No Bake Healthy Holiday Treats | paleo eggnog truffles

hey guys welcome to a day at – of treat
week which is super exciting if you miss day one we made some paleo cinnamon buns
or rolls whichever you want to call them so I’ll link that down below there’s
also a massive giveaway going on so if you want the details of everything you
can win it is in day ones video there’s a master prep Ninja Blender
there’s silicone straws there’s mats there’s Star Wars spatulas a bunch of
basically healthy kitchen essentials so go ahead and check that out and I will
leave the rules down below but basically you comment on one or all as many as you
can of my treat week videos and each comment on each video will be entered
and you can win this and it is international as well so that’s exciting
today’s treat is a no-bake eggnog truffle which is so delicious and easy
to make you can make a bunch of them for your family for your friends it makes a
tasty gift too if you want to bring to like work or school something like that
don’t forget to enter the giveaway like I said and I am going to be doing a ton
of giveaways on my Instagram at least one per day starting at the near the end
of this week so you doesn’t want to follow on there because there’s gonna be
four sig Matic bulletproof superfoods all the things that you guys requested
me to give away are the things I’m gonna be giving away
so you don’t want to miss that and yeah let’s get into today’s healthy holiday
treat so to make the eggnog truffles I’m starting off with almond flour almond
flour you guys know I love because it’s rich in vitamin E and protein then I’m
adding in some coconut flour and the coconut flour because it’s such an
absorptive flour it really helped with the texture of these a pinch of
Himalayan salt and then nutmeg which is the star of the show because there’s a
lot of nutmeg in eggnog so it’s gonna help give you that eggnog flavor I’m
adding in a couple tablespoons of nut butter you can do any kind of nut or
seed butter cashew pecan walnut almond then one tablespoon of maple syrup for a
little bit of sweetness along with a couple tablespoons of almond milk which
is going to help bind everything together so then take your spatula and
just mix that together until you get a nice thick dough that kind of forms
together for itself and because we only added in one tablespoon of maple syrup
these aren’t very sweet so if you need it a little bit
more sweet you can go up to two tablespoons of maple syrup so as you see
it folds together super super quick that’s what I like about this recipe you
can make this super quick and easy and it’s kind of no fail so I roll that into
balls and as you can see the texture is perfect it doesn’t really stick to your
hand too much and you can roll it into perfect little balls so then I took a
some dairy free chocolate I’m adding in one tablespoon of coconut oil to the
melted chocolate and it’ll melt quite quickly within the chocolate and what
this does is it really helps to create that nice hardened shell around the
truffle so that when you handle it it doesn’t melt super quick in your hands
and you get chocolate all over your fingers basically so you just helps to
create that nice shell around the truffle so go ahead and dip each of your
balls into the truffle this made about 12 balls or twelve truffles for me and
as you can see it perfectly in robes each of them super easy to do and you
can definitely put anything you want on top of this you can put crushed candy
canes if you want to be festive you can put a little bit more cinnamon
or you could drizzle some coconut butter if you wanted to make it look more fancy
but it’s just a really easy dessert I’m definitely going to be bringing this to
my family party for Christmas as part of my dessert tray because it’s something
that can you can make easily and I kind of just pop it in your mouth and it’s a
quick little dessert bite that everybody can enjoy which is super nice because it
is you know pant based so no matter anyone you and your family everybody can
enjoy it which is super fun for mine I am sprinkling a little bit of sea salt
on the top because I love the combo of sweet and salty it just really heightens
the flavor of both the chocolate and the nutmeg and everything in there so I’m
using some coarse sea salt and putting it on the top and then you have to let
them Harden in the fridge or the freezer for about 30 minutes and you have these
perfectly easy textured truffles that tastes like eggnog
okay guys I hope you enjoyed this video don’t forget to comment today’s comment
what’s today’s question be today’s question is should be holiday related is
going to be tell me if you have a Christmas treat tell me the colors or
the theme of your tree if there is a theme my arms kind of like silvery blue
and really cool tones because that matches the rest of my house but let me
know what yours is down below don’t forget to come
right back to this channel tomorrow for day three it’s one that a lot of you
guys requested and ones law you guys said was your favorite treat on
yesterday’s video so I’m super excited to help apply it for you guys and yeah I
hope you guys are all having a great day and I will see you in my next video bye

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Reader Comments

  1. Josephine Bennedbæk

    These truffles looks so delicious 😋

    My Christmas tree this year is silver, champagne, and white themed. I am so in love with it 😘🥰

  2. Ambika Padki

    Wow this is so convenient and looks delicious!!! I can't wait to make them!! Thank you for this!! ❤️❤️❤️My tree is light themed–so lots of lights and family-special/oriented ornaments

  3. Leander T

    My favourite treat is sparkling apple cider. Not alcoholic, I know in Europe cider is alcoholic, but that's not that common in the usa. It makes my digestion go a bit smoother with the added sweets of December, so I have a small cup before meals usually.

  4. Dohee PARK

    Your christmas tree looks really nice! This year, we decorated the tree with lots of gold and red color as it matches the rest of our home decorations😊

  5. Izabela Dudek

    I made your healthy brownies before and I’m definitely gonna try this recipe.
    My Christmas tree is tiny but it’s red and white 🙌🏻

  6. Sandhy Hanjarnursiswati

    Ooh please please i really want the star wars' spatula 😍😍😍😍😍😆😆😆😆😆😆

    I'll go everything with star wars, i think i would love to have star wars' theme 😆

    Love your videos Liv u re so inspiring 😘😘😘

  7. keepupwithliv

    I have been loving hearing about your Christmas trees so if you guys want to send me pictures on Instagram with your Christmas Tree I WOULD love to see them <3

  8. Nadja Rehberger

    We usually get our christmas tree on December 22nd and decorate it the same day🎄 we have never had any theme, we just put all of our decorations in it

  9. Amanda Pettersson

    my Christmas tree this year is memory themed, I basically just printed out some of my favorite photos from my phone with my sprocket printer and made a hole in them, decorated them a little and hung them in the tree. it looks supeeeer cute

  10. Joye Santos

    I love your tree! Very similar to mine. We have mostly sparkly gold, silver, and bronze ornaments, although I had to be more flexible with the colors when my husband got blue and red Patriots ornaments!! Eggnog truffles look absolutely delicious!

  11. Danielle Dubois

    These look so easy! I might make them for meal prep next week for a healthy snack/dessert so I don’t crave something super bad for me. Our tree is red, green, and gold. With a little bit of white here and there. Very traditional haha I

  12. Petal Beharry

    Love the theme of your tree! My theme is bronze, gold and crystal, matches my decor perfectly. These truffles look so good! Making them this year for sure.
    Fingers crossed for the giveaway =D

  13. Lorena Rodrigues Gutierres

    I love your ingredient nutritional informations and your spatulas haha
    Thank’s for the recipe, definitively gonna make it 😋❤️

  14. Lucky Wucky

    We have two trees. They are decorated in gold and red and the cats seem to really love the trees 😬. Can’t wait to make these truffles. They look so yummy!

  15. Manon b.

    It seems to be sooo good ! I need to try this, maybe adding some spices so as to give it a kind of gingerbread vibes you know, since I am a gingerbread kind of girl ! I do not have any Christmas tree since I am student… Si sad:(

  16. Lucy Ann O'Neill

    Hey liv do you think you could make a dairy-free eggnog vid? I love eggnog and this local dairy near my house has the absolute BEST eggnog ever, it's so creamy and thick and sweet and delicious but unfortunately, I cannot have dairy so when I do drink it I get really sick the next day.

  17. Jeffrey Hopkins

    We are putting our tree up on Friday; but, we don't really have a theme. It's a hodgepodge of sentimental ornaments…there are quite a few homemade ornaments from when my kids were small…mixed in when different ones that we have collected over the years. But, I love each one of those lovely, sentimental ornaments. 🙂

  18. Theresa Duncan

    Your tree is so pretty!! 😍 my family’s Christmas tree colors are pink because the girls definitely outnumber the boys in my family 😂

  19. Little Voice

    My favourite treat is some time off work with my mum. We are usually so busy working that we barely get time to just relax at home in The warm curled up watching a Xmas movie under a throw

  20. Hel in

    We have two Christmas Trees. One for the family one to our dog :D:D. The dog one is usually silvery and blue and the family one has red, gold and white ornaments. We might switch it up this year for some change… :D:D

  21. Nikola Zmeškalová

    Our christmas tree theme this year is tropical vibes so we got fancy flamingo pineapple and ornaments like that. i even persuaded my mum to get us pink christmas tree! i hate cold weather so this is a way to bring the summer vibes closer haha.

  22. whoaacandace

    I’m totally gonna make these and bring them to my neighbors for the holidays. We just moved into a new neighborhood and we had someone do this for us in our last neighborhood and I thought it was such a sweet gesture! It’s my turn this year!

  23. whoaacandace

    I’ve never done a themed tree before. I love the trees that have a bunch of mishmashed ornaments that all have a different story or memory behind them. Though I do love to look at other people’s beautiful themes trees!

  24. Courtney Elliott

    My Christmas tree is the same as last year, I’m thinking about switching it up next year. But for now it’s silver/cool gold tones/light blue colors. Its pretty but it’s fun to switch up your decor sometimes 🙂

  25. Xinwen Liang

    I love decorating Christmas trees!!!This year I had two trees at home. One is a snowy tree with red and silver ornaments. Another one is a regular one with family ornaments!

  26. Rachel Dorman

    Another favorite holiday treat of mine is eggnog!! We spike ours with a little whiskey lol. We don't have a Christmas tree, but the theme of our Christmas decor is very homey and rustic!! IG is @rach_michelle7

  27. Andrijana Stevic

    Well I have to christmas trees, first tree is with gold and red colors because it matches my living room, and the another tree is in my room with green and purple decorations and purple lights too!

  28. Delaina Lyn

    I’m not normally an eggnog person but these look amazing! I don’t have a tree because we haven’t closed on our house yet, but can’t wait to have one next year!

  29. Nature_Michela

    I live with my flatmates and we're 5 in total, so we have 2 christmas trees, mine is a little one with gold stars and balls! Last year we put it away in March ……

  30. Hayley Wallace

    it's SO hard to pick a favorite! Eggnog most definitely, and shortbread cookies ohhhhmgsh:) also, anything chocolate and peanut butter is a favorite year-round…and coconut 😛

  31. Miranda McAllister

    We have 2 trees. Out mAin tree is green red and silver. Our basement tree is our “kids” tree with lots of homemade ornaments. I’ll be marking these for my sister!! 😊

  32. Danielle Dubois

    Okay so I made these for meal prep this week and whole cow!!!!!!!! They are so good and so guilt free! I feeel so good eating them and don’t have a crash or headache. Thank you so much!!

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