OMAD Keto vs OMAD Carbs (One Meal a Day Keto vs One Meal a Day Carbs)

OMAD Keto versus OMAD carbs or in
other words eating one meal a day on a keto diet versus eating one meal a day
with some carbohydrates in the diet can you do either one which one works better
coming right up so keto and OMAD are very popular
concepts so keto means that you lower your carbohydrates so much that your
body raises its level of ketones because ketones are a byproduct of fat
metabolism so as you lower your carbs you teach your body to burn fat instead
and if you eat a lot of fat but not so much that your body needs to burn some
fat from the body then you’re gonna lose weight and one meal a day is another way
that people are very successful in losing weight for two reasons
one is that if you only eat one meal a day then you don’t have the opportunity
to eat so much so most people end up eating less but the other reason is that
eating one meal a day you reduce insulin resistance and that’s the key for both
keto and OMAD is the results you get is primarily from reducing insulin
resistance and raising insulin sensitivity so let’s just look at that a
little bit in detail so insulin is a hormone that the body produces to get
blood sugar out of the blood and into the cells so whenever you eat food your
body makes some insulin because all food raises blood sugar to some degree if you
eat carbs then you raise blood sugar a lot more because carbs are quicker
absorbed they’re faster to absorb in the bloodstream and they raise the blood
glucose more so you release more insulin to control the blood sugar the other
fact that influences insulin is the frequency
with which you eat so let’s just look at an example here of a standard diet if
you follow the the regular guidelines of eating frequent small meals lots of
carbohydrates 50 60 % and snacking so you get a total of about 6 meals a day
and here’s a hypothetical example you eat your breakfast at 8:00 and you get a
little blood or a significant blood sugar spike because you eat 50 60 %
carbohydrate then after the meal the blood sugar starts dropping but it
doesn’t have time to drop very much before you have your mid-morning snack
and blood sugar goes up and insulin goes up then it starts dropping again but
then it’s time for lunch so now your blood sugar goes up and as a
result here the the green area here would be an optimal area but if you eat
frequent meals and high carbs your body is always your insulin is always
responding to that frequent high carb meal so it’s always responding it
doesn’t have time to recover so it never gets back down into the optimal range
now what happens then is you develop insulin resistance because if there’s a
lot of insulin in your blood streams if there’s a regular feature of always six
times a day we get a bunch of insulin then your cells say that we’ve had
enough we can’t take the insulin is pushing the sugar into the cell but the
cells are saying we’ve had enough so the cells start resisting insulin they start
defending themselves against the insulin because there’s too much and now the
insulin sensitivity of the cell drops and the cell resists so that’s what we
call insulin resistance so there are two factors food is always a factor it
always raises it a little bit but carbs is the big
because it raises insulin a lot and frequency is the other factor because
the more often you eat the less time the body has to recover so that’s that’s the
basis now look let’s look at how this would work on one meal a day or all mad
so if we do a ketogenic diet we’re gonna eat primarily fat moderate protein and
low starch non starchy vegetables green leafy vegetables cauliflower broccoli
things that have a lot of fiber but very very little carbohydrate so if we on
that diet for a while then our insulin response is going to be inside that
green range and even though we have a meal then it’s not going to rise so much
because we’re so low on carbs that the insulin the blood sugar and the insulin
is not going to rise enough to get us out of that optimal range and I also put
I put 4 p.m. as the first meal you could have if you do oh man you could eat your
meal at any time a day but most people find that when they go low carb and they
start eating less frequently they’re not typically hungry in the morning so most
people tend to eat maybe at 1 or 2 o’clock or maybe they wait till dinner
so I just picked 4 p.m. as an example and you eat your big meal and your blood
sugar Rises a little bit your insulin rises a little bit it doesn’t rise very
much and by 8 p.m. it has probably plateaued and leveled out and again
everyone is different so these are not necessarily exact numbers for any given
person but it’s an example just to compare and contrast so then if we do
the same thing we eat one meal a day at 4 o’clock but let’s say that we eat some
potatoes we eat some boiled potatoes and we may even have a piece of bread with a
meal now the blood sugar is going to rise higher even though we just eat once
the there’s going to be a lot of carbs a lot
of food to respond to that raises the blood sugar insulin is released in
response to that blood sugar and we get outside of the optimal range but the
difference between this and this is that because we don’t go back to eating right
away the blood sugar has a lot of time to go down and the insulin has a lot of
time to level off we have a lot of time to become insulin sensitive the
difference between this and this is that because the blood sugar got higher it’s
probably going to take a bit longer for it to level off so the time that we
spend in some insulin resistance with some insulin response versus the fasting
state is going to be longer it’s going to be more effective on a keto diet than
on a carb diet now the beauty of the one meal a day is that the frequency is such
a powerful variable that even if you eat some carbs it’s probably still gonna
work may not work for everybody but for most people it’s still gonna work
because you have enough of a fasting period okay you eat all your food at
once or in a one-hour window so you have 23 hours for the insulin to become for
your cells to become insulin sensitive because there’s all that time that you
don’t eat that you don’t trigger insulin so this is not a good idea even though
it’s the official recommendation to eat frequent meals this is a big reason why
the majority of the population is insulin resistance and why so many
people are looking for weight loss solutions keto is one great solution to
weight loss and combining it with Oh mad or intermittent fasting is going to make
it’s like you’re attacking it from two different directions you’re getting
you’re getting amplified results and OMAD with carbs is probably still gonna
work it’s not gonna work as well but just the fact that you have such a long
fasting window gives your body a long long opportunity to become more insulin
sensitive the other thing of course is to keep in mind that not all carbs are
equal in order of worst to better high fructose corn syrup is by far the worst
you want to stay away from that in any shape or form you want to stay away from
sugar and you want to stay away from refined grains now if you’re gonna add
something then you want to add some whole food starches some natural foods
like whole grain rye or steel-cut oats or potatoes or sweet potato or brown
rice something that is pretty much in its normal state
where you have a lot of the fiber left in it here would be where you still
haven’t if you eat these guys in red here these items then you would have a
curb pretty much like this you would have an insulin response but you have
enough time to repair the damage and I wrote it in green down here because non
starchy vegetables non starchy carbohydrates are still okay in any
quantity even if you’re doing a ketogenic diet because you cannot eat
enough leafy greens and cauliflower and broccoli to get out of ketosis there’s
too much fiber and too much water and not enough sugar in there and if you eat
with the it’s either vegetables with a fiber and some fat then that’s gonna
buffer that insulin response even further so give this a try and let me
know how it works for you and love some feedback if you try one versus the other
and let me know what your results are as always please share this video with as
many people as possible we need people to really
stand why they’re doing these things and that’s what these videos are about so
until next time thanks for watching

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Reader Comments

  1. harvey harvicks

    I tried OMAD with KETO, I started at 81kg and in just 2 months or less my weight became 68kg right now thanks Dr. Ekberg!

  2. Yousuf Al-Balushi

    HiDoctorI tend to disagree with OMAD with carbsthe Patient will not be able to sustain being starving for longer period. his insulin will drop which force him to suffer unlike high fat diet.

  3. Ralph Spataro

    I have been doing the OMAD for 8 months and lost 78lbs since October of 2018 and went from 252lbs to 174lbs and I feel amazing.

  4. Coach Darren

    I am loving keto and have done some keto videos on my channel. Hey doc can you please do a video on your views concerning prostate cancer psa levels and meat and egg consumption? I am hearing so many different views on this. I would like for you to address it.

  5. larsptube

    My problem with keto and OMAD is getting enough calories in. I don't need to loose more weight and get cold and hungry when going full keto and very time restricted. I'm thinking it's a lack of fuel symptom. I have an active lifestyle. Adding just a little carbs to the meals, like dark rye bread, helps for me. (37 y.o. male)

  6. Babak Ahoora

    Hi Dr….maybe you dont know how maney life u rescued. In my family, comunity and friends these days they use ur excelent diet and knowledge. So maney of them follow this very nice diet and got better and health life…….
    I' m sure as soon as you will be famous and known in all around the world and also your diet will be more famous and known in the glob. …Cheers❤

  7. travelandtash Tasha

    I just tried intermittent fasting for the first (deliberate) time today. I went 18 hours without eating. I noticed more alertness and also a reduced appetite for lunch and dinner. I wasn't expecting that second result. I'm going to try it again later this week.

  8. Scotty P

    Hey, i want to do the omad diet, but i'm going to the gym in the morning and want to gain muscle and weight… so it means i need to eat my only meal after the gym is done.. is that a good idea like that?

  9. The Unambiguous

    My OMAD diet

    Black Coffee with MTC oil

    Water throughout the day along with black coffee

    Various vitamins

    2 tins of Tuna in spring water (drained)
    3 eggs cooked in butter
    2 chicken breasts with seasoning
    300g of roasted broccoli seasoned with HPsalt

    More water

  10. Renee Slaughter

    Restarting my health plan. Wasn't ready for keto but decided on omad. Started half heartedly last week but more focused this week. Starting weight 205 last week. Today 203. I did not stick to strict omad but did stick to a 4 hour eating window. Next week omad with my favorite carbs weekends only. Here's to success.
    ☺☺. Thank you!!

  11. manboobs

    I am omad carbs it works just fine with sensible meals and gives you the freedom to eat out, with keto OMAD i stalled and found eating a chore i like that i have to control my cravings, i eat ice when i am bored and look forward to my next meal. I think feeling hungry is part of the losing weight process, So own it. My calories are 1500 a day 60 grams of carbs the rest i just fit on my plate.

  12. Harlem Origin 125

    New subscriber. You broke it down so simple to comprehend. I started with intermittent fasting but just started doing omad but I do eat carbs. Eventually going to try keto omad..Thanks!

  13. sandeep kundi

    Hi great vid. I have qstn..
    i been doing keto and IF 36hrs 48 72s…for 1 year…lost 20kg…but now i can not loose any more weight for 2 months….i was 105kg now 80kg…i would like to get to 70kg…can you help?

  14. Peter Cohen

    I did a month and a half of OMAD while still consuming loads of carbs. I noticed absolutely nothing. None of my health issues improved at all and I lost no weight. Then I shifted to OMAD/Keto. I lost twelve pounds in the first week! (That was mostly water retention I am sure.) Within the first month, every health issue I had either vanished completely or was mitigated 90%. Within three months I was down thirty pounds. I am still OMAD and Keto, but in my opinion, between the two, OMAD doesn't hold a candle to Keto.

  15. Mike McManus

    Dr. Ekberg, can you help me figure out a problem. I have been doing OMAD for a year April 19th. I was a type 2 diabetic and that reversed in a couple of months. Over the year I have lost 96 pounds. My current A1C is 4.9. I have added quite a bit of lean muscle mass and am fairly lean and muscular now. I ate carbs with healthy fats and protein, generally consisting of oatmeal, whole wheat bread, greens, and sweet potatoes with eggs, meat, fish and avocado, etc up until 6 weeks ago when I changed to OMAD-KETO. My eating window is 7-9 PM because that is the only time I can get to cook and sit down and really enjoy my food. Bedtime about 10:30. My blood sugar will drop into the 80s and I will just start to nod off at that time both before and after I went KETO. Over the last couple of weeks, I have started waking up restless around 2-3AM and am unable to get back to restful sleep. My blood sugar is at 112-117 and will stay that high until 11AM to noon. I will check my ketones and still be in ketosis. Generally .6-.8. Before the OMAD-KETO when it was just OMAD my blood sugar was about 95 waking up and I wouldn't be in ketosis until around 9AM after black coffee. I suspect my cortisol is going through the roof when I am sleeping because of the dawn effect and it's starting to cause other problems, STRESS. I am STRESSED OUT all the time. The only thing that has changed is me cutting out the carbs six weeks ago in my diet. I am pretty sure that is it because I have eaten sweet potatoes with a meal and slept well through the night once last week. I have tried adding more carbs in green leafy salads, Brussel sprouts and broccoli with no improvement. Searching through Google some sources say taking Ashwagandha may help. Do you think I need to just give up on KETO and just stick with the OMAD? I did order Ashwagandha to give it a try and it will be here soon. What are your thoughts?

  16. Yousif Jamal

    I love how straight to the point your videos are.
    I currently do 20:4 intermittent fasting and more often than not I get a headache after the first meal of the day which is after 20 hours of fasting. What causes this doc? Is it a sign of something?

  17. Nigel Chrichlow

    Great video Dr. Ekberg, you have me smiling because I am literally living the Keto OMAD and IF every single day and I have stabilized my blood sugar levels to between 80-92 since three days after starting Keto in October 2018. I plunged in with my whole heart and decided that this is the way I would like to live for the rest of my life after seeing the great result of doing Keto in the first week. There is such great harmony within my body now, it feels amazing and it's only just begun……thanks for sharing such great videos 💯✅👏🏽

  18. Marco Guerra

    Improper video. Do a video with keto under 15 grams of carbs and 180-200 grams of fat AND carbs diet 10grams of fat because of its caloric value. Rid the body of all intramyocellular lipids and now the VS is fair. Otherwise you are leading us to believe that its a fair vs.

  19. Toylo

    hi a suggestion to do a video about blood sugar and fatty blood. And talk about why you should never combine fat with carbs which gives u blood sugar + fatty blood at the same time. from my own research i found you should either eat high fat, or high carb, butnever high fat and high carb

  20. Katie Egervari

    the real problem with omad carbs is that you're going to be way more hungry throughout the day. No fasting schedule can work if you're hormones aren't cooperating, and carbs seem to throw a monkey wrench into fasting routines. Hell, even red bell peppers and asparagus make me want to eat again, and my insulin and blood sugars are very low now, and my bmi is like 20.5 instead of 33. The low carbs is not just to control insulin, but to turn off the power ghrelin has over you. I don't want to have will power. No will power and giving in to cortisol and ghrelin got me fat in the first place. I just don't want to be hungry at all. it's the only way to make this sustainable. I'd fail otherwise and I don't want to be fat ever again. Eggs, Wild Boar and Steaks forever 🙂

  21. KeoneEwe Yummy

    what if I eat something little every hour, the amount is not making insulin spike but still able to sustain my energy? Like an extreme opposition of OMAD? I wonder how would that work?

  22. Michael James

    did 1 month on omad keto and did lose 20 pounds but lost strength in the gym, looked flat and looked not as healthy as normal. brought carbs back in with lentils, chickpeas and oatmeal. still burning fat, have gained strength back and look much better. these carbs have very little sugar so they don't have a huge spike on insulin. keto is better if you do not work out intensely or often but not good if you train hard and often and want to keep achieving results in strength, performance and aesthetics.

  23. Jetskelter

    I started with Keto then I begin to IF and shrinking my window time of eating smaller and smaller till I get to OMAD, and when I get there, I stoped doing full keto and shift to low carb diet, just because I think is easier and I still getting good results. But when I cheat and eat a lot of carbs, even in OMAD I feel like crap the next morning (like when I eated like most of people, not worst). So yeah, I still experimenting with my body.

    This has been the best thing that happend to me since a lot of time and I apreciate anyone who's sharing this information to the public. PEOPLE HAVE TO BE TOLD!

  24. Beowolf

    I've done both! OMAD on keto has much faster results, but too unrealistic to continue doing long term. OMAD with carbs still works well, and I get to enjoy my meals more, especially ice cream. Then when I need to slim down, I switch over to OMAD Keto. So balance really is key.

  25. Brent Vogt

    I'm in a deployed location and breakfast is the only decent meal. I can do keto with breakfast, is this still going to work with OMAD if I'm not eating dinner?

  26. China786

    Great video once again. You're teaching people the knowledge how to be healthy, your explanation is simple and easy to follow. Spreading the knowledge is a great charity. Thank you Doctor Sten Ekberg

  27. Lady Hawke

    I just discovered your channel. I like your clarity and thoroughness explaining this. I have been strictly healthy Keto for 14 months and have naturally slipped into OMAD for 5 months. For me even with OMAD my insulin range is between 95-100 in a fasting state. My ketones usually 1.5-2.0 prior to meting my 4pm meal. Losing weight has been a very slow process and difficult, but I believe that it took years to gain 40 extra pounds on a Mediterranean diet! My theory is that it will take time for my body to loose it all. I do realize every "body" is a world unto itself. But I love this way of eating as I feel incredible in mind function and no aches and pains and I am 63 years old. Thanks again.

  28. hvd iv

    you cant come close to the calories doing keto with omad its not easy to get 2000cals doing carbs with omad as i do.

    you still need to come close to your calorie total you need while on omad i wouldnt just eat salad.

  29. Peeter Utsi

    Trying to get my abs ripped. Hitting gym 1-2 times a day for 30-40min. I have done keto for several months, tried fasting and omad. Fat loss was visible but then plateaued. Then went for 6-8 small meals a day. 20g protein only (minimal fat and no carb) meals to keep nitrogen pool filled. And the fat loss continued and even strength is going up. I don't have no idea however how it effects the insulin/resistance.

  30. hennry king

    Been doing one meal a day 23/1 I eat at around 10:00–10:30 and I go heavy on the cards more then 50% of my calories are carbs and it was a tough tough start where I felt like I was starving for the first 2 weeks but after that nothing no hunger not even a little but my point is it’s not about what you eat but when you eat it and have a habit of eating it at the same time. The only times I get hungry is 20 min before I eat so just remember no matter what you eat if you eat it at the same time everyday you won’t get hungry anymore
    ( typical weeks food)
    Sunday: 2 chipotle steak quesadillas
    Monday : 4 trays of sushi
    Tuesday : lamb shawarma and hummus with pita
    Wednesday : shrimp Alfredo
    Thursday : half of a rotisserie chicken and veg
    Friday : eggplant with tahini crispy bread pine nuts cilantro lemon salt and pepper
    Saturday : light salad
    Been eating these foods more or less for 6 months now lost 100 pounds and feel like a brand knew person
    TL ; Dr this diet works wonders on your waist

  31. Nelson

    Your going to lose the same amount of fat on either diet if you’re in a caloric deficit. But doing one meal day you’re going to burn a nice bit of fat. 😂 with that being said why would any one deprive themselves of delicious carbs when you’re going to lose a lot of fat anyway??? That’s crazy

  32. Abraham Eli

    The problem with Keto OMAD is that you have to eat all your proteins at once. Proteins become more insulinogenic than Carbs when you eat above a certain amount at once. That will certainly happen with Keto OMAD. And when insulin rises but you don't have carbs in your blood, you starve yourself because you cannot burn fat (high insulin kicked you out of ketosis).
    But when insulin rises but you have some carbs in the blood, at least you don't starve yourself.
    OMAD is not healthy (there are many other reasons). But Keto OMAD is worst than Carbs OMAD.

  33. Darlena Ingram

    Glad to have found your video. I'll be sure and share. I've done OMAD Keto for a year now. Have been so stable weight wise I allow myself wine and occasional food carbs. I just never do sweets or even fruits. Have no desire for them. And I thought I invented it…LOL.

  34. koundamanee

    👍👏Thank you so much for this detailed video on this innovative idea. Now and then my OMAD meals are high protein and high fat such that it is more on lines of high carb OMAD meal. This explanation really gives me peace of mind. Thank you.

  35. Francesca #Keto #Omad

    Thank you, Doc. This is the ultimate foolproof video that I'll be sharing with all the people who noticed my weight loss (30 lbs) but still are skeptical about my Keto One Meal A Day (long-term) lifestyle. The people I have in mind are not only friends and family, but also MANY uninformed dieticians and nutritionists I could reach for help off-Youtube who keep claiming (and perhaps believing, too) that one should eat LOW FAT in order to be slim. That's BS! I cut carbs out of my diet and had butter every single day for the past 11 months, and my health has improved big time, not to mention that I have a waist line again!

    I have a creative job that loves ketosis. I'm Italian, 48, and cutting off carbs in the homeland of pasta and bread, where traditional meals may last one or two hours or even longer on special occasions such as the Sunday lunch is the same as being an alien – and I've enjoyed it so far.

    A) THE WHEN: Intermittent Fasting 20/4 has never been hard for me. I used to have 2 meals at 4pm and 7pm. I switched to OMAD because it was more sustainable in terms of lifestyle, but eating once a day is still a bit uncomfortable: I get full easily, so I can't finish my meal in 1 time… I need a reprise. I must confess I actually eat twice a day lately. My meals are 1 hour apart. I don't want to interrupt my day for cooking and eating, because I'm never hungry and I don't think about food until it's time to have something to eat. I could easily go longer than 20 hours, but I try to keep my schedule.

    B) THE WHAT: The Keto flu was horrible, and that's something that needs to be addressed, but the diet itself is easy to implement. All you have to do is a blood/urine test to find out if your kidneys are okay. Then you weigh yourself, and start counting your macros: 1 gram of protein per day, per kg of body weight (0.45 grams per pound). 4 grams of fat each gram of protein. 20 grams or less of carbohydrates per day.

    C) THE HOW: I'm very much into menu planning. Not so much into the classic meal prep, because I don't cook all the food in one day. Instead, I plan the meals for 2 weeks using a template, and when I hit the grocery store I buy food according to the quantities that I need (no more waste). I divide the groceries into my containers with labels, and I assemble proteins with veggies day by day according to my initial menu plan. THUMBS UP!

  36. Patrick McCrudden

    An excellent explanation, however, I'm a vegan and only focus on the OMAD Carb diet – is there any way to move across to the Keto?

  37. Ryan Simpson

    I've been doing omad IF for about a year. I'm pretty amateur when it comes to cooking and meal planning, also on a budget so I find it just too hard to avoid carbs they are so quick and easy! I'm not sure if I would be able to enjoy keto… I was raised on meat and potatoes, pasta. That being said I absolutely love omad &IF!

  38. Phil Sorensen

    OMAD Keto is my lifestyle and it isn't hard to do daily once you get over the first three week adjustment period. Your body adjusts and it becomes routine. Getting enough fat and nutrients can be a challenge in the beginning. I rely on 5-6 eggs, olive/avocado/macadamia oils and avocados to provide the required daily fat calories.

  39. Dirk

    I've done OMAD with carbs when I was younger and was able to lose a lot of weight. However as I've gotten older, OMAD with carbs wasn't effective for weight loss. I started keto a couple months ago and wasn't really seeing any weight loss with it until I started doing keto OMAD and I have finally started losing weight. One of the best things about keto OMAD vs OMAD with carbs is that with keto I don't have as much hunger between meals as I have in the past doing with carbs.

  40. Joey Gonzalez

    Yeah i agree, balance is key, keto and omad will really drop weight dramatically, however for most people it’s not sustainable for the long term. You can change it up every month too. Eating carbs on omad while staying at a deficit will probably be more sustainable to lose weight.

  41. An C

    I started two months ago with keto and last couple of weeks combined with OMAD, i went from 183 to 165 lbs in the first month and then my body weight stabilized itself. I work out and currently building muscle while getting leaner.

  42. Phil Sorensen

    Hello Dr. Ekberg! Thanks for all of your info!
    I started OMAD keto about four months ago and have lost about 40 lbs. Approximately 1500-1800 calories/day. Someone was saying that OMAD keto is unsustainable. Is this correct? Could one increase the fat calories/day to put the brakes on fat loss?
    Love the autophagy effects; no loose skin/wrinkles etc.
    What is your valued opinion?

  43. 40ozbeerbellydude

    Bottom line for wieght loss is omad is more effective then being on a standard keto diet. But if you combine keto with omad, it is the ultimate weight loss diet. I been on omad and loss a good amount of weight but im ready to take a step further with keto omad

  44. hind Alfalahi

    I listened to your advice abd started omad on keto i feel great and dropped off so much weight.. Greetings from frankfurt Germany

  45. Mimi An

    I’m struggling with this. I like to have my one meal (Keto) between say 12pm and 3pm but I need my morning coffee (with milk and erythritol). Because of this I’m basically doing 16/8, although I only eat one meal a day.

  46. RENSA80

    I do OMAD and eat carbs! Down 10 lbs! For me keto is not realistic because I know it’s not something that I’d be able to maintain as a lifestyle.

  47. Justin Boger

    Why does fasting get easier over time? What happens in the body that makes the hunger less over time. Is it less insulin resistance?

  48. Karl der Grosse

    I only do two days of keto before my monthly 72h water fast. Otherwise its not nice to live with it and not sustainable in the long term. I don't want to weigh my onions when I make shakshuka; I want to use plenty. I also want to eat bread and pizza ( both homemade with sourdough ) and don't make always such a long face. But OMAD works well for me and I've lost over 50 kg that way. Yes with bread and pizza! But again: not the store bought junk; its all home made and only with sourdough.

  49. tair siani

    omad is the best for me. it's just the perfect thing… i'm in love and so happy i found out about this

    🌟update : i lost 3 kg in 16 days😢😢😢

  50. Red Zebra

    Dear Dr. Ekberg! Awesome vid! Much appreciated!

    One question: When doing Keto OMAD, do I need to fear my Leptin levels to wear off unless I do a starchy refeed day once a week or once every two weeks, I heard multiple opinions about the Leptin Level Mechanism when doing Keto OMAD, especially when doing it while maintaining a calorie deficit.
    Thank you, best regards

  51. Rick

    quick question, if you please: I am doing OMAD (romaine lettuce, avocado, olive oil, chia and flax seeds, brie, pecans, sardines or salmon, and/or eggs and avocado with brie) but the only luxury i afford myself is coffee with 1/2-1/2 and stevia throughout the day. Question – is the coffee with 1/2-1/2 and stevia sabotaging my 23 hour fast???

  52. Yasmin Naik

    I have tried OMAD with keto and without keto and my experience has been that without keto it's much harder to control hunger. While on keto OMAD it's a breeze as once you get keto adapted, hunger and cravings just don't exist.

  53. Pietja D

    Keto omad is more for health reasons.. But if it comes to loose weight (healthly people without insuline resistance) keto omad is less effective for 2 reasons… 1 fat itself slows down digestion and metabolism. 2 One meal a day omad gonna slow down your metabolism causing plateau as body think is in starvation mode. Especially lf you are already lean (12%body fat) and you go under 10 %body fat. That's why people who wants further weight loose, they eat few small low calories meals to keep metabolism high. That was my experience.. To get ripped under 10 %body fat, keto omad wasnt helping so I had to go for few small low cal meals to get shredded. Keto omad helps to keep results (when you already lost weight and get are in desired shape)….. Im talking on my experience, but also look for others. Matthew McCoughney had to loose huge amount of weigh for movie " sellers club" to play person with AIDS… Obwiously he wasnt overweight. He had to do it "from normal" sacrificing muscles as well.. 2 hours cardio a day with few small frequent low cal meals did the job… He will never achieved it on keto as keto preserve muscles…. So desired weight loose will be not so big… (that's my theory)

  54. ziher123

    Carbs == hunger. Finding a balance here is the key to successful OMAD, dialing in max carbs you can take without getting cravings afterwards. Also keto OMAD kinda nullifies main advantage of OMAD, simplicity and convenience.

  55. Torey Wright

    Good day Dr. Ekberg. Thank you for this invaluable information. Would you please do a video on intermittent fasting and weight training and a separate video on the effectiveness of probiotics with IF? Carbs provide the needed energy for working out with simple carbs providing protein synthesis, but your expertise in insulin may provide guidance for those looking to build lean muscle, yet have a sustainable blood sugar level.

  56. Sassifrass7

    This answered my question so well. I've been doing Keto with intermittent fasting and it is working. But I think the keto part is causing my urine to be very acidic. It is irritating my kidneys and my bladder. So I would like to add in a whole food starch to my meals and I was afraid it would ruin what is working for me. But I'm not in a huge hurry, I just want to lose slowly, so I am going to add a sweet potato or some brown basmati rice to my meal from now on. I think it will also help with my gut bacteria, giving them more prebiotic fiber to eat.

  57. Loriketo

    Hello Doctor, I have been on Keto for 18 months. The first 4 months I lost 40 and then weight loss came to a halt. I was on 25 carbs per day at the time. I tried every combo of cutting foods out, lowering calories, changing macros and nothing worked. I was not reaching optimal ketosis until I cut down to 8-10 carbs per day. I will reach about 0.5 to 2.0 ketones. Once I added OMAD I began to lose weight again. I take a break from fasting maybe 2- times per month too. Will this work for me long term. I love eating this way. No focusing on where my next meal is coming from and if I am hungry I have bone broth or BP coffee. I would love to continue this long term if it is healthy. I have lost a total of 80bs now. I have heard that metabolism will slow if I continue this method of OMAD and keto ???

  58. Judith Calderwood

    Hi Dr. Ekberg. I want to thank you for so clearly explaining both KETO OMAD choices because it's not so easy to do so on YouTube. It can be maddening to sort through all the rambling mush and you are a relief! Thank you!

  59. Theodoros Koul

    If you do omad carb but not very high(balanced meal ) and after 1-2 hours you have a workout how this affects insulin?The insulin spike drops or stays the same?

  60. The Last Crusader

    After my first week of OMAD Keto, my hunger levels are optimal. I always get hungry around 1 or 2 and eat a big healthy meal of fats and protein. I also take at least three shot glasses full of apple cider vinegar every day. I have a method of chasing it with water where it doesn't burn my throat.

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