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Oats reduce cholesterol, regulate blood sugar, prevent constipation and are good for the heart ingredients & quantities are listed in the descriprion box oats roti is a healthy roti as it is rich in dietary fiber & minerals, low in cholesterol, sodium and calories & is gluten free too here are the ingredients needed to prepare oats roti. oats – we have ground the oats in a grinder & sieved it to get oats flour some dry oats for dusting cream removed warm milk we will prepare the oats dough now add the oats flour to a kneading plate add milk little by little and knead a soft dough. we are using milk as the oats is quite dry but you can always use water instead. milk will make the roti soft once the dough comes tomes together knead it well for a few minutes applying some milk or water as shown our dough is ready. we will make 2 rotis from this much dough we have about 2-3 tbsp of milk remaining from the 1/2 cup milk we took before rolling out the roti keep the tawa on the burner to heat up & then roll out the rotis keep heat on medium divide the dough into 2 halves and take one half and roll out the roti as shown roll the dough into a ball then flatten it slightly & dunk it in the flour then roll out the roti with a rolling pin keep the roti just a little thicker than a wheat roti as a thin roti will dry out once the tawa is hot place the roti on it flip the roti after 15 seconds. do this carefully as the roti can break easily being devoid of gluten flip the roti when the underside is a little cooked roast the roti by flipping a few times till the roti is well cooked on both sides use the flipper to press lightly on any uncooked areas if needed transfer the roasted roti to a plate and similarly roast the other one. you can see the oats roti does not brown much our oats roti is ready you can have it with dal, vegetable or pickle . do try it and share your experience if you like the recipe please share our video & subscribe to our channel to get notified of our latest video uploads. thanks for watching

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