Olive Oil, Healthful Fat

This is a fundamental for health, and it’s
Olive Oil, extra virgin organic Olive Oil. I don’t know if there are many other foods
that have the potential that this has to keep you healthy. We’re all hearing about the wonderful
power of the so-called Mediterranean diet. The research coming out about how important
the Mediterranean diet is in terms of reducing your risk for heart disease, reducing your
risk for stroke and even reducing your risk for cancer. One of the fundamentals in the
Mediterranean diet is Olives and of course Olive Oil. So, we recommend using this liberally,
pouring extra virgin, uncooked olive oil on all your foods. I like it on my scrambled
eggs in the morning, and being an oil, it is pure fat. And fat is good for you, fat
will help make you thin. And, being a pure fat it’s good for your brain. We really have
to have this mindset that’s quite against the grain, that fat is good for you, an important
part of your health. So again, select extra virgin Olive Oil that means it really hasn’t
been heated through it’s processing or through it’s pressing and organic is obviously the
best choice. Many of the vegetable oils that people tend to choose that are so popular
these days are very high in what are called the Omega 6 essential fatty acids and the
downside of having a lot of Omega 6 is that it tends to be what is called a pro-inflammatory,
it tends to actually increase inflammation. And, again inflammation is the corner stone
of some of the most insidious and dreaded diseases like coronary artery diseases, cancer,
and even Alzheimer’s disease. So, Olive Oil absolutely gets the nod along with coconut
oil. It’s important to have good fats in your diet.

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