your best okay
life is good as long as we wake up no matter what’s happening in life it’s
usually good enough where we can get up and appreciate the day and put forth our
best effort that’s it for today and I will see you tomorrow God willing bye you

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Reader Comments


    Get some rest Mieka! Yes let's wake up and do our best. Haha I laughed at your face when you started talking about the "m" word. You looked like you may get sick. Haha

  2. 1derlandbound

    NC, NA

    i stopped the snake diet. Back to calories in, calories out. I'm at 247.something as of yesterday.

    I actually like mayo, but i like miracle whip more. I like the tang it adds to tuna.

  3. M E

    NC NA FAILED! I ate like a crazy person today! 😠 I did get 30 minutes of cardio in though. New plan starting tomorrow, ADF until the end of November!

  4. chelsea finn

    I wanted to be bad Saturday…but I didn't go through with it. I did have non keto, I really wanted a large pizza, but I had a little plate of Chinese food and it wasn't even that good..but I got full off it which is weird cuz Chinese makes me hungrier lol. Good job though.. always wanted to try the flavored tuna packets but afraid I wont like it

  5. Lady at Large

    NA: I fasted yesterday and today as well. I am 50 hours in. I will eat a small omad tomorrow. My back is still really bad so I'm trying to get some weight off fast. I have been walking and stretching as well.

    My mom is the same way with mayonnaise, we didn't even grow up with it in the house, it made her sick just thinking about it.

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