Nom Nom Paleo’s ‘Kabocha & Pork Stew’

So what is this dish so this is packed with umami. This is my kabocha and pork Stew, and so oh mommy for those of you who don’t know it’s the fifth taste besides sweet sour Salty and bitter, and it’s that indescribable delicious kind of like a savory right that is it? It’s yummy net and so is the yellow I’m seeing here from squash What is this that is kabocha squash, so it is a Japanese pumpkin that has the texture of chestnut, but tastes like sweet potato It’s my favorites I’m a guy who I admit I eat a lot of edge, but I have to like a little kid. I need to mix together that’s amazing Mommy in it shiitake much together, and I’m assuming it hanging out And this this cooker is what makes it be so flavorful and tender and and I’m talking right now about squash Which is a wonderful thing and so you basically take people through all these great recipes and You’re saying pretty much with this great power if they use great responsibility anyone can do this Yes and everybody should do it because the healthiest meal is the one that you cook yourself because you know exactly what’s going in it and even if I feel bad about it. I’m sure Everyone the audience is intrigued by these right you know I bet I bet they wish so Desperately they can get a copy of your book but

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