Oldest Archaeological Discoveries From Paleolithic Age

GUIDE THROUGH ARTS AND SCIENCES Another interesting idea of yours
is that of an alternative museum. Yes, my idea.
Actually, I have a rich collection. Over the last decades, I have come across
a series of findings during field research – from gravures in stone, prehistoric jewelry, tools. They clearly show that our prehistory is far richer
than it is thought to be. There are also remains
which speak in favor of previous civilizations; some completely regular forms,
like this debris in the pebble, for example, as we have it here;
an L-profile which is from a previous civilization. It is sheathed in quartz,
after that it has been rounded off, perhaps by the waves of the Pannonian Sea
and now it is conserved as a fossil. So there are also objects of regular shape,
which are preserved in stone. They imply that an alternative
kind of museum could be made, which could even be more interesting
than a regular one. This also implies that the artifacts
in this area are perhaps older than those found in Tanzania,
which are considered to be the oldest. So, the cradle of the prehistory is right here. At the moment, there are many artifacts
in the boxes at my place, still not sorted. And a big exposition could be set up in a café gallery,
which would be a huge tourist attraction. Because, if we make a café
which is the same as the other 500 in the city, it is questionable if all 500 could survive. However, if we make a special exposition,
it could be an attraction. Millions of sold books by Erich von Däniken,
Brown, Clarke and many others prove this. These very topics are interesting,
so it would be a tourist attraction, and we wouldn’t simply do as everyone else. Furthermore, I have published a hypothesis,
which is very well exposed – that life has no beginning and no end. That is my hypothesis and
I have right to my own opinion. So it has also been published,
and interestingly it also means that life has no beginning and no end. How?
Let’s see how! I believe, and I have the right to believe, that the matter hasn’t been created,
it has always existed. And if the matter has always existed
without the beginning, then life has also always existed
somewhere in the infinite universe. If there has always been life,
then there has always been civilization too. This means that everything has always existed,
somewhere in the infinite universe. Concerning the big bang,
I believe it couldn’t have created the entire space. It could have happened
in just a part of the universe. So this very bold hypothesis of mine
has been published, and now it is going around the world and of course it is being discussed,
which is very interesting. So my suggestion is to use
something that is ours, something that has been found here,
something unique and original, and to make an alternative museum
or a café gallery, with the most unusual findings,
where even von Däniken would faint if he saw it.

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  1. Coldfire

    DON'T have your titles in ENGLISH if the whole video is another language WITHOUT subtitles. Its misleading and friggin annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Steve Martella

    It doesn't matter whether or not he believes the big bang occurred, overwhelming scientific evidence suggests it did. His fancy rocks don't change that.

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